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Seaking - R&S

Date Reviewed: 09.08.03

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 

Heh... our first seaking review.  This one ain't too great, nothing compared to the brokeness of the jungle one.  JOKING!  Only joking guys, please, no viruses >_<.  Anywho, really there are better water cards for you to use.  Heck, I like Sharpedo better (don't let anyone tell you he sucks, he doesn't) but besides him we have 2 playable Swamperts, a Starmie and a few other things.  I'd steer clear.

Unlimited:  A low rating.  Big surprise, right?  1.25/5

Modified:  Not completely horrid, still, there are better water cards.  2.25/5

Limited:  Not bad.  Not good either.  Isn't there something else for you to pick?  2.5/5

The Bottom Line:  2/5

pERfeCt0ne Seaking

So heres a review on what i think is the most common "rare" ever released... I have pulled 19 seakings from 3 boxes!!!

Unlimited-  He might be able to take out a baby with water arrow, but hes not as worthy as other choices that are available.
rating--- 1

Modified-  Besides being a splashable fire defense, i doubt hes very useful.  Since Mantine is gone, Scizor decks may consider him. 
rating--- 2

Draft-  Hes kinda good here.  On turn 2, you might be able to start hitting for 30 a turn...taking a prize or two.  You could also just hold him in your hand until an opponent retreats an EX pokemon and catch them off-guard with water arrow!
rating--- 3

2 vs. 2-  In combo with perhaps HOLO sceptile, he can perhaps be useful.  After disorienting them with the multiple status effects of Lizard poison (Sleep Burn Poison) and then using water arrow to finish them off or further disorient them, you have a very versatile team.  If they retreat to save their life from poison, you can use water arrow to finish them off.
rating--- 3.375

multiplayer-  Im assuming seakings second attack does not work in Multiplayer concerning its energy moving effect.  If it was, your opponent may use like a super scoop up and have a card from someone elses deck it their hand...nintendo wouldn't allow that.
rating--- 2.875
Hey guys, I like to indroduce myself. I am Ralphy, the webmaster from Feel free to stop by the site or drop me a line. Now on to the review.
Seaking seems to me like a wasted card. Nothing stands that makes me want to toss a few into a deck, let alone build one around it.
Unlimited- No reason to play this here. Evos should be something special to be played in this format, and this card falls far short of special. It's kind of a bad Stage 1 Murkrow with the absence of the crucial Mean Look attack. Weakness to Lightning means Electabuzz owns you, and the 70 HP doesn't help either. Free retreat is nice though, at least under Wizards rules. 1.5/5 here. .5 for free retreat.
Modified- Same as Unlimited for the most part. Blaziken could be running rampant in Ex-on Modified so this thing could "douse the flames" if you will. Though the non-holo Blaziken OHKO's this so it is kind of a double edged sword. Dare I give a 2.5/5.
Limited- This card has it's greatest potential in Draft, as many of the less playable cards do. Both Seaking and Goldeen have splashable attacks, though Goldeen has to be damaged to do damage, which is never good, and it's 70 HP and free retreat could help it last more than a few turns. Your opponent will most likely retreat his/her damaged Pokes to the bench. Seaking could become a good clean-up guy late game, but that's all luck of the draw. 3.25/5 here.
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