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Kabutops ex

Date Reviewed: 10.20.03

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Name: Kabutops ex

Color: Water

Type: Stage 2 ex (evolves from Kabuto)

HP: 150

Weakness: Grass, Lighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Attack#1: (C) Hydrocutter [40x]

Flip a number of coins equal to the amount of Energy attached to Kabutops ex.  This attack does 40 damage tomes the number of heads.  You can’t flip more than 3 coins this way.

Attack#2: (FFCC) Spiral Drain [70]

Remove 2 damage counters from Kabutops ex (remove 1 if there is only 1).


I am trying a new review style: “Mirror”.  Basically, as many of you have probably noticed, the cards “abilities” (the attacks and or Pokémon Powers) tend to govern a card more than the “attributes” (everything but attacks a Pokémon Powers =P), unless the attributes are extremely bad.


Abilities: Hydrocutter is a sweet attack, and was first seen on Neo Discovery Kabutops.  This is attack has been slightly pumped up though: now it’s per energy and not per energy card, and only costs (C) instead of (F).  This is still a fantastic attack.  It averages 60 damage for CCC, so not only is it about twice as powerful as it “should” be based on energy alone, but it has a nice ability to optionally average 20 for (C) or 40 for (CC).  This is the kind of attack one would expect to see on a Stage 2 or a Pokémon ex.  Spiral Drain is one of those attacks that would be killer on a non-Pokémon ex, but are the minimum you’d want for a Pokémon ex.  It does flat 70 for FFCC.  When we do the math, we only get 50 from energy (15 per colored, 10 per colorless).  As a Stage 2 Pokémon, an extra 20 damage seems a fair compensation for being so hard to get into play.  Similarly, the removing of up to 2 damage counters is also a nice bonus.  It too would be a suitable evolution bonus.  So why do I sound less than thrilled?  Its first attack makes it a pure powerhouse with three of any colored energy, and for two Fighting and two of any other type, it does 70 flat (the “Magic HP number since it is so rare for “straight” damage) and has a nice bonus effect.  Well, we come to that when we view this cards attributes…


Attributes: Where does a Kabutops ex come from?  From a Kabuto, of course.  Where does a Kabuto come from?  Why, a Mysterious Fossil of course… unless its from a Buried Fossil… but that’s it… other than being brought into play by certain Pokémon Powers and attacks… oh, and lastly, in Unlimited there’s Brock’s Ninetales (which should be able to bring in Kabutops ex too) and Fossil Egg too. @_@ So, what should you use?  It really depends on your playing style.  If you plan on jumping straight to Kabutops ex with a Rare Candy (assuming it can do that), the just use Mysterious Fossil.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, and if you need to, you can use the extras as “free” blockers, since they can count as basics during starting play, don’t count as basics when they are KO’d, and are unaffected by Special Conditions.  If you want a more stable “base” (notice that along with Rare Candy we got massive De-evolution in Sandstorm), I recommend the Sandstorm Kabuto, as it can search out either Basics or an Omanyte or Kabuto and put them on your bench for just (C), and has a Poké-Body that reduces damage done to it by 20.  The others tend to act similarly, but only doing one or the other (if either), and not as well.  It even has another attack, Pierce, that lets it do some damage, but is a tad over-priced (forgivable, considering it has two attacks and a Poké-Body).


