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Wobbuffet - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 09.19.03

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Name: Wobbuffet

Type: Psychic

Stage: Basic (but see main text)

HP: 80

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-BODY: Safeguard

Prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Wobbuffet by your opponent’s Pokémon-ex.

Attack#1: (PCC) Flip Over [50]

Wobbuffet does 10 damage to itself, and don’t apply Weakness and Resistance to this damage.


Woo-hoo!  Time to look at my second favorite Pokémon: Wobbuffet.  Yes, like so many, I am a Wobbuffanatic.  Just something about that seemingly dopey blue blob… well, let’s break it down.


Attributes: If you are wondering, this is the term I prefer using to address everything about a Pokémon other than Pokémon Powers and attacks.  Wobbuffet is a Basic, Psychic Pokémon.  Psychic-types are getting stronger again: the evolutions are no longer as HP handicapped (the original Alakazam had 80 HP, while the last two have had 100), Colorless Pokémon no longer seem to be Resistant, and Darkness Pokémon no longer lack a Weakness.  They seem to be getting stronger attacks and Pokémon Powers as well.  There several Basic, Psychic Pokémon, but most belong to evolution chains, and as such are rarely meant to be in anything but a deck that focuses on their evolved stages.  So if we need a solo Basic Psychic Pokémon for a deck, there are only a few serious options.  Certainly few have this much HP, and even fewer have more: only Neo Discovery Wobbuffet (90), Neo Revelation Lugia (90), Rocket’s Mewtwo (90), and Mewtwo ex (100) are what I could find.  80HP is good for a Stage 1, and great for a basic.  We surpass that “magic” HP of 70, special because so few attacks can do a flat 60, let alone 70, without any detrimental effects.  As for the other Wobbuffets, they are a lot like the versions of my favorite Pokémon, Snorlax: all are good attempts at capturing the essence of the Pokémon they represent, but aren’t quite right.  In this case, the Wobbuffets usually copy or adapt a mechanism from the videogame Wobbuffet (who starts with and can know only 4 moves, at least in G/S/C), but tend to come up short.  The Neo Discovery version only damages your opponent on a coin flip, and then only if they attack and damage you on the next turn.  This is similar to the video game, except the attack does double what they did to you and it’s actually two attacks: Counter and Mirror Coat.  For those unaware of this, Pokémon attacks are either “physical” or “special”, and counter works on the former while Mirror Coat only works against the latter.  The Skyridge version has a novel take on Mirror Coat, using it to “reflect” Special Conditions, but it doesn’t work on all of them, just Burn and Poison, only works if they are inflicted by an attack, and Wobbuffet will still be Burned or Poisoned as well.  Its attack, Return Attack, does damage equal the number of damage counters on Wobbuffet for (PC)… but only works 75% of the time.  The other two Wobbuffets has similar attributes to this one: Neo Discovery version has 10 more HP and one more retreat, while the Skyridge version has 10 less HP and the same retreat cost.  As such, making this a Wobbuffet was a good thing, as few decks use the other Wobbuffets so once again, we are just losing the normal deck space for the cards.  A Weakness to Psychic is somewhat iffy, since most Psychics possess this and Confusion now places damage counters, it seems to be an “average” weakness.  I’ll say it again: no Resistance is the worst Resistance.  The retreat: CC.  This is more or less average, in the sense that it’s neither especially easy nor particularly difficult to pay.  If you can avoid paying it, fine, but if you have to pay it, you should recover in a turn or two.  Wobbuffet has no evolutions currently.


