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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regice EX - Hidden Legends

Date Reviewed: 7.13.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Regice ex

Unlimited 1.5/5 - It simply doesn't work. It takes 3 Water Energies for 60 damage, and the effects doesn't do much because it's easy to retreat, and 90 HP for ex is easy to KO.

Modified 2.5/5 - It's decent, but simply isn't game-breaking. I've seen a few Swampert decks run it, but it doesn't work very well. It simply doesn't do enough damage - you can do much more with Suicune ex or Kyogre ex.

Draft - 4/5 If you get this, then you'll get reliable KOs on opponent's draft Basics. It's worth the 2 prize-risk.
Thundachu Regice ex

Overview: Alrighty, I get to pick the COTDs this week, and todays is Regice ex. Regice ex is my favorite of all the reg-pokemon because it looks cool and is pretty good. The PokePower Crystal Body, prevents all effects of all attacks except damage ofcourse, done to Regice ex. Nice thing about it is that it includes ex pokemon as well. Then for 2 water and 1 colorless, Freeze Lock does 60 damage(niiice =o), and lets you flip a coin for a chance at prohibiting your opponent from playing energy cards on the defending pokemon next turn. Drawbacks are ofcourse, your opponent can still attach to bench. Weakness to Metal makes Metagross an issue, but not too much(I've heard mixed things on Metagross from it sucks majorly to omgz, best ever). 90HP isn't really THAT great for an ex pokemon, but retreat of 2 isn't that horrible either. And ofcourse there is always the problem of if being knocked out, your opponent gets 2 prizes, which could be a bad thing in Draft.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: Depends upon if you're going up against a metagross hater or a metagross lover ;/. The Freeze Lock really isn't useful if your opponent has a bench with Gardevoir or Blaze ex. 3/5

Draft: I suppose it's ok here. The ability to stop energy cards from being played to the defending Pokemon, plus preventing Regice ex from being hurt with special conditions. 4/5

Sealed Deck: This ex card has to be the most common one I saw at the Hidden Legends prerelease. If you get it, I highly suggest playing it. 4/5


Regice ex (& the two other Regi’s)


 The regi- ex’s are all rather lame… They are all weak to common types nowadays, they have few HP for ex’s, and they have all have one, pricey, semi-situational attack. All three sport defensive Poke-bodies, simply to make up for their low HP.  The trend macro is also that they all avoid Desert Ruin’s damaging effect one way or another, seeing as they are found in that location in the gameboy. What more can I say? I won’t cotd the other two also because they are so alike. I should also note for the collectors out there however that Regice seemed to be the most commonly pulled from packs; I have 5, and a lot of my friends agree. O_o


A nice little card. A few ups, a few downs. This is a card I could really see myself playing.
Unlimited- I thought about just bashing this card without even reading it just because it is an Ex, but I did read it, and it's not too bad. I love the power, and with the basics in Unlimited relying on small amounts of quick damage, 1 counter every turn could effect the game. 60 and a plus power KO's the great basics of the format, and if no PP is available, do the 80-30. 2.5/5 here.
Modified- The power may not matter all that much as this is the OHKO format. The vast majority of big hitters will KO this in two hits without the power, some in one. Then they get two prizes. Not good. I do like the ability to do 80, that will KO quite a few of the heavy hits of the format. Not a big fan of the self 30, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 3/5
Limited- A KO is half the game, not good, but 60 will take down many draft pokes. 80 almost certainly will. The power will chip away nicely at the average draft attack. 3 retreat means no retreat pretty much. Overall, I like it. 3.5/5 here.
Johnny Blaze Regice ex – This week’s theme is taking a look at all the Legendary Regis. I love the artwork on all the Regis and by making them all Reverse Holo they all look sweet. The 1st and probably the best is Regice. Arguably the best Regi there is out there right now. If you plan to use any Regis use this one. Lets take a look at how Regice stacks up in the different formats:

Unlimited – 2/5 If at all the best use is in Raindance. Other than that not much use in this format.

Modified – 3/5. I’m giving Regi a 3 here because of his power and due to the fact all the Blaze in the format. 1st off his power keeps him safe from all the Crobat decks that are out with the Triple Poison ability. Secondly since Regice is Water type for only 3 energies he is hitting Fire types for 120 damage. His Freeze Lock can also prove useful if you can flip a heads to prevent the opponent from attaching energy next turn. Watch out for Metagross decks because of his weakness and also watch out for Wobbuffett.

