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Lanette's Net Search


Date Reviewed: 10.29.03

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Heidi Craig
Lanette's Net Search
Modified 3/5
This card is only useful in decks that run 2 or more different types of Pokemon and in those decks it is a great card for getting basics into play.  If your having a hard time getting Fan Clubs would recommend using this card if you run at least two types of Pokemon.  In decks that use only one type there is much better search available.

Unlimited 2/5
With all the search you shouldn't need this card to get out basics.  It could be useful if you run low basics and several types.  It may be a good combo card for beat down Sneasal decks to help make "Beat Up" more effective, if you run a couple different types in your deck.

Draft 4/5
Most draft decks are at least two types and would make this card very playable.  I would use this card to be sure to get out the basics, I wanted powered up fast.

Since I have been informed that some people dislike my excessive spoilers (and sometimes I hate them to-I type them myself, not just cutting and pasting), but a proper Spoiler is nice since I don’t know if


a) This website is friendly to a text-based browser (which I keep forgetting to check),

b) more importantly, if it is to the various text-reading programs that I know some visually impaired people use to “read” the text on websites, and

c) when I do it right (*sweeps Wailord ex review under rug with foot*), it helps me make less mistakes like I have noticed we reviewers seem to inevitably make, like what energy Manectric grabs (*sits on rug), helps me think up combos, etc. (and that’s why cutting and pasting doesn’t due), or that Aerodactyl’s Poké-Body affects only affects your opponent and not you (which I did when I first wrote up my review).


Name: Lanette’s Net Search

Type: Trainer (Supporter)

Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Search your deck for up to 3 different types of Basic Pokémon cards (excluding Baby Pokémon), show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.  Shuffle your deck afterward.


Hmmm… good thing Lanette keeps her screen all nice and shiny, or else she wouldn’t even be visible on her own card. ;)


*dodges rotten fruit* Hey, at least it wasn’t a pun!  Say, where do you get that fruit?


Uses/Combinations:  A little competition for Pokémon Fan Club (which let’s you bench two Pokémon from your deck).  Get three Basic (non-Baby) Pokémon, and then if you want, bench them.  Now, I looked it up on the Compendium, and here is what it says on Lanette:



Q. Lanette's Net Search says to "search your deck for up to three different types of Basic Pokemon cards excluding Baby Pokemon". Does the phrase "Baby Pokemon" only refer to older babies (like Neo series), or does it also apply to newer cards with the "Baby Evolution" Poke-POWER on them?
A. The new "Baby" Pokemon are written as Basic Pokemon. "Baby Pokemon" refers to older cards as they have been printed. Basics that have the PokePower "Baby Evolution" are Basics and not Baby Pokemon, even if other cards of the same name are considered Baby Pokemon. (Sep 11, 2003 PUI Rules Team Meeting)

Q. When using Lanette's Net Search, what does the word "types" mean in this? Does that mean different names or different types as in fighting, colorless, etc?
A. Lanette's Net Search refers to "type", meaning Fighting, Lightning, Colorless, etc. (Sep 25, 2003 PUI Rules Team Meeting)

Q. With Lanette's Net Search, if I'm looking for pokemon of three different types (i.e. water, grass, psychic), can I choose pokemon of different types but with the same name (i.e. Fighting Kabutops and Water Kabutops)?
A. Kabutops is not a Basic Pokemon. However, if there is a Basic Pokemon with two different types (like Grass Exeggcute & Psychic Exeggcute), you could retreive each of them. (Sep 25, 2003 PUI Rules Team Meeting)


I haven’t seen a lot of the WotC Babies being used in Modified, so the non-Baby practically meaningless in that format (and as the ruling states, new "pre"-evolutions-like Pichu- from Nintendo sets are treated as “normal” Basic Pokémon).  Very few situations where benching a Pokémon from the deck will be more useful than having it go to hand (Dark Macargo’s Pokémon Power-Hot Plate, I think-and Rocket’s Minefield Gym are the main things I thought of).  The big concern is the clause requiring they be different "types", which is significant, but does not render the card useless.  Most major decks seem to be at the very least Colorless/X, where the Colorless is something like a Delcatty and the “X” is a colored type.  In Unlimited, this may be more of a problem (diversity tends to depend upon Baby Pokémon).  This is an excellent card for gathering any “off-color” basics added to a modified deck for type matching (a common practice).  Also, getting at least one of exactly what you want of a restricted card-type is usually more effective than generic draw card (note I said at least one, not just one).  This probably will replace Pokémon Fan Club in Modified.  Thinning your deck by a few cards will also make large scale drawing more effective too.  The main concern for this card is Pokémon-based competition: SS Wynaut and Dunsparce are surprisingly handy, and will only use up an attack instead of a Supporter.  Early game, that’s a good deal.  Really, not much more to say about this card: if it wasn’t a Supporter, it might be something special, but it does just enough to make it worth considering over the alternatives in Modified).




