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Azumarill - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 1.26.04

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Ausen  Azumarill's a decent enough card, but it lacks the one thing that makes all good decks great: consistency. More often than not, you'll only be Drizzling once, using either a Swampert or some other power/abuseable method to get energy onto it. So where's the downfall? Flips. If you have 20 energies and go 1/20 on flips, that's a 30 damage attack for 20 energy. Not bad, huh? That's the reason you'll see Blaziken/Ninetales and not Blaziken/Arcanine
AQ: flips. Consistency wins games.

Again, another solid draft card. You'll have lots of energy in your deck to help you drizzle, and it can be a high damage attack after a while....

Unlimited 1/5
Modified 3/5 - Could use some consistency
Draft 4/5 - Powers itself up quickly, does nice damage

The bottom line: More unlimited junk, COULD be playable in modified but it's too flippy and doesnt do enough damage for few energies to stay competitive. Does well vs. Big Fire though. Draft is the place to play it. Run water/whatever, drizzle energies on and let him mize.
Thundachu  Azumarill(Sandstorm)

Overview: This is a VERY good card IMO. For 1 colorless energy, you can put as many Water energy from your hand on to any of your active pokemon. Good to power up Expedition Feraligatr as well as Azumarill itself. Then for 1 water and 1 colorless energy, Max Bubbles lets you flip a coin for all your energy attached to all of your active pokemon. It does 30 damage times the number of heads. Best thing about this is there is no limit to the damage that can be done. Weakness to Lightning is expected from Water pokemon, but not many Lightning decks are showing up anymore anyways. No resistance. A retreat of 1 is ok for this pokemon considering it being a stage 1. 70HP for stage 1/1 retreat is pretty good though it could be better.

Unlimited: I would stick to Blastoise or Neo Genesis Feraligatr here for water department. They are still better than Azu. 2/5

Modified: Great to get powered up your water pokemon such as Swampert, or Gatr and then a pretty solid attack to go along with it. 3/5

Draft: Assuming you are able to draft it and Marill, I would highly suggest playing it. Pretty good HP, low retreat, and nice attacks. 3.5/5


Name: Azumarill

Set/Card#: Sandstorm, #30/100

Type: Water

Stage: 1 (evolves from Marill)

HP: 70

Weakness: Lighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Drizzle

If you have any (W) Energy cards in your hand, attach as many (W) Energy cards as you like to any of your Active Pokémon.

Attack#2: (WC) Max Bubbles [30x]

Flip a coin for each Energy attached to all of your Active Pokémon.  This attack does 30 damage times the number of heads.

Name: Marill

Set/Card#: Sandstorm, #68/100

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Electric

Resistance: None

Retreat: None

Attack: (WC) Double Bubble [10x]

Flip coins.  This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.  If either of the coins is heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Attributes: Azumarill is a Stage 1 Water Pokémon.  There are other Azumarill, but I honestly have never card for them.  Seen a few interesting decks for them, but nothing that really grabbed me.  Anyway, so this card does have to compete or work with its siblings, and compete is probably the best choice.  Being a Stage 1 Pokémon means it had better possess some traits to make it worth the effort of Evolving it.  It Evolves from Marill, the best version of which is the error printing in Sandstorm, listed above.  Free retreat and an attack that paralyzes 75% of the time are pretty good.  There is a “pre-Evo” for Marill, but while it has a nice attack, it only has 40 HP so I am not going to waste any more time on it.  Water Pokémon are kinda needed what with all the Blaziken decks.  Weakness exists, as does Resistance.  Resistance is fairly new for Water, so it’s more a problem in Modified where more new Grass cards [with the Resistance] see play.  70 HP is minimum you want to see on a Stage 1.  Azumarill is weak to Electric decks, a mixed blessing.  In Modified, the only commonly played Electric Pokémon is Ampharos ex and Expedition Ampharos, mainly as a bench sitter, in BAR decks.  Sandstorm Electabuzz does show up though, and if this were to become “big”, Aquapolis Zapdos is great for Sceptile TecH decks.  In Unlimited, you face Base Set Buzz, the occasional Rocket’s Zapdos, but worst of all… Elekid.  Hey, it’s a Baby Pokémon that can hide and hit you from the bench, and with no Energy do 40 on a flip!  Resistance is… none. -_- Retreat is a very manageable one, which is nice.

Abilities: Drizzle can be amazing-a mini Raindance.  Mixed blessing is that it’s an attack and only works for you Active Pokémon.  It might be real interesting in 2-on-2/TMP though.  Max Bubbles is great-dump a bunch of Energy on Azumarill, then next turn make like Sneasel!  Just four Energy let you average 60.  For just (WC), you are getting a slightly discounted average of 30.  Anything more is “fair” for a flat price rate: WWW would average 45, for example.  It’s like having nearly infinite attacks on this guy (in reality, what, 56 since you need one Marill, one Azumarill, and one prize left, and you can’t use the attack with just one Energy soo…)  Too bad that the HP means you might not survive Drizzling the wad you’d need to make Max Bubble pay off…

Uses/Combinations: If there was a better way to keep it alive, it could be really good for Modified.  But I can’t think of a good way.  In Unlimited, you might actually consider running it with Blastoise-turn two you have a better Sneasel in most respects.  With a focus band and Pokémon Nurse/Center to abuse, it could last.  The best use I can think of for it is in TMP.  Either run it so you can power up your partners Water Pokémon, or Drizzle on itself periodically, then bench and heal it, and use that Energy to feed Gardevoir ex’s Psystorm.  You could have Gardy ex doing a reliable 100 by turn 2, and almost certainly by turn 3.


Unlimited: 3/5-I think it might work in Raindance.  Note I said “might”.  Plus, Raindance is not the top deck here anyway.

Modified: 3/5-It’s more useful, but it still has a depressingly short lifespan.

Limited: 4/5-Possible game breaker.  Drop it early and annihilate them before they can build enough to take it down.  Or late game, just power it on the bench and still take them down.

2-on-2: 3.25/5-You can suicide it to power up its partner.  A real bizarre thought is using it with AQ Blissey and Gardevoir ex: drop a load of Water Energy on Blissey, then send it to the bench.  Now Gardevior ex has this huge Energy to draw upon, and that Blissey’s Poké-Power means you have a 50% chance once per turn of healing one damage counter per energy on one of your Pokémon!

TMP: 4/5-Gardy Battery.


Niche uses, but incredible niche uses.

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