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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dark Celebi - Hidden Legends

Date Reviewed: 8.05.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Jermy101 Dark Celebi is bad in just about all formats.  Attaching an extra energy card this turn is nothing special, and the attack is poor.

Unlimited - 1 w0u1d r4th3r u53 b453 g45t1y. 1/5

Modified - There are better Pokemon out there! 1/5

Limited - There is no Darkness Energy in Hidden Legends.  Unless you draft a Darkness Energy set with Hidden Legends, it's not worth it. 2


Dark Celebi


 1st off, yuppers, Hedge is back from a 3 week vacation… :D


 2nd off…. A few rogues out there have been complaining about my reviews. I like doing cotd because it’s fun, Pokemon is a hobby of mine, and I take pleasure in giving advice to other players. These are my opinions; if you don’t want to read my reviews, then please, feel free to just skip over my portion of the cotd.  


 3rd off… Worlds is coming up soon. To anyone who’s going, lemme just say to playtest a lot and Good Luck at the actual competition!!


Now… On to Dark Celebi!

This card is odd… it’s pretty solid. A solid 70 HP for a basic, not bad. Does 40 for 2 if you have a REAL dark on him… and can speed up grass/dark decks considerably. Yeah, that means Shiftry. ;x  But I’m not saying play this in Shiftry; please don’t, I doubt it will work well. I have seen it used in a deck that a person at my local league plays… (The Shack ;/) ‘Twas mighty neat, but I believe he wanted that deck kept secret, so I shall refrain from opening my rather large mouth. Regardless, the main problem here is simple… weakness to fire. ALTHOUGH, I must say, that is AS much of a threat as it was before. With the release of HL and the new Rarecandy ruling, Blaze is not nearly as powerful as it was before… It’s almost rogue again. I’m not saying it’s a bad deck by any means… it’s still great… but alas, that’s quite a different review. As for Dark Celebi, Jirachi is a tad better…. A LOT better actually… well, you know what I mean. Just don’t throw it into random grass or dark decks; won’t help you much. Max out on Dunsparce (or Wurmple in the grass case) instead.

 ~Hedge (Coolhedgie)

  ++ Worlds 2004 – Bring it ++

-+- August 4, 2004 -+-

Johnny Blaze Dark Celebi – Beautiful artwork. 30 for auto poison is decent. Too bad its weak to Fire and takes 1 Dark and 1 Leaf. If your lucky enough to be holding a Grass and Darkness in you hand you can Dark Provide.
Unlimited – 1/5 Many more options to have any type of impact.
Modified – 1/5 Not much play here as Fire is popular and the Damage done is not enough to be a contender.
Limited – 0/5 Useless unless you are drafting with R&S packs that contain the actual Darkness energy to play and are lucky to draft it.


Name: Dark Celebi

Set: Hidden Legends

Card#: 4/101

Type: Dark/Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 70

Weakness: Fire

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Dark Provide

Attach up to 1 (G) or (D) Energy card from your hand to your Pokémon.

Attack#2: (GD) Leaf Poison [20]

The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.


Attributes: Dark Celebi is a Basic Pokémon.  Good so far.  Interestingly, it breaks the old rule-Dark Pokémon are supposed to always be Stage 1 or higher, to represent the corrupting influence of Team Rocket (evil Basics have been released, but under the title of Team Rocket’s or Rocket’s Pokémon).  This is an advantage though-since this allows for the use of Darkness Energy as a damage bonus and means that, should you play this in Unlimited, Team Rocket’s Hideout can boost your HP by 20.  It’s a dual-type Pokémon, a recent addition to the TCG.  Being both Dark and Grass is pretty good.  Grass Weakness is showing up a tad more with the rise in Water Pokémon seeing play in Modified, and Metal Pokémon (that are Grass Resistant) don’t see a lot of play there either, since said Pokémon are Weak to Fire.  In Unlimited, the Grass just means that the few Metal Pokémon seen in the format can ignore what little direct damage you can do.  The Dark-aspect is virtually trouble free.  Yes, there are a few “anti-Dark” cards like Unown D and Light Machamp, but both of those are from Unlimited, and neither is used in most decks.  There are a few Dark Weak Pokémon, but there is no Dark Resistance.  Possibly the best deal is the ability to use Darkness Energy for boosting your damage-well, it would be if we hadn’t already gotten that from the name.  This card is kicking butt so far.  The HP is a solid 70-big enough that only the “top half” of attacks can OHKO it.  With Team Rocket’s hideout, it balloons up to 90 HP-rare on basics, and the fourth highest for non-Pokémon ex.  That won’t work for Modified, but Low Pressure System can give you an 80 still.  Sadly, we do have a Weakness (hey, it was risking becoming too good ;) ).  Fire Weakness is a bit of a pain for Modified-Normal Blaziken can OHKO you, and a Flame Kick from Blaziken ex has a 50% chance of OHKOing you.  However, it beats Psychic Weakness in my opinion.  Blaziken ex could OHKO you anyway, and chances are if Blaziken comes up, you’ve already been hit by something else a few times.  No Resistance is the worst.  I wish that they had given it something.  Many things would be appropriate, but it’s no use dwelling on it.  Finally, we have Retreat cost of just one.  So long as you aren’t desperately needing the attached Energies, parting with one isn’t so bad.


Abilities: Two attacks, neither of which seem overly powerful on their own.  Together, they become much, much more.  Dark Provide does give small, quick boost to one of your Pokémon.  It is nice that it affects two different types of energy.  Leaf Poison is pretty solid.  You pay for roughly 30-should I give a bonus for multiple energy types to a dual-type Pokémon?  Well, you do 20 and Auto-Poison, which is roughly the same value.  Also, since it’s Dark, you get a +10 if you use a real Darkness.  30 with Auto-Poison for two Energy.  Better yet, with the first attack, you can have two Darkness attached by turn two.  This means you can hit, second turn, for (20 + 10 + 10) 40 damage and auto-Poison.  Nasty.


Uses/Combinations: I think it might be fun in a really rogue Dark Vileplume deck in Unlimited.  Not overly potent unless you can pull off nasty first turn Dark Plume and hope they don’t have a Cleffa.  If you have the right cards with that set-up, it could actually be a winner!  Moving onto Modified, if you want to run a Grass deck with Darkness overtones, this is about as good as it gets.  Unfortunately, the only things that really match it are Team Magma’s Cacnea and Cacturne.  I don’t know of any decks that make good use of Darkness Energy that would really benefit from a Dark Celebi, but if they exist, then it could fit in there as well.




Unlimited: 3/5-Looks to be fun and maybe even effective.


Modified: 2/5-Only for a rogue deck, and it doesn’t show a lot of promise there.


Limited: 2/5-Timed right, the first attack can pump up other Pokémon… but remember, if you can’t Provide more than once, you only break even.  If you have the Dark Celebi Starter from Hidden Legends, this bad boy spikes to a 3.5/5, as said deck has two Darkness Energy.



Solid card. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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