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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Primeape - Pokemon-e
Expedition series

Date Reviewed: 8.26.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Jermy101 Primeape is an intriguing Pokemon, but I don't see it doing too well because of it's Blaine's Magmarish characteristics.  You have to base the whole deck on him to do well.  Because of that, your whole deck is basically just Primeape so it's like if your opponent kills 3-4 Primeape, he wins the game.

Unlimited - No, there are better choices here, like Blastoise.  I would rather use Base Gastly. 1/5

Modified - It works in RSon, but it just dies out too quickly if the match goes on too long.  You can Wally's Training it on the first though and attach DRE to do a turn 1 KO on a Dunsparce. 3/5

Limited - There are basically no tools here, but look at its second attack.  FC for 40 damage is not too shabby, and free retreat yea cool. 4/5





This card is VERY goodÖ  Itís the obvious fighter of primetool and it is quick, nasty, AND POWERFUL. Wallyís and DRE w/ a mankey 1st turn can be devasting stuff. Not only that, but all the tools and tmís it uses can benefit it also, like strength charm, atm rock, buffer piece, balloon berry, lum berry, and oran berry. The only deck Iíve seen so far that can severely rip this deck is gengar ex, for obvious reasons. Iím definitely going to playtest this, and I suggest you do too. Itís late though, and I have to get going, so Iíll see all meh precious readers soon.


P.S.  BTW:: From this point on, all my reviews are based on the RS-on format, until anything is officially announced.



Name: Primeape

Set: Fire Red/Leaf Green

Card#: 28/112

Type: Fighting

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Mankey)

HP: 70

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: None

Attack#1: (CC) Toss [30x]

You may discard from you hand as many Technical Machines and Pokťmon Tool cards as you like.  This attack does 30 damage times the number of cards you discarded.

Attack#2: (FC) Low Kick [40]

Name: Mankey

Set: Fire Red/Leaf Green

Card#: 38/112

Type: Fighting

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Mischief

Shuffle your opponentís deck.

Attack#2: (FC) Light Punch [30]



Attributes: Primeape has a pretty weak history.  So weak, in fact, that I am just going to say that if you have to play one, this is probably it.  Anyway, Primeape is a Stage 1 Fighting Pokťmon.  It Evolves from Mankey, which has also had a lack luster history (although one Brockís Mankey used to be almost a staple for a brief time).  The Fire Red/Leaf Green Mankey might be the best of the bunch-Mischief isnít too great unless you couldnít use Light Punch or your opponent uses a deck ordering card (think Oracle or Pokťdex-style cards).  Light Punch, on the other hand, is a solid attack for a little guy (it pays for 25 damage but receives 30), and it has a solid 50 HP, so you might consider using it.  Back to Primeape itself.  Fighting types are making a comeback in a big way.  Hidden Legends Machamp and the emergence of Team Magma as not only a good deck, but possibly the top deck (how did we miss that-I know people who tested it and didnít nearly so well) in the game means this type might once again be feared.  Also, please, try Armulligan (Fossil Mulligan deck based around Armaldo for Modified)-itís sick fun!  It also helps that, Weakness for it is actually more commonly seen than Resistance to it.  Moving to HP, we see 70.  This is absolute minimum my experience has taught me, that a Stage 1 can get by with (barring a nearly broken effect).  In other words, itís like the ďD-ď of HP-itís passable, barely.  Now we come to Psychic Weakness-unfortunate, but expected.  No Resistance is the worst Resistance.  Finally, we see a perfect free retreat.  Nice.


AbilitiesThe first attack isnít bad; it just isnít good.  You burn a non-renewable resource for Toss.  You also canít squeeze that many TMs and Tools into the standard deck set up.  In Unlimited, you have access to cards that can recycle them, but also cards that do more damage just as reliably for fewer resources.  In Modified, you canít recycle those Trainers (at least not easily), and there are both easier and stronger things to run.


The second attack is a straight forward attack with a good Energy for Damage ratio.  Sadly, itís not enough to redeem the cardís abilities.


Uses/Combinations: In constructed formats, you could combine it with Skyridge Xatu, as both make excellent use of Technical Machines and that Xatu can recycle Trainers.  Raticate from Fire Red/Leaf Green also has Trainer recycling abilities.  It is even Modified friendly.  I donít know how good it would be though-to get said Trainers back requires using an attack.


This cardís main purpose is in draft.  There, Low Kick becomes devastating.  There is even a Tool in this set-Exp. All.  If you pull multiples of that Tool and this line, it might be good for a nasty surprise.  The Mankey also appears to be a solid pick here as well: quick, cheap damage, and this set does contain cards that let your re-arrange your part of deck.  Raticate is also in this setÖ




Unlimited: 1.75/5-Too much effort for too little return.


Modified: 2.5/5-About the same, but at least you might win through ways other than total opponent incompetence or luck.


Limited: 3.75/5-Looks to be a good pick, as I stated earlier.



Even being the best Primeape doesnít make it so great. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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