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Shedinja - Dragon EX

Date Reviewed: 1.23.04

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Ausen  Shedinja - Lily Pad Mew's seriously lame cousin.

OK, it's a stage 1. The ONLY reason you play this card is for late game, and even then it gets taken out by a lot of basics. Why does it work, then? No gust means your opponent has to build a basic to KO it or enjoy taking damage EVERY turn.

Unlimited: He'll kill EVERY evo you see here. Except that Sneasel, Murkrow, Rocket's Zapdos et al aren't evos. Oops. 1/5
Modified: He needs support, but with the lack of bench disruption, he's a solid late-game card. 3.75/5
Draft: Doesn't do enough damage, low hp and you face too many basics. 2/5

Bottom Line: If you drop one of these late-game against something like Blaziken/Ninetales, you could run through their entire bench with it o0 THATS ABOUT ALL ITS GOOD FOR.
Thundachu  Shedinja

Overview: Lots of 30HP holos in Dragon. Anyways, Shedinja's Pokemon Body is very useful indeed. Wonder Guard, allows you to prevent ALL damage done to Shedinja by your opponent's evolved and Pokemon-EX. This can come in handy with Blaziken and Gardevoir being played a lot these days. And the attack is not to good lol. For 1 colorless energy, Damage Curse lets you put 1 damage counter on the defending pokemon plus 1 more for every damage counter on Shedinja. Not very good since the most you can do with this attack is 30 because of its low HP. No weakness or resistance is nice for a Grass Pokemon espeacilly one with exceptionaly low HP. Retreat of 1 is a little high IMO, but I suppose it could be worse. All in all, I myself would only play this card for the PokeBody.

Unlimited: 1/5

Modified: With Blaziken and Scpetile and Gardevoir being played a lot in Modified, this card could come in handy for preventing damage from them, but either way it will get KOed due to the low HP. That is the ONE bad thing about this card, the low HP. 3/5

Draft: The body isn't very useful here because evolutions are VERY unlikley in drafts, as are Pokemon-EX. And the attack isn't very good because of the low HP-Factor. If you do draft it, I wouldn't play it. I would just take it and sell it on Ebay or keep it in your collection. 1/5


Okay, confession time-I wasted my time this weekend (got new game and was breaking it in, plus had homework and the normal stuff).  Long story short, this should be shorter than normal.  Most of the feedback I have gotten has indicated I should try to tighten my reviews anyway, so here goes…


Name: Shedinja

Set/Card#: Dragon, #11/97

Type: Grass

Stage: 1 (evolves from Nincada)

HP: 30

Weakness: None

Resistance: Resistance

Retreat: C

Poké-Body: Wonder Guard

Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Shedinja by your opponent’s Evolved Pokémon and Pokémon-ex.

Attack: (C) Damage Curse

Put 1 damage counter, plus 1 more damage counter for each damage counter on Shedinja, on the Defending Pokémon.

Name: Ninjask

Set/Card#: Dragon, #18/97

Type: Grass

Stage: 1 (evolves from Nincada)

HP: 70

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: None

Poké-Power: Loose Shell

Once during your turn, when you play Ninjask from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokémon, you may search your deck for Shedinja and put it onto your Bench.  Treat the new Benched Pokémon as a Basic Pokémon.  Shuffle your deck afterward.

Attack: (CC) Quick Touch [30]

You may switch Ninjask with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.  If you do, you may move any number of (G) Energy cards attached to Ninjask to the new Active Pokémon.

Name: Nincada

Set/Card#: Dragon, #67/97

Type: Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: (C)

Attack#1: (C) Bite [10]

Attack#2: (GC) Double Scratch [20x]

Flip 2 coins.  This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.

Attributes: There is only one Shedinja.  However, it evolves from the same Basic as another Pokémon.  Fortunately that other Pokémon, Ninjask, possesses a Poké-Power that lets you search your deck for a Shedinja and put it into play as a Basic Pokémon when you evolve a Pokémon into Shedinja.  There is another version of Ninjask, but you want the one with the Poké-Power that I listed above.  There are three Nincada-again listed above is my choice-decent attacks and solid HP.  The others either were low on HP or had less useful attacks in my opinion.  Back to Shedinja-as stated, it’s a Stage 1, so it has to be better than a normal basic to compete.  Its HP is less than inspiring-30, the lowest you’ll see on any real Pokémon.  That’s one strike against it.  Its weakness, unlike the others in its family, is none.  This is as good as it gets… to bad Resistance is also non-existent-they kinda balance out.  Last for attributes is retreat: just one.  Second best retreat in the game.  Easy to pay, though it can still come back to haunt you at times.

Abilities: Here’s the meat of this card-it’s Poké-Body.  Wonder Guard makes this card nearly impossible to hurt… or rather it would if most people didn’t run Sandstorm Wobbuffet in their decks.  Still, it’s a very strong ability.  Damage Curse would be fine on a Pokémon with more HP, but here it’s too weak.

Uses/Combinations: I have heard of two decks to use Shedinja somewhat effectively.  First one is complicated-run it with Victreebel for a chance at luring up a non-basic or Pokémon-ex, have an Expedition Gengar ready and attack with it’s attack which does 40 then benches Gengar, and finally bring up Shedinja to block.  Retreat Shedinja next turn if needed, or start pecking away with Shedinja.  Repeat until victory or one of the needed Pokémon is gone.  I would add Mirage Stadium to the combo, since Low Pressure’s 10 HP won’t do much for Shedinja-while possibly halving the number of Basics that can OHKO it, its usually going to be tackled by Ffet, who will still OHKO it.  With Mirage, if you lure up something with a high retreat cost, they will have to deal with flip and payment, and even cheap retreaters will have trouble.  An idea I think has more merit is losing the Victreebel and adding High Pressure System plus Expedition Magby and/or some of the Fossils.  This gives you options against basics.


Unlimited: 1/5-No.  Yeah, my Mulligan Mewtwo ex deck hates it, but that’s about it… and in this format, that deck has Goop Gas to handle problem Pokémon Powers.

Modified: 3/5-Might be good for fleshing out Gengar Porter decks.  Other than that, it seems like it could have something, but I am not seeing it.

Limited: 3/5-This was a tough call-on one hand, most of us rush to evolve in this format… but then again, it’s hard to do so here.  Then again, you probably won’t run a lot of them here, so one could be a nice, nasty surprise.

2-on-2/TMP: 2/5-It is much harder to avoid active basics here.


One of those cards with an interesting and strong effect that TPC “over-compensated” for by making the rest of the card pretty poor.  Still, it’s worth some experimentation time.

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