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Fisherman - Skyridge

Date Reviewed: 10.22.03

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Heidi Craig Modified Fisherman-3/5
This trainer is very useful in decks that have Pokemon that discard energy for their attacks.  In most decks, in late game it can come in handy getting back some needed energy. What I like about Fisherman is it allows you to run less energy in your decks and making room for other needed cards.

Unlimited 3.5
In this format were low energy and strong basics rule.  I believe this card would be useful, right about the time your opponent has played the 8th energy removal.  No wait, I mean 10th time I forgot about Item Finder.

Draft 1.5/5
Usually in draft energy isn't a problem.  If you decide to run a deck with several energy types it could help.

Name: Fisherman

Type: Trainer (Supporter)

Text: You can play only 1 Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Choose 4 basic Energy cards from your discard pile (if there are fewer basic Energy cards than choose, take all of them), show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.


Yes, that is the exact text from this card: it’s their typo, not mine. ;)


Effect: Super Energy Retrieval without the discard cost, but at the cost of your Supporter for the turn.  Overall, this is probably good: I’d rather use my Supporter than have that discard cost, since if I am using this, I probably don’t have my normal preferred discard fodder: basic energy cards.


Uses/Combinations: Most obvious is in a deck with a lot of basic energy discards, and doesn’t have another convenient recovery method.  More importantly, the deck probably should need a lot of energy in hand.  Why? Because if you just need it in the deck, then you should play Town Volunteers (5 to deck, and they can be basic or evolved Pokémon as well as basic energy cards).  For the decks that need it to go in hand though, this is golden.  Decks with multiple energy attachments per turn might want it in hand (Raindance, Water-Call Swampert, and Harvest Bounty Venusaur spring to mind).  Decks that rely upon Energy Draw Delcatty benefit as well.  The best general combo I can think of for Unlimited it to use this with some basic energy for a nearly “free” Computer Search/Item Finder/etc.  One Fisherman would cover two Computer Searches.  For Modified, Juggler and Fisherman can work well together.  Just don’t shrink your deck too much. ;)




Unlimited: 3/5-a handful of decks may very well find this a staple: if you run a lot of basic energy cards, this more or less translates to two Computer Searches only costing one Supporter slot on a later turn.  So it has a very specialized use with big results.


Modified/2-on-2: 3.5/5-This is the best Energy-to-Hand energy recovery card… too bad it only applies to basic energy cards.  Its best use is to offset Delcatty’s Energy Draw or two Juggler’s (3 Supporters for 10 cards isn’t too bad).  Why?   Most Fire cards (renown for their discard costs) make use of cards like Blaziken, or cards that draw and attach energy from the deck (Elekid).  Still, for decks where that is not the case (Harvest Bounty Venusaur/Camerupt), this is a must have.


Limited: 3.5/5-make splashing cards into decks easier, since if you had to waste say all the water you put in on colorless attacks for Fire Pokémon, then you can nab them all back.  Also, it is likely the only recovery available for heavy discarders.



Strengths:  Recovery of 4 energies to your hand.  This is potentially huge, depending on the deck that you play.  Personally, I like Town Volunteers better than this card.  However, it does serve its uses in certain decks, like ones that can break the "one per turn" energy rule.  Recovery of energies is nothing new, just look at the early examples of (Super) Energy Retrieval.  This goes above and beyond anything those cards could ever do.
Weaknesses:  Supporter.  There's really not much you can do bout this.  Like I said above, it's either this or Town Volunteers.  Just make sure that you know which supporter you really want to use on a given turn, and you'll be fine.
Energies only.  It's not a general recovery card, like Town Volunteers is.  You need to have the specific cards in your discard for this to work well.
Blastoise / Swampert: Like I mentioned above, anything that can break the "one a turn" rule is definitely a good combo for Fisherman.
Unlimited:  Generally, forget it.  Not much basic Energy is played here, and Blastoise is all but extinct.  Town Volunteers is generally better for this format.  1.5/5
Modified:  Much better, but Town Volunteers is still better than Fisherman.  The only thing that could make this card better than Town Volunteers is Swampert, and that's not exactly the most powerful card in the world.  3.5/5
Limited:  Trainer support is extremely good here.  Also, you'll generally use about 18-22 energies in a given deck, discarding about half of those during the course of a game (attacking, retreating, and being KO'd).  Very good.  4.5/5 just because Town Volunteers is still better.
Psychup Hello, again peoples. Today we are reviewing a profession that I will never be in unless someone gave me 3 cargo ex.

For one, I don't like squishy, squirmy bait, and I don't like those long metal sticks and those strings that get tangled. And then, you lose the magikarp you just caught cuz you couldn't hold on when it used Splash....

Anyway, the card is Fisherman. In the background are the whole Poliwag evolution line, which looks kinda snazzy, if you know what I mean. =P


Supporter Card

Take up to 4 Basic Energy Cards from your discard pile and put it into your hand.

Basically, this thing is a supporter version of Super Energy Retrieval, without the two card discard. However, you can't play any other supporters that turn, and in the disproportional new format, supporters are the main form of draw power, harm to players caused by Nintendo. Nintendo could care less about what the players need, all the need is the expansion of the Pokemon industry to influx profits, and the expense of the devoted player, and also of the new and less experienced players. So supporters are the main form of draw, meaning that after Fisherman is played, you can't shuffle to get a new hand. Also, you can't play the Fisherman you just retrieved from an Oak's Research or a Copycat, slowing down the game.

