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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Blaziken - POP 1

Date Reviewed: 10.18.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Blaziken POP series 1
Is bad compared to his firestarter cousin.  Sure Fire Punch is good for the cost, but 40 damage?  Blaziken RS does 50 AND 10 to bench. so it pwns this.  Double Kick is only average, doing about 50 damage for CCC.  The only good thing about this guy is he has 10 hp over his cousin.  So in conclusion, don't use this card, use the Firestarter version.  Mucho better.
Unlimited - Me?  I would rather use Gastly.  That's right...BASE set Gastly.  Blaziken is Blastoise pwnt. 1/5
Modified - I would rather use a modified Gastly.  WHY would you use this card if the firestarter one has a better attack and an excellent poke-power?  Even that other crummy RS one has equal HP and a better attack than this one, doing 80 damage for RCCC.  This card is just inferior. 1/5
Limited - LOL. A series 1 draft?  Should be an interesting draft. 1/5
(The first time I ever gave a 1 for all formats)


Blaziken (POP series 1 Promo)


Not too much to say here. If you have seen the new promo torchic going to come out, though it may be illegal for play use (not sure =/), it’s a heck of a lot better than this card, which is COINCIDENTLY its stage 2 evolution.


In draft, you will not use this card. Trust me. ;/;/

In 2-2, Refer to modified.

In mutant, use kingdra ex – not this -_-


~Coolhedgie on teh boards   {And yes, this is Hedge’s only TRULY evil cotd ;(  }


Blaziken, POP1

This is the worst Blaziken that they have released.
There's just nothing special about it.
40 for 2 energy on it's first attack and a very flippy second attack.
If you get one, sell it on eBay for mucho bucks, or put it in your binder collection. But don't play it!

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 2/5
Draft: 1/5 (If you draft it in a tourney that isn't using a set with the Blaze line, you can't even use it!)

Johnny Blaze
Blaziken: 110 HP version. For 1R + 1C Fire Punch does 40 damage. Its 2nd attack Double Kick is for 3C – Flip 2 coins, 50x the number of heads.

Unlimited: 1/5 - Too flippy for my taste here. I try and stay away from cards that require flips to produce their major damage. There are some worthy flip cards but those cards also offer something in return. I feel that this card does not.

Modified: 1/5 – Stick with the Firestarter version. Not only does it do 10 more base damage but it is also damages your opponents benched Pokemon for 10 damage.

Limited: 0/5 – You wont find this cardf in any current draft format. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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