Abilities: This is what I am using to refer to the combination of Pokémon Powers and attacks.  It’s Poké-BODY, Safeguard, is the reason most people will think about using it.  As a whole, the ex Pokémon will probably be commonly used in Nintendo’s format.  While they are not the same as the “Big Bad Basics” of old, they can be a solid starter for an early lead, or a nice fall back guy.  You can try running a deck around several of them, but if you rely on them, Wobbuffet just shuts you down.  You wouldn’t believe how many people think that the Pokémon ex will dominate the Nintendo only format.  I tried that before Sandstorm, and it just doesn’t work.  Anyhow, this is one reason to play this card if there is a Pokémon ex running rampant in your area.  Now we come to its attack, Flipover.  For PCC, 50 damage is a little more than you pay for: P=15 and each C=10, so there is 35 there.  Now, this attack does do self-damage (but thankfully ignores self Weakness and Resistance.  Ignoring the self Weakness is good, as Wobbuffet of course is weak to its own type and would otherwise do 20 to itself. >_<  It is good it ignores self Resistance. As you don’t have any, the only time this comes up is when something is copying you… not that I can think of any copying cards resistant to their own type. :p Since it doesn’t place a counter; there are some cards in Unlimited that could reduce this damage, even under Nintendo rules.  As for the “cost” tally we were keeping, 10 to self is another 10 to them, so we are at 45 now.  See, a big 5 damage bonus, lol.


Combos: Okay, so what can be used to make this better?  If you were to play it in Unlimited, you could use Double Colorless Energy to power it up faster, Defender to prevent self damage, and Healing Fields to take care of most of the self damage.  However, the best trick I can think of is this: run it with Wynaut.  Wynaut has 50 HP, just enough to survive 2-3 turns against most other low key basics (even the basic Pokémon ex as all of their big attacks need three energy cards).  It of course requires you to think about it: if your opponent has something that is likely to KO you, then don’t attack with the Wynaut.  Otherwise, use its attack to get the Pokémon you need, including a Wobbuffet at once point.  If you use your energy attachments at the right time, you can grab 2-6 Pokémon, then “evolve” to a fully powered Wobbuffet.  This gives Wobbuffet a more practical role in decks, as opposed to just TecH against the Pokémon ex.




Unlimited: 2/5-Its actually a solid attacker for a Psychic Basic, but there are many others that could do as good or better jobs.  If the Pokémon ex are a problem in your area, tuck it in.


Modified(Neon): 3/5-Why so much higher?  I have a fun damage swap deck that uses Wobbuffet… and this would really help it, just because it gives reliable damage, and I can yank its damage off with Alakazam and put it on the E3 Wobbuffet. :D  Otherwise, it fills the same space as above, but with less competition and to better effect.


Modified(LC-on): 4/5-What?!?  Why so high?  In this format, Mewtwo ex is a beast, having Scoop-up and damage swap Alakazam available to it, along with Juggler and Pokémon Nurse.  I saw such a deck take second at a recent local tournament… played by a 7-year-old (Hi Timmy!).  Now, Timmy is much better than the average 7-year-old, having been paying attention to what the “big” people do.  Still, he beat players who, before that tournament, I would have been certain could beat him.  I only beat him because my deck featured Strong Psychic attackers and I got a luck break and KO’d his only Alakazam before he got another out.  My point?  This may very well be the deck to beat in this format, and Wobbuffet was literally made to take it down (after weakness, it does exactly the 100 damage needed to OHKO you-know-who).


Modified(Eon): 3.75/5-A Mewtwo ex-centered deck is only among the top 3-10 decks (and not the top one :p ) so it takes a hit.  Still, it borders on staple material.  If you don’t run it, you should have some other major way of dealing with the exers.


Nintendo Only: 3.25/5-Without the Trainer support, the Pokémon ex go from deck focuses to strong TecH.  As such, Wobbuffet also drops.  Still, it’s a solid attacker and the synergy between it and Wynaut make it nice for many decks.


TMP: 3/5-I am going to have to say that with its solid starting HP, Wobbuffet should still do well in TMP, once in gets going.  Obviously, the dual Tyrogues can be a problem, but if you run it in the right decks, it should still be useful.


2-on-2: 3.75/5-More of the same really.  Only Pokémon with special 2-on-2 effects or those that are bench sitters are really affected by this.


Now, as a wobbuffanatic, I may be over-rating this card.  Still try it: see how it does for you.  If I got anything wrong (like Timmy’s age ;) ) you can contact me at  Please, no spam or viruses, but if you disagree and will politely state why I was wrong, then go ahead and let me know.



pERfeCt0ne Wobuffet (Sandstorm)

You can abuse Wynauts attack until turn 3, where he will evolve and attack!     

