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Minun & Plusle - Dragon EX

Date Reviewed: 1.28.04

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Heidi Craig
Modified 2.5/5
These Pokemon have decent hit points and interesting attacks that can be useful at certain times of the game.  I see these cards as situational but in the right moment could put that needed damage on a Pokemon for the Knock Out.  They can hit the bench which can be useful.
Cheer on does some healing but probably not enough to really impact the game. 
Special Circuit/Extra Circuit most decks use Pokemon with Poke-Power or Poke-Body's and EX Pokemon so either of these attacks will be able to be used in most games.  They could be effective under the right situation.  With the low hit points I would use this card with caution so it doesn't become an easy prize for your opponent.  They could be a decent back up to the main hitter for some quick damage.
Unlimited 1/5
I wouldn't use these cards there are much better choices.
Draft 2/5
They are weak in this format.  Some people manage to get EX Pokemon but not that many so you could plan on doing 20 damage most of the time.  Poke-Powers or Body are usually not as common in the draft format since they are usually on the higher stage Pokemon or a couple of strong basics. 
Thundachu  Oooh Combo COTD. Neato kewl XP.

Minum Overview: Looks kinda like Pichu IMO =p. The PokeBody, Chain Of Events, lets you whenever your OTHER active pokemon attacks, you can use Cheer On. Can be usefull if you are playing with more than 1 active pokemon, but most people don't. A few drawbacks as well. You can only use it if Minun is one of your active pokemon. You can also only use it once per turn even if you have more than 1 Minun. Then for 1 colorless energy, Cheer On lets you remove 1 damage counter from each of your pokemon, including Minun. Very nice effect to have. The other attack for 1 Lightning Energy and 1 colorless energy, Special Circuit allows you to choose 1 of your opponent's pokemon and do 20 damage to it. But a bonus comes with it: if the pokemon you chose has a Pokemon Power or PokeBody, the damage is doubled to 40 instead. You can apply weakness and resistance for only if you chose an active pokemon, not benched. 50HP for a basic pokemon is pretty nice and being a Lightning pokemon, it has a weakness to Fighting. A nice advantage though, also having a resistance to Metal, which means Scizor AQ won't be as much of a problem as normal. Retreat of 1 is ok for a 50HP basic.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: If you are playing with 2 active pokemon, this card does indeed come in handy. Removal of 1 damage counter from all your pokemon for having your other active attack. Minty Fresh indeed. And with a lot of people playing Scizor AQ in Modified, this card comes in handy. 3/5

Draft: 2.5/5
Plusle Overview: Ok, only 1 change in this one from Minun, and that is the second attack. Extra Circuit does the same thing only different text and you could get these 2 cards mixed up if you dont read it correctly. While Minun's Special Circuit does 20 and 40 if the chosen pokemon has PokeBody/Power, Extra Circuit does 20 and 40 if the chosen pokemon is a Pokemon-EX.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: With all the EX being played in Modified, this has to get a better grade then Minun. Espeacilly with MewtwoEX, AerodactylEX, etc etc. And GardevoirEX. b00m. 3.5/5

Draft: Ex are played a lot in Draft from what I can see. When I played in the Sandstorm Pre-Release I went up against a lot of WailordEX and AerodactylEX. If you draft it, I suggest playing it just in case. If nothing else, you have Cheer On for removal of damage XD. 4/5
pERfeCt0nE  Plusle/Minun

Who doesn't love these little guys?

