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Seadra - Dragon EX

Date Reviewed: 03.05.04

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Ralphy Now for the moment you've all been waiting for... the review or Horsea's evolution Seadra. And for the first time ever mind you. I know we have been waiting forever for a Seadra to grace the pages of PoJo's COTD.

Unlimited- It does meet the magic 70 HP, but it is a Stage 1, so I am going to have to take off points. More points taken off for weakness to Electabuzz for the third time this week. Extra credit for economical energy usage. *CC* for standard agility is very nice, as is water *CC* for 40 damage. I almost said Kingdra who when I saw this card. Not bad, not bad at all... 2.75/5 here.

Modified- Not much changes, you lose some of the weakness factor once again. 3/5

Limited- 70 HP is good, the one retreat is doable, and the weakness in managable. Splashable first attack and a semi-splashable second attack all make for a good draft card. The Horseas aren't bad on there own in draft either.



Name: Seadra

Set/Card#: Dragon, #40/97

Type: Water

Stage: 1 (evolves from Horsea)

HP: 70

Weakness: Electric

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (CC) Agility [20]

Flip a coin.  If heads, prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done to Seadra during your opponentís next turn.

Attack#2: (WCC) Waterfall [40]


Attributes: This is one of two Seadra in Dragons, so it has some competition, but Iíll come back to that later.  HP is 70, minimum I find works for a Stage 1-itíll get it by, but itís tight (as in there is not much room for error).  Itís a Water Stage 1.  Being a Water Pokťmon is good-Resistance exists but is not everywhere, and in Modified, at least, Blaziken variants are some of the top decks.  Electric weakness is iffy for Modified, and bad for Unlimited.  No Resistance is the worst Resistance.  A retreat of one is nice and easy to pay.


Abilities: Agility is a nice, simple attack.  You pay for 20, but get a small bonus on a heads.  Waterfall also has a small (+ 5 damage) bonus to it.  These are decent bonuses for a Stage 1.


Uses/Combinations: Hereís where it really falls flat.  The main use for Seadra is for Neo Revelation Kingdra (in Unlimited) and Kingdra ex (all formats) to evolve from.  Since those Pokťmon have the beautiful attack of Genetic Memory to access older moves, the Seadra used is very important.  Since energy costs donít matter for the attack, for just one Energy, the other Seadra in this set (with identical attributes but different attacks) can hit any Pokťmon in play for 30Ö not your own, wise guy. :-P Anyhow, this is enough to put the hurt on early in Modified and snipe Babies on the bench in Unlimited.  So this guy really is only good for draft.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-Better choices are available, and it still wouldnít be that great if it were the only option.


Modified/2-on-2/TMP:  2.5/5-Better do to the (relative) slower pace of the format.


Limited: 3/5-Here Itís a solid Pokťmon in its own right, but it the other version is still better (itíd be like a 3.5 to a 4/5)



Solid, but it gets showed up by its relatives.  If it could do more straight damage, or had some nifty effects, it could have competed, but while solid, it wasnít solid enough.

Venusaur Most of my reviews will be based on the eon format since unlimited is dead.  Ok so here's Seadra, the inferior Seadra.  If you're making a Kingdra deck, don't use this one.  Use the #39 Dragon one instead that can do 30 damage to any pokemon.
This one can do agility for 20 damage and a flip, which is good, but you should only use that attack if it KOs the defending pokemon in the process.  Otherwise if you flip tails, youll be sorry you didnt attack with Kingdra ex's 90 damage attack. 

As a Kingdra you could use the seadra's attacks for 1 energy, so 40 for 1 is very good for the cost.  You could keep attacking for 40 until Kingdra is heavily damaged, then Pokemon Nurse/Pokecenter it.

So don't use this Seadra.  If you want to get an effect like agility, use Kingdra's genetic memory and copy your AQ Horsea's reverse thrust.

Unlimited-Good for a Kingdra Neo3 or Kingdra ex deck?  Yea it could work.  It's immune to ER and SER since its attack costs only 1 energy.  But I would still like the other Seadra better for this.  Kill babies that are sitting on the bench.  And personally I would never use Kingdra in unlimited because rain dance pwnz it :). 2/5

Modified-I wouldnt use this Seadra.  Use the other one like I said many times before. 
Picking off their bench for 1 energy is VERY good.  Much better than a plain 40 damage.  I mean if you wanted to some plain damage, you might as well do 50+ with Kingdra's hydrocannon.  And if you wanted to use agility, might as well use Horsea's reverse thrust. 1/5

Limited-Well if you draft a few Horseas and a few Seadras, use it.  Although if you draft the other Seadra, USE THAT ONE instead! 2/5
Bullados Attributes:
70 HP is nice for an evolution that can evolve. Protect it, because youíll need all the help that you can get when evolving into an ex-type. Lightning weakness is the norm for this guy, and thereís nothing that you can really do aside from just prepare for the worst when going up against a Lightning deck. Retreat of 1 is good, but I would only pay any retreat cost in extreme situations. Let him hang out there as long as possible, and use a Switch or WP when necessary.

