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Maintenance - Base Set

Date Reviewed: 10/07/03

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Name: Maintenance

Type: Trainer

Text: Shuffle 2 of the other cards from your hand into your deck in order to draw a card.


This is a very good card to look at… it shows good mechanics used poorly.  This card does two things: it shuffles cards back into your deck (counter-decking), and lets you draw a card (… draw power -_-).  Two good things… but they counteract each other.  The idea of drawing is to gain access to more cards.  Since you shuffle two cards into your deck from your hand, you not only make it harder to draw what you need, but you are throwing two cards that either a)you didn’t need (so you won’t want to draw them), or b)cards you need (so why get rid of them?).  You also only draw one, and that means that you might have gotten what you had wanted had you not had this card in your deck.  From the opposite direction, why draw a card if you are trying to refill your deck?  Lastly, there is the fact that replenishing from your hand is usually less effective than your discard: something you haven’t used probably won’t do more than prevent you from decking, where as something from the discard (which has been used once already) does that and is likely to be used again.  So this card is bad at both things it does.  So you lose one card from your hand size to increase your deck size by one.


Had this card had some other function, the “draw one” might have been good: imagine cards that are poor to “iffy” right now, like S/ER2… if they let you draw another card, it’s almost like you just got a free effect, since you get the next card.  If here was a flexible deck size for Pokémon, then it would essentially be like getting a free effect.


Long story short, this card might have been good if it had nabbed the cards fro the discard, it would have let you add two cards to your deck (that had proven useful at least once so far), and have a chance at getting one, or maybe even if it was an and/or effect.  If you didn’t get it, then that’s okay: you’d get another card.  Sadly, that is not the case, so the only use I can see is if you have some that is more or less perfect but is a few cards short of 60-or that decks out too fast-and you have already maxed out on similar but better Trainers like Energy Search (shrink your deck by two ;) ), or Mary.


Score (all formats): 1/5-I think this is the lowest we can give, and it’s earned it. =/



I don't know what WoTC was thinking when they printed this card. Out of control.
Unlimited- No use. This card could have had some use if it had been a common back in the day. But even if you have very little cards and don't have much choice for draw, use Bill. It's a common. No use now either. I guess it could get you one card back in the deck to prevent decking, but who is going to use this for that. 1/5 here.
Modified- As far as I know, Maintenance is not legal. Unless it was reprinted as some strange promo. But the only promos allowed are Nintendo Black Stars. n/a
Limited- If for some reason you are drafting with Base or Base 2, this isn't a bad choice. I would take it unless there was a Buzz or Chan as the rare, Oak for one of the uncommons, or good ol' Bill was in the pack as a common. Helps prevent decking, which is good with a 40 card deck, and it gets you a fresh card. 4/5 here. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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