Unlimited- They can't be too effective here. I woud suggest NG Pichu over Minun and removals for Pokemon ex.
rating--- 1.5

Modified- I've thought about them a whole lot. If only they had more HP they could be amazing. Low pressure system can help a bit with that, but other than that, they are basically just slightly riskier versions of electabuzz, but can prove to be faster. Not only could they swarm very easily, but they almost always can pull off the 40 damage attack against any deck. It may seem wasteful to lose a prize over them, but with killing off benched support pokemon, they can be amazing. In two turns Minun can take out a benched wobbuffet and may take the beating from whoever is attacking him if he uses Buffer pieces and LPS. They can work well with Omastar too. If you let them weaken a pokemon, like blaziken for example, with one Minun attack, Omastars Pull Down can kill it while its benched. They arent good to use straight up- but think about them!
rating--- 3.5

Draft- Afraid of that benched dragon powering up? Use a Minun! Afraid of a pokemon ex? Plusle's got it!
rating--- 3.5

2 vs. 2- Well here, they can use their power! Not only would they shut down Aggron ex completely, but they will provide you with free healing until your opponent calls the attack to him. They can be a good distraction or early killer. They can also be a late game killer if they had to retreat to survive!
rating--- 3.75

Multiplayer- Same
Oh wow, two cards in one day. Not since Ness reviewed cards way back when has this occured. But the two cards are exactly the same, just with Minun and Plusle switched in the text, and name of course. So I will call these cards Minulse for the purpose of this review. Kids, don't try this at home...
Unlimited- Oh wow a 50 HP, fighting weak Pokemon is just what I always wanted in Unlimited. And two of them, oh happy, happy day... Are you kidding? 1/5 here.
Modified- Hmmm, fighting weakness isn't a problem really, and resistance to metal can't hurt, it can only help. Metal still has some power left yet. And the one retreat isn't too bad. Now that the bottom stats are out of the way... Minulse's power can be useful. If you have an energy of any sort on Minulse, when it is attacked, you can take a damage counter off of every Pokemon in play. It can be nice early game when you are trying to build, but other than that not really useful. Minulse must be active to use the attack, and middle to late game, all your opponents Pokes should be dealing 50 at least. The second attack could be used to clean up late game, but again, this guy won't be around late game. 2.25/5 here.
Limited- Everything I mentioned above that way bad, is now good. Except for the 50 HP, that is still not good, and never will be good. Except in a 50 HP tournament, but it is only good by default becasue 50 HP is the max amount of HP in a 50 HP tourny. Anyway, healing yourself and bench damaging attacks are superb in this format. Minulse is everything one could for in a draft Poke, well maybe with 20 more HP. 3.75/5 here.
Bullados  Plusle and Minun

decent HP, but it should have more because it doesn’t evolve. Fighting weakness isn’t a problem, most Fighting types would KO these guys without the help of the weakness. Metal resistance is good, any resistance is good. Retreat of one is decent, but you shouldn’t pay it because of the cost of the attacks.

Meh, good only i n 2v2, and possibly Team, depending on how they rule on it. This will be discussed more in his attack section.

Attack #1: “Cheer On”
Ok, decent, but really only useful in Team or 2v2, with the Body. 1 damage counter, even off of 6 Pokemon, is still only one damage counter, and it won’t help out very much, IMO.

Attack #2a: “Special Circuit”
Meh, not really worth it for a holo. 20 damage to anything for [LC], though it is on par with Ebuzz, isn’t really worth it. The 40 damage, however, is pretty good, so use it for that reason.

Attack #2b: “Extra Circuit”
Very similar to Extra Circuit, just targets something a little less common. Again, use it if you think it will help you, but usually it won’t.


Ebuzz is a better lightning Pokemon. Murkrow is a better hunter. These guys won’t be used much. 1.125/5

Not much better. Ebuzz is still better, now both as a hunter and as a lightning Pokemon. Use him before using one of these. 1.5/5

Not bad. Don’t take either over, say, an ex type or a TV Rep, but he’s pretty decent as a small hunter and staller. 2.5/5

Same as Draft, only a little harder to get. You should use him if you do get him, but try and use something else first. 2.5/5

Meh, I don’t really like it, even if you get the 2nd attack. It doesn’t have much HP, so it would be killed rather quickly. IMO, not worth it. 2.125/5


Ooooh, a two-in-one review.

