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Raichu EX - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 09.26.03

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Name: Raichu ex

Type: Electric

Stage: 1 ex (evolves from Pikachu)

HP: 100

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (L) Dazzle Blast [20]

Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now confused.

Attack#2: (LLC) Mega Thunderbolt [120]

Discard Energy Cards attached to Raichu ex.


Name: Only one Raichu ex, so it has no direct competition.


Type: Few Pokémon are Resistant to Electrics, and a good deal are weak.


Stage: Well, it’s a Stage 1, and that is of course better than being a Stage 2 but worse than a basic.  You will need a Pikachu to get this into play, and there are ridiculous amounts of them.  Most are mediocre, but a few stand out: Blackstar Promo #1 (Lv16), with a nice 60 HP, Blackstar Promo #5 (Lv13) since it could search your deck and attach energy to itself with is first attack, Jungle Pikachu since it could hit the bench, Neo Genesis Pikachu since it had a 50% chance of doing 30 for (C), and Sandstorm Pikachu, which can do 40 for LCC.  There are many Stage 1 Electric Pokémon to compete with.  Lastly, we should address that this is indeed a Pokémon ex.  As such, should it be KO’d, your opponent receives two prizes. =/


Hit Points (HP): 100 is a record for a Raichu… but this is a Raichu ex, so it should have more than you’d see on a plain Raichu.  That’s not really the case: Raichu tend to have 80 HP, and some are even at 90!  Only Dark and Shining Raichus had less, and then they were still 70!  So, while its HP is good, it not what you expect from a Pokémon ex (the only other evo this low is Aerodactyl ex.


Weakness: This, on the other hand, is exactly what we’d expect.  Every Raichu (and Pikachu) has it, and so do most other Electric types.  It can be pretty bad: this is the only Evolved Pokémon ex that the Holo-Rare Hariyama can OHKO!  It doesn’t even OHKO most of the basic Pokémon ex.  Fighting types have also been notoriously easy to “splash” (added to off color decks) with little difficulty.  Tyrouge is practically a staple!  At least it only has one Weakness.


Resistance: Grrr… Nothing.  They gave Electabuzz ex one, why not Raichu ex?


Retreat: Now this is more like it.  A retreat of one is the second best in the game.  It is rarer on Stage 1 Pokémon than on basics, and is even rarer on Pokémon ex.  You should be able to pay this relatively easy, in spite of the second attack.


Attack#1: A nice, inexpensive, reliable attack and it needs to be (see the second attack).  20 for (L) is already ever so slightly discounted, but you also get a 50% chance of Confusion.  Confusion is often under-estimated now, but with the one-retreat-per-turn rule and placement of damage counters (instead of doing damage), the flip less retreat was necessary to keep it balanced.  At the same time, remember that this is a Pokémon ex, and is supposed to be more powerful than normal.  A pretty good attack, but perhaps an energy attaching attack like Plasma would have been better.


Attack#2: This is so over-priced.  It looks good at first: (LCC) should only do 40 damage, but then you remember you will be discarding that as a minimum.  So that should account for another 50 damage, minimum.  We do get 30 more than that, but still, this leaves you fairly vulnerable.  Add into the fact that this is a Pokémon ex, and this is the last spot for it to prove it’s worth risking an extra prize for.


Uses/Combinations: Might not be bad Teched into a Raichu deck for extra power.  Could also be better if it either a) had access to its prevo’s attacks and/or b) had something else to help it recharge.  As such, it might be nice with the Holo-rare Manectric or Neo Revelation Aerodactyl (imagine it having Zapp! and Recharge).  Definitely want some sort of healing given its status as a Pokémon ex.  Pokémon Nurse would be nice, especially if you had already dumped your energy.


Miscellaneous: This card just doesn’t seem worth it.  If it were a plain Raichu, it would be the best.  If it had the normal 80 HP it would still be good.  It just doesn’t seem to do enough for the risks you take.




Unlimited: 2/5-Maybe with Areodactyl (or Memory Berry/Recall) it would be nice.  Otherwise, it is asking o be KO’d, and KO’d quick by Tyrogues and Sneasels.


Modified (Neon): 2.5/5-It has some nice combos here, but it faces Tyrogues and two good Hitmonchan, plus has to out-speed Encargo and ‘Gatr.  It does get some nice support though.


Modified (LC/Eon): 3.5/5-It actually does enough damage to handle the big boys of this format.  Still ahs decent support.


Nintendo Only: 3/5-Due to the large number of Fighting Weak Pokémon, everyone should be running Mahukitas, and many can squeeze in an entire Fighting line!


TMP: 3/5-A teammate can play the support you need o keep it alive and powered up-just watch those twin Tyrogues!


2-on-2: The Holo-Hariyama get’s better here, and I noticed that some other fighters also do more in this format, and that’s bad for ‘chu (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun).


Draft: 3/5-Only because its first attack is good enough to justify using it until you can re-power, and the Pikachu in Sandstorm is okay too.


Overall, I guess it is better than I thought, but still not up to the hype.



Thundachu Raichu ex-

Overview: One of the best ex cards. For 1 Lightning energy, Dazzle Blast has a chance at Confusion and does 20 damage automaticly. NICE!Then for 2 Lightning and 1 colorless, it does 120 damage, but you have to discard all the energy attached. I think that is what makes this "one" of the best, and not "the best". Weakness to Fighting, which is normal for every Lightning pokemon. Retreat of only 1 is good. 100HP for just a stage 1 is OHHH. The bad thing, it is an ex card. If it gets knocked out, opponent gets 2 prizes(I knocked one of the ex pokemon out in Round One of the pre-release, I think it was Wailord, and I won the game =\).

Unlimited: Blaine's Arcanine 0wnz it in everything but HP and Retreat. If you want 120 damage, use him =x. 2.5/5

Modified: A discard of all energy for 120 damage just isnt worth it for me. 1.5/5

Draft: Don't play this card in Draft. In fact, dont play any ex cards in draft. If they get knocked out, your opponent is 1/2 way from winning(assuming he or she hasnt taken any prizes yet). Not worth 2 prizes. 1/5
I don't know what to say about this card, except that more than any other card ever printed, this card is asking to get 'rouged.
Unlimited- I can't wait to play one of these things and put out a Tyrouge with 4 Plus Powers and throw down a OHKO. Hey, for two prizes it's worth it on the flip. But, all jokes aside, this isn't really an Unlimited caliber card. Tyrouge, various ER's and even Hitmonchan stand in his way. 120 isn't even enough damage to KO any Pokemon anymore. Don't play this in Unlimited. 1.75/5 here
Modified- No Tyrouge, good Energy Removals, and quite possibly, no Hitmonchan either. So Raichu just got a bit juicier. If Wailord Ex becomes a threat, which I think it very well could, Raichu takes it down in one shot. Just make sure your getting the first hit one Wailord though, because a fully healthy Wailord OHKO's Raichu. 3/5 is the first number that pops into my head, and it sound decent enough.
Limited- The Pikachu is nice, 40 for *L* and *CC*. And Raichu has status. I thought that flips for confusion went out with Skyridge. Now that confusion is worse, all confusion should be auto. But it's for a single energy with 20 damage so just deal with it. 120 is also enough to wipe most draft Pokes clear off of the table. 3.25/5 here. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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