Limited – 4/5. This is where this card scores its highest. I have seen so many games and draft tournies won just by using Regice. 3 for 60 and possible no energy attachment next turn for your opponent is just devastating. Also in draft where status effects rule Regice ignores all status effects. Just watch out for that HL 9Tales with the Safeguard power.


Name: Regice ex

Set: Hidden Legends

Card#: 97/101

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

HP: 90

Weakness: Metal

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Crystal Body

Prevent all effects of attacks, except damage, done to Regice ex by the Attacking Pokémon.

Attack: (WWC) Freeze Lock 60

Flip a coin.  If heads, your opponent can’t attach Energy cards from his or her hand to the Defending Pokémon during his or her next turn.


Attributes: Regice ex is a Basic Pokémon ex.  The upside: he can be put into play directly from hand if you have room on your bench.  The downside-basic Pokémon ex tend to have relatively low HP: this one is in the middle of the pack at 90, but most under 100 tend to be too small.  Remember, since it’s worth two prizes, it needs to last about twice as long.  Were this not a Pokémon ex, 90 would be quite good.


Regice ex is a Water Pokémon.  This is pretty good right now, as Water decks are common counters to the Firestarter variants.  However, most “anti-BAR” decks tend to perform close to average again Firestarter decks, get slaughtered by certain “rogue” decks, and only do a little better than Firestarter does against other Firestarter decks.  In the end though, its better than a lot of other types.


Something that is pretty bad is Weakness to Metal.  This set had some fierce Metal Pokémon.  I can’t believe that none of them are capable of playing with the big boys, so I am betting I am just not hearing about them as much as the normal whining. :-p No Resistance is the worst Resistance, and seems almost lazy.  A Retreat of two is costly enough you’ll want to avoid it, but low enough that you will more often than not be able to pay for it-in other words, average.


Abilities: Regice ex has a very solid Poké-Body.  Crystal Body means that Regice ex only has to worry about effects of attacks that aren’t applied to the Defending Pokémon.  Note, damage in general is not considered an effect.  This will block Special Conditions, and things like Smokescreen.


Regice ex also has a solid attack that inflicts 60 damage, and has a 50% chance of preventing the Defending Pokémon from having Energy attached from the controllers hand.  The problem?  Even though this is greatly discounted (normally the 60 damage alone would require four Water Energy), we must remember that it is this Pokémon’s only attack, and as such it will be nearly dead if forced to power up while active.  More over, it is a Pokémon ex, so its attack is expected to be quite potent.  The effect of the attack, while nice, it easy to circumvent on most popular decks (Energy attachment from the hand only is prevented).  So while neither ability is bad, they don’t compliment each other.


Uses/Combinations: Not a lot I can think of: Suicune ex is better for most Water decks as a high HP (10 more) big damage Basic Water Pokémon ex.  There are several sizable Basic Water Pokémon too that can be considered.  I guess you could run it with High Pressure System to make the Retreat affordable.




Unlimited: 1.25/5-I think it’s just a bit too big and awkward.  Blastoise makes it faster, but so many other Pokémon work better in that deck.


Modified: 1.5/5-Same as above, but insert Water Call Swampert in for Blastoise.  Even here, there is a lot of competition.


Limited: 4/5-Fantastic.  There is some Metal that could hurt it (even without the Metal Energy), and it’s still slow to power up, but here it likely will get the time.  The effect is great in this format, where Special Conditions and attack effects become so much deadlier.  Once it’s powered up, most basics from the set won’t have a chance to hurt it significantly unless they two have three energy on them.  To take down the one I faced at the Iowan Hidden Legends Pre-Release required a lucky, last minute Medicham.


2-on-2: 1.35/5-Now the Energy denial aspect is much harder to fully utilize-they’ll just power whatever you don’t hit.


TMP: Pending-I am still learning the new rules for this, and need to actually test it.



Another good idea, poor execution, except for Limited.  So unless it was made for Limited, it’s a bit of a letdown, even outside or major archetypes.




 Regice ex

Unlimited 1.5/5 - It simply doesn't work. It takes 3 Water Energies for 60 damage, and the effects doesn't do much because it's easy to retreat, and 90 HP for ex is easy to KO.

Modified 2.5/5 - It's decent, but simply isn't game-breaking. I've seen a few Swampert decks run it, but it doesn't work very well. It simply doesn't do enough damage - you can do much more with Suicune ex or Kyogre ex.

Draft - 4/5 If you get this, then you'll get reliable KOs on opponent's draft Basics. It's worth the 2 prize-risk. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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