Name: Minun

Poké-Power: Chain of Events

As long as Minun is your Active Pokémon, whenever your other Active Pokémon, if any, attacks, you may use Cheer On after the first attack (you still need the necessary Energy to use Cheer On).  You can’t use Cheer on more than once in this way even if your other Active Pokémon has the Chain of Events Poké-Body.

Attack#1: Cheer On

Remove 1 damage counter from each of your Pokémon (including Minun).

Attack#2: (LC) Special Circuit

Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon.  This attack does 20 damage to that Pokémon.  If you choose Pokémon that has a Poké-Power or Poké-Body, this attack does 40 damage instead.  Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Name: Plusle

Poké-Power: Chain of Events

As long as Plusle is your Active Pokémon, whenever your other Active Pokémon, if any, attacks, you may use Cheer On after the first attack (you still need the necessary Energy to use Cheer On).  You can’t use Cheer on more than once in this way even if your other Active Pokémon has the Chain of Events Poké-Body.

Attack#1: Cheer On

Remove 1 damage counter from each of your Pokémon (including Plusle).

Attack#2: (LC) Extra Circuit

Choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon.  This attack does 20 damage to that Pokémon.  If you choose Pokémon ex, this attack does 40 damage instead.  Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Attributes: Minun/Plusle are the only Pokémon with their name, so they don’t have to compete with themselves.  Being basics, it is doubtful they would have been “TecHed” into a deck in place of one of an older copy anyway.  Being a Basic is nice, as that means they are easy to get into play and you can run the amount you wish without having to sacrifice a lot of deck space.  Being an Electric Pokémon isn’t too bad-there is a strong need for some more good ones in all formats, and Resistance to it isn’t seen much.  The bad now starts showing up-50 HP is okay… if the Pokémon is going to evolve.  For a Pokémon that doesn’t (at least currently) have an evolution to it, this is pretty bad-it won’t last long active.  It has the normal dreaded Fighting weakness: yeah, few Fighting decks are played, but it’s pretty common to add one in for Pokémon like Minun and Plusle.  The Metal Resistance is nice-Metal decks are on the rise again.  Finally, we have a fairly nice retreat of one.  Not something that can be ignored.  But it won’t require a lot of planning to retreat.

Abilities: First we’ll look at the attacks.  Cheer on would be great… if this were a Chansey or some other big, beefy basic we could send up to heal the other Pokémon.  As is, you are probably giving a prize to heal what you got.  Special/Extra Circuit are also nice attacks-you can probably get some quick bench damage early in the game, as its rare to not see a Pokémon without a Poké-Power/Body (or Pokémon-ex for Plusle) in most decks,  So you’ll often be getting a good deal with the Circuits.  Finally, the Poké-Body.  Chain of Events would be great if a)it worked from the bench or b)was on a bigger Pokémon.  Having these little ones active is a recipe for a loss.


Of course, Low Pressure System will tack on a much needed +10 HP, but its still not enough to give these Pokémon a lot of longevity.  Still, they might be decent TecH to snipe certain benched Pokémon early in the game.


Unlimited: 1.25/5-We have Murkrow for hitting the bench, and Elekid/Electabuzz for Electric TecH.

Modified: 2/5-Okay, now they might see some play-there is only one other Electric Pokémon that is also a bench hitter, and it’s a bit slow to power up (SS Electabuzz).

2-on-2: 2.5/5-Why not just run SS Xatu-sure they take more work to heal, but they place a damage counter on all opposing Pokémon with Psyimpact and their Healing Winds Pokémon Power, which stacks, heals 10 from both Active Pokémon!

TMP: 2/5-That’s only if they can trigger from your partner’s Pokémon.  If they can’t, then its 1.5/5, as they will almost certainly be KOed by your opponent when left as actives

Limited: 3/5-Sniping the bench and healing can actually work on such a low HP Pokémon in this format.


Good attacks, bad stats.  If we slapped this, even on a sub-par Chansey, they’d be a lot better.

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