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Double Rainbow Energy - Team Aqua & Magma

Date Reviewed: 3.10.04

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Heidi Craig

2000 WCSTS

Double Rainbow Energy

Modified 4/5
Double Rainbow counts for two types of energy but it does have limitations to what Pokemon it can be placed on. The Pokemon must be evolved and may not be an EX. It doesn't require the Pokemon to take damage when attached but it does reduce the damage they deal by 10. In certain decks this card would be a nice energy to help to attack a turn earlier or help attack faster if you get Knocked out. In a deck that uses EX Pokemon as the main hitters it wouldn't be a good choice the regular Rainbow energy would be better. It just depends on the kind of Pokemon you use in your deck to decide if Double rainbow would be a good addition.

Unlimited 3/5

With energy removals this may be a good energy to add to an unlimited deck to help
counter the removals, if you use evolutions. This energy is good as long as you meet the conditions to use it and can deal with 10 less damage for you attack.

Draft 4/5
If I had an evolution line I would use this energy. Even though it reduces your attack it might help to attack eariler or to use a better attack faster.
Hedge Double Rainbow Energy

Hmmm… I have mixed feelings about this card. I personally would have liked it a lot better if it did 20 damage to the Pokemon instead of the other restrictions. In any case, the card is good, for sure… Being able to play 2 energy of any kind on anything at all is pretty good. It’s especially nice on some card (can’t think of one now) that places damage counters instead of doing damage, so the -10 effect wouldn’t matter. I’m still undecided here, I’ll know for sure after I playtest it a little…

Modified: Going to say… 3.9/5 – Can you use it with Aqua’s Walrein? There’s always weird rulings on special energies… If you can, it’s good because then you can return it from a benched Poke for 20 more dmg without having to reduce Walrein’s damage by ten.

Unlimited: 2/5 – No. There are better energies here, like DCE, or regular Rainbow.

Draft: 5/5 – Obv. Take it, no reason in my mind why not to.

Double Rainbow Energy huh? It's twice the energy as the original, but is it twice as good?
Unlimited- Not much use, not much use at all. First off, Evolutions aren't played that much in competitive Unlimited play, so right there, this card won't see much play. If you need Rainbow, see the OG. 1.25/5 here.
Modified- Seems like it would be good here, but only really in decks that play heavy evo, (what Modified decks don't?) and play a couple of colors. A lot of Modified decks play just one color, so I would rather just run straight energy. Not a big fan of the damage reduction on the attack. 2/5
Limited- I don't really like drafting energy, even special energy because basic energy is given to you. But if nothing else is ripe for the taking, draft this and it could be usable. Providing two energy gives you an advantage your opponent probably won't have. Make sure you have some good evo lines to go with it. 2.5/5 here.


Name: Double Rainbow Energy

Set/Card#: Team Magma VS. Team Aqua, #88/97

Type: Energy

Sub-type: Special Energy

Text: Double Rainbow Energy can be attached to an Evolved Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex).  While in play, Double Rainbow Energy provides every type of Energy but provides 2 Energy at the same time. (Doesn’t count as a basic Energy when not in play and has no effect other than providing Energy.)  Damage done to your opponent’s Pokémon by the Pokémon Double rainbow Energy is attached to is reduced by 10 (after applying Weakness and Resistance).  When the Pokémon Double Rainbow Energy is attached to is no longer an Evolved Pokémon, discard Double Rainbow Energy.

Attributes: It’s a Special Energy card, which means only 4 per deck.  Simply put, it can’t be anything else so we might as well move on. ;)

Abilities: This is nice.  Yes, it can only be attached to Evolved Pokémon that aren’t Pokémon-ex: this is good in my opinion, as those cards are being over-used.  Unlike that tease Miracle Energy, this one should see a lot more use.  I have several decks that don’t use a lot of or even any Pokémon ex, and this is great for them.  Just some things to point out-it reduces the damage done to the Defending Pokémon only, so no using it to tone down self-damaging attacks.  The reduction kicks in after Weakness and Resistance as well, which is a bit different.  And of course this affects damage, and not things like damage counter placement.

Uses/Combinations: Most Evolved Pokémon that aren’t Pokémon-ex can make good use of it.  There are some things to watch out for though.  Bench damage is a biggy.  I like bench-damaging attacks, and two of these would render SS Steelix’s Spinning Tail attack useless.  Fortunately, some Pokémon don’t do damage at all, or that is not the only good thing about them.  Sandstorm Xatu can use this just fine to power-up for a quick attack.  One of my other Gojira candidates (for those not familiar with the term, it just means something big that usually hits the bench, backed by SS Xatu), Aquapolis Nidoking, still does respectable damage with one or even two of these attached.  Best of all, it’s Earth Rage Poké-Power places a damage counter, so that still works too.


Unlimited: 3.5/5-Not a lot of Evolutions played here, so while it’s good, it won’t change a whole lot of game play.  Still, some Evolution cards just got a lot easier to play.

Modified/2-on-2/ TMP: 4/5-This may seem high, but this gives a lot of decks speed while not really helping out the big guns like Blaziken/Ampharos/Rayquaza ex or Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex.

Limited: 4.5/5-Looks like a great pick to me.


This is what Miracle Energy should have been. ;) 


Thundachu  Double Rainbow Energy

Overview: Ah yes, the first card we look at in the new set Magma vs Aqua. Well, Double Rainbow Energy is nice in decks for a few reasons. For one, unlike Rainbow Energy, DRE provides all types of energy but only provides 2 at a time. ALL types. This includes Dark, Metal, and yes, COLORLESS. DCE IS BAAAAACK. Now, there are some bad things about this then Rainbow Energy. DRE REDUCES the damage done to your opponent by 10. Not to good really there. And, it can only be attached to an evolved pokemon, meaning those who planed to use it in Unlimited for Sneasel, not gonna happen. And you can't attach it to those pesky Pokemon-EX either. In all, Rainbow Energy was better even if it did do 10 damage and could only provide one energy at a time.

Unlimited: Use Rainbow Energy. 2/5

Modified: I suppose it could be pretty good here. With evolutions being pretty strong in Modified and with BAR being a common deck these days, takes a lot of energy. This can provide 2, so that's nice. 3.5/5

Draft: Evolutions aren't very high in Draft, so there probably won't be any use for this card in draft. Just pass it on. 2/5

Sealed Deck: For the first time, I am rating on sealed deck format. If you are able to draft this in sealed deck, I would only use it if you also drafted a few good evolution cards like Lairon or such. Other than that, don't play it, just keep it for your collection, or EBay. 2.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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