Fisherman's main weakness in many formats is the lack of need. While drafting, retrieving lost energy is vital, because usually a multi color deck is draft. Then again, why aren't you just putting and energy in that space since you might not have the energy you need in the discard. The point of draft is to not get your pokemon KOed, so Fisherman backfires there. In unlimited, you're not going to be needing this card. The only supporters are going to be like fan club to get slowpokes out (for slowking) and maybe wally's training to get some evolutions out, but no Fisherman. Nighlty Garbage Run and Town Volunteers overshadow this card, because those two cards have the ability to take pokemon in addition to energy, but it is to the deck though.

I have to do an English paper tonight, so I'll make this short. Sorry that I can't talk about its existence in the current Modified.

Unlimited: Not such a great card, but its nice t3ch, considering a rain dance deck (or any other deck) could use a 4 energy boost, any time. 1.5/5

Nintendo: Its great here, since I didn't talk about it above, I'll summarize here. It can grab 4 energy cards that you need, especially since a lot of the new pokemon decks run two types. You might not have the energy. It depedsn on the deck though. In a Blaziken, I'd put something that can help me find blaizken so i can firestarter the energy over fisherman. In something like swampert, fisherman is great, allowing for a extra attach, even if there isn't enough energy in your hand. Its a 4 card for 1 thing, but it limits the 4 cards a bit too much. However, the fact that this thing is a supporter is going to drop its rating, since it has to compete with so many other supporters that are also very good. 3/5

Draft: This thing can save you, or it can be a waste of deck space, you're call. Its not the golden egg, but its not a piece of trash either. If you have the space, put it in. But if you have something like a star piece, I'd put the star piece over it. (assuming you're drafting skyridge). 2/5

Thanks for reading, and sorry aobut the incompleteness.

--- psychup2034

pERfeCt0ne Skyridge Fisherman

I doubt he can catch a much with the rod hes using =/.

Unlimited-  No one uses basic energy anyway, unless its raindance or fire.  Use it in raindance, not fire.
rating--- 2

Modified-  After 2 consecutive Jugglers, this will fetch you the lost energy.  If using politoed, azumarill, vibrava [for flygon] (ex DRAGON), or someone else who can pull energies from the hand onto your pokemon, use jugglers and then him!  Fisherman is also a good card with most fire decks too.
rating--- 3.875

Draft-  Still drafting skyridge?  oh well.  I would draft it, but then hope to only draw it late game since i wont want to try to purposely lose energy to abuse this cards effect.  After a hitter is KOed or your energy count runs dry, fish 'em back!
rating--- 3.875

2 vs. 2-  Same as modified; more or less.
rating--- 3.875

Multiplayer-  Yet again; same as modified... to the best of my current knowledge anyway =/.
rating--- 3.875
A decent card. Nothing too overly useful. The Fisherman name does suit it well though.
Unlimited- No good. Supporters slow things down too much and there are better choices, such as Energy Retrieval NGR, Town Volunteers, and Energy Stadium. In a perfect world, the energies would go into the discard, but hey, what are you going to do? 1.25/5 here.
Modified- A bit better, but I'd still rather play Town Volunteers. Works in most Big Fire decks though, just as long as it's not Blaziken, because energy in the discard helps him. Whether or not this cards deserves the Supporter status is debatable. 2/5
Limited- A decent pick. Reusing your energies can help a lot it draft. This can enable you to play less energy and concentrate on that Stage 2 line you may or may not have drafted. Stage 2's are very prevalent in R/S and Sandstorm drafts. 3.5/5 here. 
Patriarch Geeze, what better thing to do on a tiresome day then go out to the pond, fish, and catch an old boot? Yes, there aren't many fish a-swimin' around anymore in my abuelos's pond in Bryan, Texas. -_-""

Well, Fisherman will find its rightful place in several decks, or as repletion after a fatty of yours is knocked out. There's the all-critical Supporter factor, so, if playable in your deck, then make sure you save enough room for it (Trust me...13-16 Supporters will lead you to a very slow trainer flow).

Unlimited (2.5/5):

There are better forms of replenishment. Also most of the more useful energy in the format are all non-basic.

Modified (3.5/5):

Whether you fish for fun or fish for attacks, this card is a helpful piece in the right deck. Although not nearly as essential as Town Volunteers, you might want it as backup. Just make sure it's a supporter that will actually...Ummm...Support.

Draft (3/5):

This is one of those cards that you'd want to draft, but would toss at any moment for a more solid card. Not a bad thing at all to draft; It'll prove useful.


("You can always tell a fisherman, but you can't tell HIM much."

~Corey Ford)




This card really reminds me of fishing in Lake Michigan. The best I ever caught was seaweed ~_^


Anyways, when this card came out I was astonished, because I was used to using Super Energy Retrieval from Genesis lol. It is a supporter, but the power is great. It may not seem to good, but put it next to something like Relic Hunter and you’ll see what I mean. Blaziken Delcatty, Azumarril, soon to come Cargo Ex, soon to come Dragonite Ex, Raichu ex, anything like that…… all works well. This is a nice card, plain and simple. If you can find room for it in your deck amidst copycat, town volunteers, professor oak’s research, juggler, and everything else, it is good.


            Unlimited: 1/5—The only thing people bother getting out of the discard pile here are trainers; loose a few energy, so be it. If you’re afraid of ER & SER, play no removal or Ecogym.


            Modified (EON): 4/5—Like I said, lotta good combos here. You think of something.


            2 on 2: Heck, same as modified. I don’t really find much of a difference in this format with most cards.


            Draft: 3/5: Not as high here because usually you’ll have higher amounts of energy in your deck anyway. If you don’t have any other supporters, stick it in….You’ll never know when it may come in handy. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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