Unlimited: 1.75/5-most basics are also “Babies”, and the remaining basics tend to all match more often than not (4 Sneasels =P).  Nice for a few decks though, since Supporters are more or less “just another Trainer” here.


Modified/2-on-2: 3/5-This is probably one of the better ways of getting basics out.  Being a Supporter means that it competes with all the large scale draw power, and that draw power is the preferred way of getting Basics out.  In a more or less mono-color deck, PFC wins hands down, but for the other decks, not having to bench automatically means that in more “colorful” decks, this is worth a look.


Limited: 4.5/5-Any draw/search power is good in draft… and this is from a set notoriously lacking in (Trainer) draw power.  Also, a good draft deck is usually 3 types anyway; one main type, one supporting type, and usually one “anti-type” (something added to counter another Pokémon type).



Pscyhup   Today's CotD is Lanettes Net Search. What a nice idea to make a tonguetwister card that's impossible to say, and that your opponent will be looking at you funny for actually saying it...

Lanette's Net Serach

Supporter Card --- You can only play one supporter a turn. When you play it, put it next to your active Pokemon and discard it and the end of the turn you played it.

Search your deck for up to three basic Pokemon of different types and put it on your bench. Then shuffle your deck afterwards.

So this card is basically a Dunsparce with 50 less hp, 1 less retreat, no weakness, no attacks, and a worse effect. It looks like a good card on first sight, but then again you can only search for different types. Decks like Blaziken which are mono color decks don't make good use of this card. The fact that this card is a supporter also hurts the card because you can't play another supporter that turn. In many situations you need that one card to pull you ahead in the match, but this card just deadlocks you.

There are other cards that can be a replacement to this card. One card that comes into mind is Pokemon Fan Club from Aquapolis that works really well in swarming decks like Swampert. Dunsparce is a better option because it allows you to search for 3 basics of ANY type, even though it is a waste of bench space. I don't see much use for this card in any constructed format, though if you draft it in sealed, you can get a lot from it.

Today my review is short, because I don't see any reason for this review to be any longer. This is a plain trainer card that I see little combo with, unless there is some great uprising of multicolor swarm decks, this card can stay in the binder, (or in my case, box).

Unlimited: If anything, use Pokemon Fan Club, this card just doesn't make it through the first round. There aren't many supporters in this format, meaning it cuts into your deck space and doesn't cut into your supporter per turn rule. 1/5

Modified: Modified finds no room for this card. I don't think anyone would play this card, but some people run multicolors with ex pokemon and cards like slaking. Slaking is the only deck that I see this card being a vital tool. Generally, in many other archtypes there is no reason to play this card, and competing with Copycat, Juggler, Oak's Research, etc. just puts a dead end to the future of this thing. 2.5/5

Limited/Draft: Not a bad card indeed. Draft decks are generally multicolor and you usually have an energy in hand that you need to attach but can't find the right Pokemon to attach to. That happens a lot of the time, and other times you need basics to evolve from. Well, this card gets a high rating here for its veraility, and for the low aobut of trainers, especially supporters, in sandstorm. 4/5

Thanks for reading, and I didn't find much to write today, so I'll keep to shorter than normal.

--- psychup2034

PS: In case anyone wants to contact me, my screen name for AOL is puppeh2034. It was Aznpsych515 (which some of you know me as), but I changed it recently, and I just wanted to get the word out.
Bullados  Lanette's Net Search

Advantages: You get to search your deck for 3 Basics. This is an advantage over Pokemon Fan Club, as more is always better.
You get to put those Basics into your hand. Man, how I've WISHED I could take PFC and not put those Basics onto my bench, either because it wasn't time yet, or I still needed them for some other card combo. This helps to solve that problem.

Disadvantages: Supporter rule. Duh, duh, duh. I just thought it was worth mentioning.
You have to search for 3 DIFFERENT Basics. This is HUGE. You cannot swarm with Basics like PFC allows you to. Also, it forces you to play more than one main evolution line in order to get the deck working. Because of this, this card will never be as powerful as PFC.


Unlimited: There are better searchers out there that DON'T require you to use a Supporter. Also, with the insane amount of speed in Unlimited, you really can't afford to use your Supporter on something this weak. Usually, either Town Volunteers or Copycat will be your Supporter for the turn. 1.25/5

Modified: Not bad, but not all that great. PFC is better, just because of the "different" clause. If you are playing with multiple evolution lines, or if you need a timing combo, this could work, but I think that PFC is better. 2.5/5

Limited: AMAZING!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This card is a first-pick draft choice, mostly because you will play AT LEAST 3 different Basics in your deck, if not more. In Draft, it becomes even more powerful, because you really don't know what your opponents have, nor do you have a chance to draw anything else. Never pass up ANYTHING that will definitely help your opponent, and this is one of those cards. 5/5

