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Manectric - R&S

Date Reviewed: 09.12.03

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Name: Manectric
Type: Electric
Stage: 1 Evolves from Electrike
HP: 70
Weakness: Fighting
Resistance: Metal
Retreat: C
Attack#1: (C) Attract Current [10]
Search your deck for a  (L) Energy card and attach it to one of your Pokemon.  Shuffle your deck afterward.
Attack#2: (LLC) Thunder Jolt [50]
Flip a coin.  If tails, Manectric does 10 damage to itself.

This is a card many people underestimate.  Let's look at its stats to get a feel for it.  First, there is it's name and type: it's a Manectric, an Electric Pokemon.  There is only one other Manectric currently available, so there's only one other Electric Pokemon we would be forced to run less of if we paired it up with one.  If this card were a Raichu  (for example), we would have lost a significant portion of our cardpool.  It evolves from Electrike, which already has 3 choices available.  Like most cards with evolutions, you won't keep it an Electrike for long, but I would probably use the Uncommon version: while it has the same stats as the other two (the same as Manectric but with 20 less HP), the Uncommon version's first attack can attach a (L) energy from the discard  That, along with your energy attachments for the first and second turn, will give you a fully powered Manectric by turn 2.  It can also hit for a solid 30 for LC, though it has a 50% chance of doing 10 damage to yourself.  The other two versions have all colorless energy requirements, making them a better match for the Uncommon Manectric, who requires only one of the 3 energy for its big attack be (L).  Its HP is 70, a passable amount for a Stage 1.  It's Weakness to Fighting will hurt it quite bad: be it Unlimited or any any of the potential Modified Formats, there are basic Fighting-Types that can be added to any deck.  With that 70HP, most of them can KO Manectric in two hits, possibly one if it has already injured itself.  Its Resistance is quite nice though.  In Unlimited, it will mean little, but in any of the potential Modified Formats have some very solid Metal Pokemon.  The strongest canidates can do large amounts of damage, but requries copious amounts of energy and/or several flips, so its 70HP will likely seem like much more against such Pokemon.  It's retreat is a nice, inexpensive single colorless requirement, the second best retreat in the game, and is easily paid, particularly in formats that have Recycle Energy.  The last things to look at on the card are its two attacks.  The first, as you can see, is under-costed: do 10 damage (as expected for "C" cost) but also search your deck for a (L) energy and attach it to one of your Pokemon.  This can be very useful, and we will come back to it soon.  It's second, larger attack is ever so slightly under-costed: (LLC) should give 40 damage, and averaging 5 self-damage should tack on another 5, but it does a full 50.  That self damage is not enough to make the card unplayable, but it is something you will have to keep track of.

So what's the best use for this card?  Probably as support.  It's HP score is too low for it to slug it out against most other attackers, particularly given it's possibility of self damage.  Its first attack will make it useful for cards that are Energy hogs, but need no specific type or (L).  What do I mean?  Two examples I can think of off the top of my head are the Aquapolis Zapdos and Camerupt.  In a more or less mono-electric deck, you could use said Zapdos as a main attacker, and get around its Poke-Body (which prevents the attachment of (L) energy from your hand) using Manectric's Attract Current.  After Manectric has been beaten up a bit and Zappy is ready, heal and retreat and let Zappy come up and play.  This Zapdos's attack does a straight 60 for LLCC, with a 50% chance of placing 2 damage counters on itself.  Once it's ready to Faint, bring up a new (or refreshed Manectric), heal Zapdos, and re-power it.  With Super Scoop-Up, Pokemon Nurse, Switch and Warp Energy, this should be effective.  Camerupt is similar, but will require some Fire Energy be added in.  Still, you can use attract current to set Camerupt up to attack repeatedly (Camerupt Firespin requires you discard basic energies, so (L) can fill the discard cost just fine).  You'd probably only have to repeat the process once to nab all your prizes thank's to Camerupts 100 damage a turn.


Unlimited: 2/5.  As stated above, on it's own it's a weak attacker.  The decks that could use it for energy hunting often have other options, or are not really viable.  Still, it looks fun, and sometimes such decks are so unexpectd they win anyway.  Let's not forget the energy removal that will make it hard to power-up its first attack, let alone the second.  Oh, and did I mention Tyrogue and Plus Power?

Modified (Neon w/Nintendo): 2.5/5.  Better, but not by much.  Still more efficient options, though at least evolutions stand a chance here, and it won;t have to worry about any reliable energy removal.  Oh, and did I mention Tyrogue and Strenth Charm?

Modified (Eon w/Nintendo): 3/5.  Decks have slowed down a bit, and thing such as the combos I mentioned should have time to work.  I will also mention here that should the Legendery Collection be kept, you should actually give this card a 3.5: the addition of LC Zapdos and Scoop-Up make solid "hit and run" technique.  Watch out for Mahukitas and Machops, particularly with Strength Charm.

Nintendo Only: 3.5/5.  Here it lacks most of the wonderful Trainer support it had in the other formats, but so does everything else.  As such, if you can power up something like Camerupt, you could win the game with little effort.  Be wary of Fighting being splashed in: other than Groundon ex and Hitmonchan ex, the other Fighting Pokemon use one Fighting Energy, so even a Stage 1 line can be splashed into a deck (filling deck space appears to be a challenge in Nintendo's format).  There is extra incentive to run Fghting here as Delcatty and Linoone, fairly common Pokemon support are Fighting weak.

