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This is a cool Book!

Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Aqua Energy/Magma Energy
- - Team Aqua & Magma

Date Reviewed: 4.06.04

Ratings & Reviews below

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Thundachu Aqua Energy/Magma Energy

Overview: Virtually the same card only with Aqua energy you can only attach to pokemon with Team Aqua in its name. This card IMO, comes in handy in numerous situations because of the fact it provides Darkness energy when Darkness isnt in the set. It provides 2 energy at a time, so you will be able to attack if you need Darkness or Water(or Fighting and Darkness, if you're playing Magma Energy.) The only problem is, it only provides energy. You won't be able to provide the +10 for the darkness.

Unlimited: Use Darkness instead, if you are playing AM cards in Unlimited at all. 1/5

Modified: I suppose it can be pretty nice hear to be able to power up Darkness attacks in the Team Magna/Aqua set, for Houndoom/Houndour and such and Crawdaunt. 3/5

Draft: 2/5

Sealed Deck: 2/5


Aqua/Magma Energy

This is going to be a tough review…


These cards are strictly limited to aqua magma Pokemon, the majority of which are mediocre. I have to comment on the odd difference of wording between the two cards, though I was told by a handful of judges that they have the same effect. I personally wish the extra ten for Darkness was added to these, making it extra 20. This would have turned most aqua/magma Pokemon from mediocre to good or great. Other than that, it could POSSIBLY be used as a sneak attack in rogue Walrein decks, going for what I call “The Rogue Effect,” a phrase I picked up playing *cough ‘owning’*  people in unlimited that designated a 1st turn 30 dmg to destroy babies, usually delivered from Tyrogue. Obv. this is possible with this, Walrein, and an Archie all on the first turn. =/  As for the Magma version, well, meh. Zangoose? When Wigglytuff ex comes out, have fun. =)



Modified: 2/5

Draft: 4.8192670437591/5   XD

Unlimited: .827364/5  DCE Obv.  =/



Modified: 3/5

Draft: 4.9/5   XD

Unlimited: ˝/5  =/  ANY  water in unlim<Blastoise

            ^^^^ The Bottom Line.


Bullados Aqua/Magma Energy

2 energy attachment per turn. This is a major thing because it can help you get around the 1 energy per turn restriction.
Can provide 2 different type of energy. Similar effect to Double Rainbow, but more restricted. It all depends on what you want to do with the deck.

Can only be used on TA/TM Pokemon. This severely limits its use, as many of the TATM Pokemon aren't really all that powerful. This could make some of them usable, but not really for most of them.
Discarded at the end of the turn. WHY?!?!?!?!? This card would make TATM decks absolutely amazing, almost on par with Gardy and BAR, if this energy card would stay around for longer than 1 turn. As it is, it's a slightly underpowered Boost energy, and I don't really like that.


Useless, just like all the TATM Pokemon. It can't provide anything to something that's useful, and it's only useful to cards that are useless. For this reason, I give it a 1.125/5

Meh, not much better. The only TATM decks out there that are contendable are Walrein and Aggron, and those could do without this thing. It's decent, but only for a select deck, and only at select times. 2.5/5

Meh, not much better. Even though there are TATM cards that are useful in this format (they have to be, they're the focus of the set), you need perminant energy placement, not temporary. Also, the way the packs are set up, you have very little chance of actually matching your Pokemon with your energy. It could be good, but odds are it won't be. 2.5/5


Name: Magma Energy

Set/Card#: Team Magma Vs Team Aqua

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Text: Magma Energy can be attached only to a Pokémon with Team Magma in its name.  Aqua Energy provides (F) and/or (D) Energy but provides 2 Energy at a time.  (Doesn’t count as a Basic Energy card when not in play and has no effect other than providing Energy.)  At the end of your turn, discard Magma Energy.

Name: Aqua Energy

Set/Card#: Team Magma Vs Team Aqua, #86/95

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Text: Aqua Energy can be attached only to a Pokémon with Team Aqua in its name.  Aqua Energy provides (W) and (D) Energy but provides 2 Energy at a time.  (Doesn’t count as a Basic Energy card when not in play and has no effect other than providing Energy.)  At the end of your turn, discard Aqua Energy.


Attributes: Hmm, I suppose these could have been Trainers, maybe Pokémon Tools that would be discarded at the end of the turn and allow’d you to treat the appropriate Energy on the appropriate Team’s Pokémon as… bah, forget it:  I can’t really justify this section today. XD


Abilities: Well these are one of the hand full of Energy cards that… erm… exist really: despite the growing age of the TCG, there are still relative few kinds of Energy, at least when compared with Trainers and Pokémon.  Making them even more special, they are one of the few Energy cards that provide more than one Energy at a time.  Specifically, Team Magma Energy provides two Energy.  The Energy can be treated as Fighting, Dark, or one of each.  Team Aqua Energy is the same, except it provides Water/Dark instead of Fighting/Dark.  Both can only be attached to their Team’s Pokémon, which is understandable, as it would be pretty sick for Neo Genesis Sneasel in Unlimited, otherwise.  A second restriction is that it is discarded at the end of your turn.  I find these exceptional limitations, since otherwise they’d be more game breaking than Double Colorless Energy. @_@


Uses/Combinations: The idea behind them is a Team Magma/Aqua version of Boost Energy, trading off one Energy provided to make it dual colored.  This is what makes Arhcie/Maxie more effective: you can drop the appropriate Pokémon and have two Energy on it, instantly.  Team Magma’s Aggron can Magma Crush for straight out of the deck for a possible 60, turn one, for example.  Also, remember that since this is discarded anyway, the “discard Dark Energy” clause for some of those Team Pokémon attacks, isn’t as bad is it seemed.




Unlimited: 2/5-On the off chance some Team Pokémon are useable here.


Modified/2-on-2/ TMP: 3/5-Here there are a few more good Team Pokémon.  If something brings that darn chicken’s (Blaziken’s) decks under control, then the Team Pokémon might stand out more.


Limited: 4/5-Definitely useful in my book.  I judged, so most of this is observational, but one thing is obvious-it and Double Rainbow are your only sources for Darkness Energy!  A quick burst of Energy doesn’t hurt even if there were real Darkness Energy.



Previous examples of this were Double Colorless Energy, Miracle Energy, Boost Energy, and Double Rainbow Energy.  While I doubt this will be as great as either of the “Double” Energies, it seems to be like Boost-not useful in every deck, but (at least in Modified) vital for some. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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