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Camerupt - R&S

Date Reviewed: 09.10.03

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 

Oh, yes, I have been waiting to review him for quite sometime.  Plain out, with Typhlosion this guy is broken.  If ONLY Typhlosion wasn't going to leave us, this would be, IMO, the new great archtype.  Alas, bad timing.  This guy keeps Charizard's good points and fixes his bad points.  Now we have a stage 1, not 2, with a more economical Firespin and a first attack should you not be able to power up a Firespin for one turn.  Great card, play him.  I do and I win with him.  What more do you want?

Unlimited:  Actually, with Juggler he can set up fast, and no body has more than 100 hp in unlimited except the rare Steelix, which is weak to him anyway.  Could be ok.  2.5/5

Modified:  Really strong.  Typhlosion helps, but even when he is gone camerupt will still be pretty strong.  3.5/5

Limited:  Not good here.  Too rare and just too hard to keep powered up.  But I will say this, get him out with enough energy and the game is basically yours.  2.25/5

The Bottom Line:  2.75/5

Meganium45 90 HP, 3 retreat cost, sounds like a magcargo stat.

weakness to water, no resistance, OK, still going...

no power, 2 attacks...could be better (but isn't)

the first attack is just an underpowered mud splash that auto hits the bench.  I would rather have the base 30 damage, and flip a coin for the bench 10!

Still nice to have a lower priced attack on a big poke, given that Sandstorm gives us a lot of evolution searching cards....

second attack four for 100, discard 2 basic energy...sound like a certain charizard you know???  Problem is you have to discard basic energy....not recycle, which may or may not be legal (is still legal in EON in my gym)

All in all, not my fire pokemon of choice.  I know, with blaziken (holo version) you can do 100 every turn!!! Could bring back the Typhlo/Magcargo idea again!  I agree

My fire-addicted son is already trying to work this card into a Blaz/Cam deck...we shall see.  I still think Pelipper is too strong, along with the other water types out there right now.  Those who dissed Pelipper never played Pelipper in a game!  STRONG!!!

Overall, may be a good Blaziken Combo card, as Blaziken's attacks are underpowered.  Also, with all the hype about Sceptile and Aggron in our gym, Fire may have a home!!!

Unlimited, energy removal??/ In a word, no! 1.5/5

Modified (E-on) - some potential as a good support fire poke and somewhat splashable, 90 HP stage 1, could protect against the grass and metal beasties!!!  3.6/5 (could be higher, but he's just a support poke)

Draft  - Not bad, numels should be easy to come by, and when this guy gets going, not even Mewtwo EX can take a hit from him!!!!  And he can hit while he is building and rebuilding, not like Magcargo who had to just sit there after a big hit.

There I do like him, I do!!!

Come to the Sandstorm Pre-Release on Saturday Sept 13th at 2:30 at Dragon King in St. Charles, Missouri.  Everyone's favorite Meganium45 will be running the event!!1 Door prizes, afterdraft, much much more!!!
Ralphy I like this card. Another big fire pokemon to fit real nicely into the Modified format, whatever that may turn out to be.

Unlimited- Not where this card truly shines, but it won't do terrible. The first attack just doesn't do enough damage for a Stage 1, though you could use it to take out those pesky Cleffa and Tyrouge. The 2nd attack will usually be overkill unless you are playing Chansey, where it may kill it in two shots. Could go off turn 2 though with a 100 attack with Entei, Typhlo, and Blaziken. 100 turn two is nothing to overlook. 2.5/5.

Modified- Works well with Blaziken in either Modified that Nintendo chooses, though it may be tough to run Camerupt and Blaziken with the limited draw power in either Modified. Camerupt could work better in a Fire lightning deck. Lighting to take care of those Swaperts and Sharpedos. Camerupt's Fire Spin lets you discard any kind of basic energy cards so you could put all types of energy on it, as long as you have the two fires. 4/5 here.

Limited- At first glance, this card looks like it will suck in draft, but being you can play two types with it and discard any basic energy it could work. 100 damage should kill most if not all draft pokes. It will burn through your energy quickly though. 3/5 here.
Patforpatrick camerupt

its not sooo good.

unlimited-- Not good. It has charizards attack for 20 less and charizard is horrible to begin with, and its other attack is 2 for 20 and damages the bench. its not so great.

modified--- Still not good. You can possibly splash one in to a blazikan deck, but i wouldnt use it here. Plus magcargo ex is coming out in sandstorm ( the next set).

draft--- Its pretty hard to get this in draft and make it work, but it is better here. Its fire spin will most likely ko any pokemon, and its lava burn is actually good here cuz it will slowly weaken a benched pokemon.( and usually they only have one benched pokemon ;--)
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