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Super Energy Removal 2 - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 09.22.03

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This is being written 40 minutes after I should be sleeping.  Hope it makes some sense. 8-}
Name: Super Energy Removal 2
Type : Trainer Card
Text: Flip 2 coins.  If both are heads, discard all energy cards attached to the Defending Pokemon.  If both are tails, discard all Energy cards attached to your Active Pokemon.  If 1 is heads and 1 is tails, this card does nothing.

This is one of those cards that tell you that normally, energy removal capabilities are strong.  Why?  We have a remake of a once formidable card that has, for lack of better term, been de-clawed and spayed or neutered. @_@ Comparing them, we had the original ER and SER (I'll comonly refer to both together as S/ER), which were commonly played.  For a card slot, you could nuke one energy from an opponent's Pokemon of your choice.  This worked because you were allowed to play as many Trainers as you had (barring effects that said otherwise) per turn, while your opponent, under normal circumstances, was limited to one energy per turn.  So it was a "fair" one-for-one trade-off, it set your opponent back a turn and was nothing to you.  For SER, you paid an even 2-for-2, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut had the advantage of setting your opponent back two turns, and when played right, yourself none.  How's that?  In Unlimited, Pokemon were chosen for power and energy efficiencey.  Since you were prepared to lose an energy, this meant you were bascially two turns ahead of your opponent.  Now, add in that you could play, without card recycling, 4 ERs without a problem, and with some forethough 4 SER too.  Well, energy removal is an important part of the environment.  Yes, too much of it ruins the game, but so does too little.  Some monsters end up being too powerful once they get going.  Imagine the dread "Encargo" deck if Neon Modified had ERs available.  They "Howl", power up, then you'd strip them down before they could attack.  So obviously the old removals were too powerful for the game as it was meant to be.  So they come up with two new removals, one of which was this SER2.  As I tried to imply with my opening, they went too far.  It starts out promising.  2 coin flips.  This means that the card can be more than a basic "tails fails" card.  A successful use is amazing.  While restricted to just your opponent's active, it removes all that actives energy!  take that mister "attached-(R)-and-Howled-for-another-5"!  Sadly, they then buggered up what that ability shoudl cost you.  The removal only occurs on 2 heads.  On two tails, the card removes all your actives energy.  That can be a pain, but can be worked around.  Have something with like a single energy you can replace, or that uses no energy, or that can retreat for free to something else.  Then they went insane.  On a result of one head and one tail, which is half the time, the card does aboslutely nothing!  This would be bad enough, but the fact that this card thus only benefits you 25% of the time, makes it more or less an e-card compatible coaster.  They could have balanced it countless other ways, using tricks they helped other cards, but no, not only us it flippy, but if it does something, it is just as likely to do to you what you wanted to do to your opponent!

Is there any hope for this?  Well, sort of.  Using proper preparation, you can minimize the cost to yourself.  Also, more cards that can recycle Trainers are popping up, and combined with preparation, can make this somewhat potent: in formats with little removal.  Then it can become a powerful tool for, say stripping a Rampaging, 4 Metal Aggron ex, possibly crippling such a deck.


Unlimited: 1.5/5-If you need even more energy removal, and have maxed out on S/ER, then this might be useful.

Modified (Neon): 1.75/5-Here, with removal being more potent and rare, it is more useful... but it backfires or does nothing so often that it can't truly shine.

Modified (LC/Eon): 2/5-Less options and some energy hogs in top spots mean the need is so great that again it is more useful.  Still, mainly as occaisional TecH, and no where near a staple.

Nintendo Only/2-on-2: Illegal.  If it were legal, probably about a 2.25/5.  The dual active aspect can make it both easier and harder to use, since they can spread out their energy, just as you should theoretically be able to chose your own active that is least effect.  As for the boost, again, lot of energy hogs, and in this case, less tight (as in jammed pack full of cards) decks.

TMP: 2/5-Like Neon, and in some respects like 2-on-2.  Big difference though: I believe, how its worded, you and your partner could chose from amongst you which takes the hit on the discard, making it a bit easier to deal with.  Also, unlike 2-on-2, you cangang up on what you stripped and probably eliminate the now crippled player.  You also can each TecH one in for more chances with similar alloted space.

Draft: I'll say 2/5-if your opponent drafted something huge, it could save you... but then we run into all the same problems as above... Still, if there's nothing better in the pack...

Sorry this one was so short: low on time and for this card, information. :P

Thundachu Super Energy Removal 2:

Overview: My favorite trainer card of all time ;x. The funny thing about this card is that it could win you the entire game, or lose it for you. By flipping 2 coins, if 2 are heads, your opponent discards ALL energy on the defending pokemon. If it is tails, you discard all the energy on your active pokemon. If 1 is heads and 1 is tails it does nothing. Alot of people say this card sucks. I cant agree =\. If your up against a Scizor AQ with 4 Metal and 3 Rainbow energy, use this card! I suggest retreating to a baby pokemon like Elekid or someone with free retreat and 1 or no energy on them before playing it just in case it DOES come out Tails Tails. If you get lucky enough to get the Heads Heads, you may have just saved the game.

Apprentice: It is not suggested that you play this card on Apprentice unless you Backwash(an online cheating program XD). Because 99% of all flips on Apprentice will be tails(most of the time), I dont suggest using this.

Unlimited: In this format, you can use regular SER. Because of the coin flips, I suggest SER. Sure, you dont get to discard all the energy, but 2 can put a real indentation in your opponent's active; espeacilly if it is DCE and one other energy. 3 energy down the toilet. 2.5/5

Modified: Banned!

Neon: I would suggest just adding 1 or 2 in a deck because of the high chance you get 2 tails. And most of the time that you wont get 2 tails, you will probably get 1 Heads 1 Tails, and thats a waste of a trainer. Adding one or 2 can still prevent you from losing to Espeon or Scizor or Cargo if you get 2 heads. 3.5/5

Draft: Dont waste the space. Because draft is only 40 cards and 4 prizes, I dont suggest adding it. There are better trainer cards in this format. You need draw power more then you need this. 2/5
Strange card. I hate that they dangle the idea of having another SER in Modified and then they rip it away from you by making this card suck.
Unlimited- Why in Gods name would you play thins card in Unlimited? I guess you could play it to Max out on Removals. Or, you could just not and use an Item Finder to reuse an ER from the discard. 1/5 here.
Modified- Limited use for this card in Modified. 25% chance of leaving that Scizor in the active spot helpless with no energy is decent. But 50% chance of doing nothing, and the kicker, 25% chance of leaving your own Pokemon helpless makes this card not worth while. If you find yourself getting lucky all the time, be my guest. Play 4 in your deck and whomp your opponents with your heads flipping skills. 2/5
Limited- A trainer in your pack is always a sight for sore eyes in a draft, even if it is SER 2. A well times draw and two lucky heads could really screw with your opponent. 2.75/5 here. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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