Attack #1: ďAgilityĒ
Standard Seadra attack that has been featured on virtually all Seadras since they were created. This is quite possibly the most powerful out of all the Agility attacks that Iíve seen because it takes two colorless energies to fill, and makes it easier to pay for the attack. Otherwise, itís Agility, and it should be used whenever Waterfall wonít do enough damage to KO the opponent.

Attack #2:ĒWaterfallĒ
40 straight damage for [WCC] isnít all that bad. Itís pretty cost effective, actually. However, compared to some other Dragons Pokemon, it could do a little bit more damage for the energy used as Camerupt uses virtually the same amount of energy to deal 10 more damage, which is a lot for this game.


Donít bother. Kingdra is useless, and itís pre-evos are even more so. 1/5

Better, if only because both Kingdras that are Modified legal become so much better themselves. Iím not sure which Seadra is better, the #39 or the #40. Both have 70 HP and the same stats. one deals bench damage, while the other can stall. I prefer the bench damage, but it is totally up to your style of play. 3/5

Do not draft this guy. Magnetons are extremely popular in this format, and come very easily. They destroy any and all water that come in their way (as my Crawdaunt can attest to). It would be better if it were in a set that did not have this Lightning-type powerhouse, but, because of the set that itís in, I have to lower its value a little bit. 2.5/5
So today's card is Seadra from EX: Dragons, of course we are reviewing the worse of the two Seadras. Now then, getitng to the point, here is the spoiler.

Seadra [W] 70 HP

Stage 1 Pokemon

Evolves from Horsea

[W][C] Agility 20

Flip a coin. If heads, prevent all effects of attacks (except for damage), done to Seadra during your opponent's next turn.

[W][C][C] Waterfall 40

Weakness: [L]

Resistance: ---

Retreat Cost: [C]

This is one of the worst seadras ever, other than the fossil one. In face, I see this card as being an improvement of the Fossil Seadra. Agility costs 1 [C] less, and Waterfall's max damage is the same as Water Gun's max damage, just that it costs 1 [W] less. Also, there is 10 extra HP. This Seadra has a bad picture, and can be used with Kingdra and Kingdra ex's Genetic Memory for some damage, and some stall. However, there is a better option for Seadra, and that is the Water Arrow Seadra from EX: Dragon. It's first attack does up to 40 for the same cost, and its second attack does 30 to any Pokemon. If you're using Kingdra, or even attacking with Seadra, Water Arrow is definitly the better option.

If you're playing this card in Unlimited, you're playing it with Neo Revelations Kingdra or Kingdra ex (as I said in my review for Horsea). If you're in Modified, you're also going Kingdra ex. Therefore, I think that this card isn't good, because its attacks aren't good with Genetic Memory. This card can't even hold its own for a long time, and there's noting about it that wants to make you play it. Now then, I will be short when I give my ratings.

Unlimited: If you're using the Fossil one, switch it for this one. If you're using this one, then switch it with the other one from EX; Dragons. 0.5/5

Modified: It does slightly better here, since there aren't that many Seadras to choose from. However, the other one is still better in most situations. I've seen people play one of this type just for t3ch. 1/5

Draft: This card is WAY better in draft, with an attach that isn't very demanding of colored energy, (only one [W] each), this card is only a Stage 1. It can stall, it can dish some moderate damage, and it is definitly a card worth considering if you manage to get enough Horsea. I'd say run a 3-2 line if you get that many, 2-1 if you only get one. 3/5

Thanks for reading, =D

I'm going out on a limb-o for EX: Dragon's Seadra (#40). If this was the only option we had of Seadras, I would imagine this card would have a higher approval in my mind. When considering the Kingdra evolution line, you must look at the attacks. Genetic Memory, an attack on Neo Revelation's Kingdra and EX: Dragon's Kingdra ex, allows the player to select an attack from a former evolution card. So for the most part, lower stages are judged on the effects of their attacks, not on the overall cost. All of the other stats on this uncommon card are decent and similar to most other Stage One Evolutions.

Unlimited - Kingdra decks can run efficiently in Unlimited as a rogue deck. However I would not recommend using this Seadra for Genetic Memory purposes. It's much more important to have an attack that can KO Babies in the Unlimited format (Neo Genesis Seadra). 1/5

Modified - Quite frankly, this card does not compare with EX: Dragon's Seadra (#39). The only difference is that this version of Seadra's highest damage is forty, but is limited to the flexibility of where that forty is dealt to. 2/5

Limited - Drafting any Evolutions for your Basics in the limited formats is a good thing. Due to the mostly colorless cost, low retreat cost, and average hit points, Seadra could cause some threat to your opponent's deck or for further stall purposes after EX: Dragon Horsea from yesterday's review. Great to pull. 4/5

Salsa Seadra - The card quality on EX: Dragon's Seadra (#40) is too thick to absorb any salsa! Nintendo needs to consider a more edible card stock. 3.14159265/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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