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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Double Rainbow Energy
- Team Aqua Magma

Date Reviewed: 6.07.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Ausen  Double Rainbow Energy

Solid card. If you aren't running an EX or BBP deck, play this. Adds speed, let's you recover faster and is just a playable card.

Unlimited 2.5/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5
Hey, I'm back with a COTD review - Double Rainbow Energy....
Don't underestimate this little gem, provides 2 energy of any color to a non-evolved non-ex pokemon, got that?  The only drawback is that it does 10 less damage to your opponents during an attack (but still does the same damage to yourself and your Pokemon..)
Example - Blaziken has a double Rainbow and a fire energy on it.  It discards the Fire Energy for its attack, which usually does 50 damage to the defending pokemon and 10 damage to each of the benched pokemon of your opponent.  Since double Rainbow is attached, it will only do 40 damage to the active, and 0 damage to each it?  Ok , you have a Sandstorm Wobbuffet that evolved from Wynaut, is it evolved?  Yes.  According to Nintendo it is (there is a pokemon under the card, therefore it is evolved), Wobbuffet has a psychic energy attached and a doublerainbow energy, therefore it does 40 (instead of 50) to the defending pokemon, but it still does 10 to itself (self damage is not reduced)....
So, who should be using this energy?  Any evolved Pokemon that needs multiple types of energy, yet is not an ex, preferrably one that does not discard energy....such as Salamance, works great with him, also, believe it or not, works great with Garde EX, that counts the energies on the board (double rainbow counts as 2, but of course, you cannot attach it to Garde EX)
Bonus question, I have a Combusken, I attach a double rainbow to it.....evolved, non-ex, should work right?  Right. that is fine.  then I evolve into Blaziken EX!!! Does the Double Rainbow stay?  NO it is discarded. 
What about if I have a double rainbow on Salamance, and Salamance gets "pulled down" back to Bagon (yes, I used Rare Candy), then the double rainbow is discarded as well...
OK, extra credit!!!!  What if I use Suicune's attack to move a double rainbow from a Salamance (on the bench) to a bagon (also on the bench), the energy gets discarded, right???. Sorry, wrong, the ruling is you cannot move double rainbow energy to a pokemon using Suicune's attack that cannot receive the energy....would really be cool though.
OK, ratings...
Unlimited.   Sorry, big fat honking 1 - Too many better energies to play here, double colorless and recycle.  If you are playing a poke that can use this, you are in trouble already.
Modified.  Some uses, I like it with Salamance, and some Garde variants (espeon), but not much else, maybe some new HL stuff, but we will see  (Crobat) 2.5/5
Draft....Ummm yes.  This is a top 2 pick, and you would really have to get a great card for me not to choose this one (being the rare in the pack)  too versatile in draft where an energy advantage can mean GG (GoodGame)
OK, that's enough for Now - hope to see you all in Memphis this Weekend for HL!!!
Card: Double Rainbow Energy

Not a bad card to run. No damage to the Pokemon you attach it to is a definate advantage. The only reason people see this as a bad card is because it only works on evolved Pokemon. Well, lemme tell you something, folks. The only time you'd play this on a basic is when you're in a rush to get energy attatched before you evolve, and maybe, Just MAYBE, on Kyogres in Aqua Decks. I personnally play Aqua, and would not play this on my Kyogre or any card in my deck, though. But there aren't many decks with basics as a main card in them, so this card is pretty usable. I would actually probably run this in some of my decks, but I'm a freeloader who uses other people's deck lists :P . Anyways, most people seem to not like this card for the reason mentioned above, they are always in a rush to get their basics powered up to evolve. The only format I can see people playing this in is limited. Man, were there alot of these things at the Magma Aqua Prerelease. My point, basically, is that it is only good for slow decks. Who am I kidding, nobody wants a slow deck. In fact, despite the fact that it is practically two energies a turn, and rainbow energies at that, it slows decks down. Waiting to attach until you're evolved usually just won't do it. So don't play this ;) . So, that was my first review, how do you all like it?

Okay, first let me state that this the bomb-diggity. No really, it is.

Let me state that this card could have been done differently in many ways. However, in the state that the card's currently in, it won't see as much play as one would hope. First, it must be played on an evolved pokemon only. Sorry Sneasel-go'ers, this doesn't mean T1 Beat Up

Also, there's a slight problem of -10 damage, which makes a HUGE difference in a modified format where dealing 100 damage could make or break the game. I'm sure you could just use Strength Charm to make up that difference (temporarily), but there's no card advantage in that! However, with all the setbacks, it finally becomes darn-useful. Two energy for the price of one=neat!

Unlimited (2/5): In my personal opinion, there is just so much more energy manipulation that could be played in place of this, like Double Colorless or normal Rainbow. However, don't just discard it be useful...maybe.

modified (3.5/5): In some of the weirder decks that rely off of non-ex Pokemon, such as Alakatech and Gojira, this is the only energy manipulation you'll get. This card should only go in the right deck, but when it has found its niche, it can be lethal to the opponent.

Limited (3.75/5): Again, the -10 damage makes a big difference. However, in Aqua/Magma, there are a crud-load of evolutions that could manipulate this card! Not as vital to play as a draw card, but it's still very solid for any limited deck.

Oh, by the way, when the Stadium Challenge and Worlds are done, expect a GIANT report on the tournament season as a whole ^_- ~

"The Cabal is here, and everywhere." is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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