Team Multi-Player: 2/5.  Like Neon, but with twice the chance of getting 'rogued.

2-on-2: 3/5.  Like Nintendo-only, but with twice the chance of your opponent having an active Fighting Type

Draft: 3.75/5.  Why so high?  It's first attack will not only help it power up fast, but allow it to work with few (L) energy in the deck, so it can be added to any other color deck easily.  That 50 damage should let it KO most of your opponent's probably basics in just one shot.  Electrikes exist as commons with all colorless attacks, and there is an Uncommon Manectric that is also splashable (needing just one (L) energy) and can be your "true" target, so if you fail to draft this Holo version, your efforts have not been in vain.


Meganium45 Ahh, the little Raikou.  The first Pokemon that makes Scizor sit back and meditate.....

I think this guy will see some play, as Scizor/Furret will still be popular.  Heck, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Furrets attacking with this guy in play!

Attract current is nice in that it pulls an electric out of your deck to power up any of your Pokemon, including Manectric.  Great if you are splashing this dog against Scizor and playing only a few electric energy.

Thunder jolt is nice in that 50 for 3 is always good.

Fighting resistance will hurt this guy, as Hariyama is making a bit of a show to counter EX pokemon (until Wobby steps up)  at least baby rogue is gone in Modified (most likely)

Metal resistance counters the last big deck from the old modified, (Scizor/Furret) and one of the tested decks from the new modified (Aggron)  I am glad to see a new resistance..Scizor decks will still be good, but this will be a nice counter and double protection for decks against both Water and Metal...maybe a good helper to Camerupt????

We shall see

Unlimited - eh, no. Metal not played here except in distant, foreign gyms, like on Mars!
Yes, I know Scizor/Furret Lockdown decks are played

Ratings - Unlimited 2.0/5

Modified (EON) - 4/5 - this dog deserves some play!!!!

Draft - Metal not as big a risk here, but with three Electrike to choose from, if you get him, you will most likely get him out!  Also, water is big in draft, and all R/S water is weak to lightning!!! Keep him, you will like him!!! Also helps power the bench 4.3/5

Come to My Sandstorm Pre-release at Dragon King in St. Charles, Missouri on Saturday, Sept 13th at 2:30!  A great place to come and play!!!


The Poke`mon Master 1110 

Don't know which Manetric were doing, but really neither of them is worth it.  The non holo one is accually ok, but still, Electric only has a very few good cards and most of them are about to be rotated out.  You really don't need to be playing Electric.

Unlimited:  Mmmmm... freash meat for Sneasel.  1.5/5

Modified:  Not worthy.  Steer clear.  2/5

Limited:  The non-holo one holds his own and eletrikes are really really common.  A high pick.  3.5/5

The Bottom Line:  2.25/5

Here's to Wailord EX (200 HP, *slobber, drool*)

I don't know why, but I seem to be quite fond of this card. Maybe it's because I love the uncommon one, and this card reminds me of a toned down Rocket's Zapdos.
Unlimited- Well what's nice about this card in Unlimited is that it is basically immune to ER and SER. That's always a plus. It also powers itself up so it can go off turn 2. The possible 10 to itself can be dealt with being it's on a flip. But if you suck at getting flips, the 10's will start to add up and it could be a problem. With the 70 HP Gold Berry may not be the best idea, Focus is better. 2.75/5
Modified- Lightning weak Water pokemon are highly prevalent in Ex-on Modified at least so this thing deals hefty amounts of damage to those folks. OHKO's to Swampert, Sharpedo and any other water poke who gets into this guys way. 3.25/5
Limited- Any Pokemon that powers itself up is nice. This guy can even use any energy to search out the lightning's. 70 HP is decent in Draft. Watch out for the Potions and Oran Berries to take care of the 10 to itself. 3.5/5 here.

Rare candies good with em.

unlimited--- Hmmmmmmm. Interesting card. I like how it can do 50 for 3 energies, and its attract current, 2 energies per

modified--- I like it here too, kills those annoying 50 and 40 hp basics.Rofl. But anyway its got a nice sturdy 70hp. A little better here.

draft--- I dunno about here, if u can get it out it can kick #@!$ if u can get him out. lol.
perfectone Manectric HOLO

A quick little guy huh?  With RARE CANDY (sandstorm) he can be f-a-s-t fast!

Unlimited-  There are better choices, such as Electabuzz and Rockets Zapdos.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  I think he can have a nice little place for himself in a deck with Ampharos EX (sandstorm).  I can see him being played competitively with Rare Candy on the first turn for added speed.  Just watch out for the OHKOs of Fire decks as always.  Metal is also no longer a problem to electric for its new resistance! DIE SCIZOR!
rating--- 3.25

Draft-  I think with all the elektrikes in every pack, he would be easy to draft.  If you get him...and he fits with your types, give him a chance.  He can be a nice little guy to use, but i doubt he will get more than 2 prizes for you with his low HP.
rating--- 3.875

2 vs. 2-  Lets say you use him with slaking... Slaking attacks. Manectric can either attack the biggest threat or power up another guy while you spend another energy to get Slaking ready again.  Hes a very combolicious little pokemon.
rating--- 3.5

Multiplayer-  Hes just a staller and a supporter.
rating--- 3.375 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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