More Supporters, Oh Boy! I couldn't tell you how much I love Supporters even if I wanted to. So what, is Lanette like finding Pokemon on the Internet or something? I think Nintendo can come up with something better than that. Have you ever seen Ash with a Lap Top mid battle?
Unlimited- In a nutshell, Lany's Search isn't too bad. Picks up your Sneasel, Syther, and Electabuzz all in one shot, which is nice, all for the cost of a measly Supporter card. Cards that you shouldn't even be playing in Unlimited. Too bad you can't get that Cleffa that wasn't in your opening hand. Well you can't win 'em all, or can you? All in all, not a bad card. 3.25/5 here.
Modified- I'm not sure about this here. While it helps get your evo line started and possibly even pick up a Big Basic to back you in the process of building. So far, not too bad. On the other hand, Lany's Search is a Supporter so it has to fight for a deck spot with lot's of other Supporters. Could work nice in a little Ex Poke Haymaker, but I don't know why you would play one of those. 2.75/5
Limited- Trainers, good. Draw of some sort, good. Supporter, not so good. Look at it this way, if you draft this, you have a card that your opponent probably doesn't have. This let's you build faster or recover more quickly, which gives you an edge on your opponent, which then could quite possibly give you the win. All in all, a 3.5/5 here.
Patriarch  Now, today we review Lanette's Net Search from the Sandstorm Expansion! Is it the new Fan Club, or just a cheap imitation? We must be the judges my friends, of this true embodiment of 1337, t3h c0/\/\9U73r /\/3r|) X).

Unlimited (2.5/5):
It can be good, but you'll be filling your bench a lot faster with actual card drawing like Oak and Copycat. Also, babies are still popular in many unlimited decks, so you won't be getting more of them out. =/

Modified (3.75/5):
I personally like Fan Club more (and use it more often). Although you might want to evolve, say, a Wynaut into a Wobbuffet, more often than not, the Fan Club will be better just for the ability to pull ANY two basics/babies.

HOWEVER, the card itself is quite solid. Just remember that it is not, by any means, the only worthwhile supporter. In a format that plays 10-16 per DECK, be very careful about the amount of this you play.

Limited (4/5): Now, this is a good card, but I'd much rather take one strong Pokemon over the mere potential of getting out three decent Pokemon. However, since you normally play 2-4 types (colorless included) in Draft, then this thing is made much better! If you're playing Sealed, however, then you have no worries; you're stuck with it, so you might as well play it ;P

"The Cabal is here, and everywhere."
pERfeCt0nE  Lanettes Net Search

One of the best cards for Unlimited, that we have seen in a while.

Unlimited-  Move over Pokemon fan club.  We have a pokemon search engine that isn't a supporter AND gives you 3 pokemon instead of 2!  With tyrogue, cleffa, sneasel, and other possible TeCH of various types, Lanettes Net Search gets you the 3 pokemon easily.
rating--- 4

Modified-  This isn't as good here.  Nothing abuses the bench advantage, but a free search never hurt anyone, unless it was Pokemon March, which possibly could hurt you.  Using Net Search here will only help if you're trying to pull off a Haymaker-type deck.
rating--- 3

Draft-  I drafted this before, and its great!  Giving you  the search you want to get a specific basic out, whether it be a staller, hitter, or a corresponding basic pokemon to an evolution you've got.  This really sets up the cards in your favorite.
rating--- 4.25

2 vs. 2-  Since this format usually uses a combination team in some way or another.  It's more likely that you will want to use more than one type to begin with.
rating--- 3.25

Multiplayer-  It all depends on your playing style here, just as in Modified.
rating--- 3

Lanette’s Net Search


Hmm… I have mixed feelings about this card.

Fan Club has always been the basic-searching card. This card searches for three basics instead of two like Fan Club does, but it has a restraint; three separate types of basics.

So, this card is particular to certain decks, like azumarrill/scizor, scepticenter (yay!), and ex haymaker, where it can be used to full potential. In an ex haymaker, this and lady outing can be used to get pretty much everything you need. I think this card really strengthens ex haymaker, letting the deck do something more like a 2-2-2-2 line of ex’s, instead of a 3-3-3-3 line, leaving for room for powerful trainers such as ER2, strength charm, moomoo milk, and some tm’s.


Unlimited: 1/5 – Regular haymaker speed tech? I’ll keep oak, comp search, elm, fan club, and bill instead.


Modified (You all know it’s eon by now ^_^ ): 3/5 – Above mentioned.


2 on 2: 3.2/5 – Same as modified…..Might need a bit more speed here though, so consider it a little stronger.


Draft: 4/5 – Lesson #1: In draft, if you pull a draw power card, please stand up, get everyone’s attention, and then say with utmost kindness, “Haha. I will pwn you all because I just picked draw power.”


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