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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


- EX: Team Rocket Returns



Date Reviewed: 12.22.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Quagsire is a good Pokemon in a couple formats. His poke-body really helps him, because at the same time you're powering up water gun for more damage you're removing damage too.
Unlimited - Useless here. Scyther bait. ER bait. 1/5
Modified - The obvious combo is with Blastoise ex. Rain dance energy onto him, and not only will he not take damage when you do that, but you remove 1 damge counter each time too. So you'll see Quagsire in a lot of Blastoise ex decks. 3/5
Limited - Great here. Everything in limited usually hits for puny amounts of damage, which Quagsire then heals. OHKOs in this format are rare. 5/5

Quagsire is a great card to combo with Blastoise ex or any card that can lay down a lot of energy cards.
Since attaching Water energy cards heals 20 damage and clears Special Conditions, Quagsire would pretty much have to be OHKO'd to take it out.
Also, it can be Rare Candy'd to on turn one and start laying out decent damage right away; from 20 to 80!

Unlimited: This can work in an unlimited deck. ER doesn't bother it much and it's healing abilites are great. 4/5

Modified: Also pretty good here. Use Blast-ex or Swampert and go to town. 4/5

Unlimited: Being effectively immune to Special Conditions is gold in this format! Also, since it's only a Stage 1 rare, you should be able to evolve to it. 4/5

Johnny Blaze
Quagsire – Just what Blastoise-ex needed was a Pokemon that can wipe away the damage from Energy Rain with Quagsire’s Saturation Poke-Body. You see each time you attach a Water energy card from your hand to Quagsire, you get to remove all special conditions and 2 damage counters. Its 1 and only attack Hyper Pump is also very efficient for 1W for 20, or 20 + 20 for a maximum of 80 if Quagsire had a total of 4W attached.

Unlimited: 2/5 – There are many more options to use with BS Blastoise such as Suicune-ex.

Modified: 3/5 – May not survive long with 80 HP but if you can get it up and running with Blastoise-ex early game there isn’t too much your opponent can do. Just watch out resistance to Rayquaza and Jumpluff.

Limited: 4/5 – With a built in potion and full heal every turn as long as you attach a Water energy, Jumpluff could stick around a long time.


New Feature: If you think this review is too long to read, just skip straight to the scores and then read the summary for a concise overview! 


Name: Quagsire

Set: EX: Team Rocket Returns

Card#: 26/109

Rarity: Rare

Type: Water

Stage: Stage 1 (Evolves from Wooper)

HP: 80

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Saturation

When you attach a (W) Energy card from your hand to Quagsire, remove all Special Conditions and 2 damage counters from Quagsire.

Attack: (W) Hyper Pump [20+]

Does 20 damage plus 20 more damage for each basic Energy card attached to Quagsire but not used to pay for this attack’s Energy cost.  You can’t add more than 60 damage in this way.

Name: Wooper

Set: EX: Team Rocket Returns

Card#: 81/109

Rarity: Common

Type: Water

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: (C)

Poké-Body: Saturation

When you attach a (W) Energy card from your hand to Wooper, remove all Special Conditions and 1 damage counter from Wooper.

Attack: (W) Wave Splash [10]


Attributes: Quagsire is a Stage 1 Pokémon.  It Evolves from Wooper.  The Wooper from the same set as this Quagsire is a Basic Water Pokémon with a reasonable 50 HP, Weakness that is less common in modified than several others, no Resistance (sadly), and good retreat of only (C) (which a High Pressure System could completely eliminate).  This Wooper has a slightly over priced attack of (W) for 10, but it has a very nice Poké-Body similar to its Evolved form: attaching Water Energy removes a damage counter and all Special Conditions.  If you get stuck with it out early game, that Poké-Body should extend its life by a turn or two, hopefully long enough to Evolve.


As for Quagsire itself, let’s start with being a Water Pokémon.  This makes it easier to combo with a lot of anti-Firestarter decks.  Water Resistance exists, but outside of certain Dragons, it doesn’t see a lot of play.  Water Weakness, as stated, sees a lot of play thanks to those Firestarter decks that just refuse to die.  Quagsire has 80 HP; this is a tad puny for the final Stage of an Evolutionary line.  I would have preferred 90; 80 doesn’t seem like a disadvantage, but it’s not like this can Evolve again.   Another thing, 80 HP just fails to get it out the two-Energy-discard-for-the-KO-range for Rayquaza ex.


Quagsire is Weak to Grass Pokémon, which is one of the safer Weaknesses to have right now: no really strong “true” Grass decks have emerged lately.  There are promising candidates, like the Jumpluff we looked at the other day, but nothing established.  Sadly, this card has no Resistance, and as I’ve said before “No Resistance is the worst Resistance”.  Finally, we have an average Retreat Cost of two.


Abilities: That useful Saturation Poké-Body that appears on Wooper shows up hear, but it lets you remove two damage counters instead of just one, while still removing Special Conditions.  So if you add a Water Energy, your normal Energy attachment performs a triple duty-its normal job plus being a Potion plus being a Full Heal.  This is great.  The attack, Hyper Pump is also great: in a sense, it’s like having four attacks on this card.  This means this card can attack sooner, which makes the odds of Saturation kicking it at a useful moment more likely.  These attacks have good synergy and are great in and of themselves.


Uses/Combinations: Here’s the kicker: where can we use this wonderful blue blob?  The most likely candidates are in a Water Call Swampert deck or a Blastoise ex deck.  Why?  Both can power it up fast while healing it at the same time.  It has been ruled that Blastoise ex’s damage from its Energy Rain resolves occurs before Saturation kicks in, and more importantly, that use of that Poké-Power does indeed trigger Saturation.  I would assume we can derive that Water Call would similarly trigger Saturation.  The Quagsire is less useful in the Water Call deck as if it’s damaged, it was probably already active, and if it is active, you should have already powered it up so it can be attacking.  So the real thing I’d keep my eye on would be Blastoise ex.  So are they an effective combination?  I haven’t had a chance to test them out, so I can only present the pros and cons.  The main pro is that, provided the rest of your deck is running smoothly, you should be able to set a few of them up by your second turn.  The thing is they aren’t really strong enough to stand up against heavies like Rayquaza ex.  Against pretty much anything but the top attackers from the top decks, they are great shock troops, swarming and overwhelming most other Pokémon.




Unlimited: 2/5-The attack isn’t bad for Unlimited, but the Poké-Body would rarely come into play, especially in the deck that would strengthen it the most: Raindance.


Modified: 3.5/5-I am going out on a limb here, but I think at least one strong Energy Rain variant could use it.


Limited: 4/5-Wooper are common, so if you pull this, there’s a good chance you can run it.  With enough Water Energy to back it, it will take a lot to make any damage stick.



Seemingly tailor made to go with Energy Shower, as it would allow said Poké-Power to attach Water Energy to Quagsire with no drawback (unless you tried it with only 10 HP left).  A strong attack and healing Poké-Body are great… but the prevalence of OHKO decks means it can’t be your main hitter. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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