Unlimited-  Too slow, sneasel even resists it!  Its main weakness here is the multitude of Psychic resistant pokemon like wiggly!
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Wynaut will halp alot.  He can even fetch Wobuffet if you don't have him yet.  His HP is good, and Safeguard is better than you think.  Raichu ex and Mewtwo ex run will run around alot.
rating--- 2.5

Draft-  I used 3 Wobuffet and a Wynaut today at the SS prerelease in the Pkmn Center NYC.  Wobuffet was good for an attack or two, and then I always had to retreat =P.  Wynaut rocked...First turn I took Eevee, next i got espeon and Wobby.  I abused Wobuffet till he died and espeon took over.  Wobuffets attack is so cost effecient for a basic!  That 50 KOs most Basics but his self damage adds up fast =P.
rating--- 3.75

2 vs. 2-  Nothing special, but he protects vs. ex pokemon.  I wouldn't recommend him since there are no useful 2 vs 2 combos with him.
rating--- 2.125

Multiplayer-  Same as above really =P.  Unless you use it as after a Wynaut.
rating--- 2.125
soslowpoke Oooh we've got something here folks. Not quite BBP but definitely better than the norm. Equip him with Oran Berry and you've got yourself an anti-Wailord ex/Gardevoir ex card. (esp. Gardevoir since its got the Psychic Weakness) Flip Over's a quick attack to power up and its cost also makes Wobbuffet splashable.

Ratings: Card-e Modified- 4/5

Unlimited- 3/5 2 vs 2- 3.8/5 Double Wobbuffet vs double Gardevoir ex...tehehheee...

Team Multiplayer- 3.2/5

Limited- 4/5 Saw a lot of him at my Prerelease..


Thundachu Wobbuffet- The art on this card disturbs me. Maybe it has something to do with the tail under the legs ¬¬'.

Overview: Not bad, Ill admit. The Poke Body is cool. It prevents everything INCLUDING damage from ex pokemon which is nice. It's weakness to psychic doesnt make Mewtwo ex a problem or the new Gardevoir ex. For 1 psychic energy and 2 colorless, Flip Over does 10 daamge to Wobbuffet and 50 to the defending pokemon. With a pretty high HP, this shouldnt be a problem. But 3 energy just to do 50 and 10 damage to itself is pretty high IMO. Retreat cost of 2 is a little much for a basic pokemon, even WITH 80 HP. All in all, I think the best thing about this card is it's poke-body.

Unlimited: I dont advise it. 1.5/5

Modified: With all the new EX coming out, I advise it here a little more then I advise it in Unlimited ;x. 2.5/5

Draft: Lets put it this way. If you manage to get an EX and a reverse holo Wobbuffet, take the ex ;/. 2/5
Truebeing This new wob easily tops the old wob in every single way. it is an 80 hp basic that was practically built for haymaker decks. its baby form wynaut is the only baby from ss with 50 hp. its ability alluring smile is this babies main perk. its one pysch energy to search through your deck for any pokemon card (yes believe it or not evolution too) and put it in your hand. You may ask, " Thats good, but is that it ?!".

I answer you no. the attack also allows you to search for an additional pokemon for every extra energy attached to wynaut. Then you may say , " Thats good and all but what's so special?".I say it rocks. The baby shield may be gone but baby evo healing is also great. You abuse wynaut's amazing 50 hp for a baby and search for the pokemon to finish them off quick. When the wynaut gets too weak you just evo it with the searched wob and remove all the damage from it. Wob's atk is asking to be abused in a haymaker deck. 50 for one pysch energy and two colorless energies. only downside which isnt that bad. it takes ten every time it atks. Wanna know what makes it great againist Ex pokemon??? Its pokemon power. It cannot be damaged by any pokemon with ex in its name. If you feel like really abusing its power, you can use a memory berry and reuse the alluring smile for a turn. If this card its a great draft card I'm not exactly sure what is. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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