Now that we know where it comes from, let’s finish of the rest of its attributes:  It’s a Stage 2 Water Pokémon ex.  It is the only such Pokémon, though there are currently three other Stage 2 Pokémon ex and 3 other Water Pokémon ex (2 basic, one stage 1).  There are of course several other Basic, Stage 1, and Stage 2 Water Pokémon, and a decent chunk of them are good enough to build decks around.  So while there is no direct competition, there is a lot of “overlap” from other areas.  The worst of it is from Neo Discovery Kabutops, a Water Stage 2.  90 HP, Grass Weak, and as mentioned above, its Hydrocutter needs F and counts energy cards not just energies, and a retreat of two.  So it has only 2/3s of Kabutops HP, but one less weakness and no ex rule.  The other big difference is that Kabutops other attack is just “Slash” for (C) that does 20 flat.  Why bring this up?  Because it helps explain why I am disappointed with the attributes.  The HP is so-so: doubling it outright might have been a bit much, but 150 HP seems so small given that most normal Stage 2s have 100-120.  Still, it meets my minimum 60% or 2/3s increase, so it will do.  The retreats are the same: CC, which is low enough that you can pay it but high enough to try and avoid.  The lack of Resistance is the worst possible option, but all too common.  The dual-Weakness is the second biggest stumbling block: both are common in Unlimited as either deck foci or support that just need one or two hits to KO Kabutops here, while in Modified its unseen but there.  None of the “big” archetypes that are all but guaranteed are Grass or Electric, but many rogue decks are.  Worse yet, the rogues are across the board, making counters for them tricky.  What’s the point of running Fighting to counter Electric when people are starting to realize E2 Zapdos is pretty good.  Even when they are weak against Fighting, it’s not always obvious: I have experimented with Skyridge Electrode-if you don’t OHKO it, it will probably detonate and KO itself, taking 2 prizes from Kabutops ex while doing a good deal of bench damage.  Grass has varied weaknesses to a greater extent (Fire, Psychic, and a couple of Electric weak too), plus a nasty “Almost” Big Bad Basic in the form of Seviper: for CC, it would do 40 with Auto-Sleep and Auto-Poison.  Ouchies.  So if we put N2 Kabutops against Kabutops ex, we have one that is easier to power with better attacks, but that is fragile: most main attackers will KO the ex version with at most two extra attacks.  Still, it is fairly strong, and if you can find the right support.


Uses/Combinations: Swarm!  Use the inherent abilities of Kabuto to get a bunch n the bench, evolve them, and begin to hit and run (Pokémon Nursing injured Kabutops after benching them).  Boost Energy makes this really easy to set up, and Underground Lake/Lure Ball can resurrect a fallen Kabutops ex with ease.  The thing to watch is your prize count: at two prizes a pop, losing two would only leave you room for one other KO.  Fortunately, unless you are using a two-tailed coin, you should be racking up damage pretty fast.  Best of all, if you opponent can’t put the hurt on you quickly, then you can power up Spiral Drain for a sustained attack.  Super-Scoop up is probably a must in Modified.




Unlimited: 3/5-Best I can think of is to run it with Slowking, given you energy and bench protection.  From there, you can make better use of Underground Lake/Lure Ball thanks to Computer Search, Oak, and Item Finder.  Best of all, you can use Mr. Fuji.  This card is a Godsend for evolved Pokémon ex: shuffle it all into your deck (which is almost like your hand in Unlimited =P), with all the energy and other goodies still attached to it.  Not only do you replenish your deck, but you get to rob your opponent of two prizes!  Probably a viable deck (as the rating is to indicate)


Modified/2-on-2: 3.5/5-Stronger here, but you got to keep it healthy or hidden.  I like using one with Boost Energy to annoy Gardevoir/ex.  It also has excellent speed.  That dual weakness just holds it back.  2-on-2 is more or less the same as far as I can derive.


Limited: 3/5-Seen it in action.  If it gets going, it’s golden.  But that’s a big if.  One thing that helps and hurts is that Mysterious Fossil is an excellent draft pick.  Problem can be getting one (I got three Omanyte and an Omastar but no MFs).  Then make sure you get Spiral Drain Powered up: a flat 70 and healing will keep a 150 HP Pokémon alike for a looong time.  And remember-it’s half your starting prizes if it dies!


Figures, this was one where it was the attributes that kinda hold back the attacks.




Meganium45 OK, I thought I would never play a card that evolved from a fossil.  All that has changed.

This 150 HP beast is definitely worth playing, and may become a tier one deck all on its own.

The first attack is what we are used to from Kabutops, Fast Cheap and Chansey (lol)

Flip a coin (up to 3)for each energy on Kabutops (as long as one of them are fighting) and for each heads, 40 damage

Great to use while you are building up for the second attack.  70 for 4 (2 fighting) is excellent, and you remove 2 damage from yourself (and being an EX, you will have damage).  Combine this with SS Xatu, and you have (a) a free retreat Pokemon that (b) removes an energy from Kabutops every turn. Lets you abuse warp point and switch to get big Tops back in the game!

Add Moo-Moo milk, Pokemon Nurse, and potion, and you have a tough pokemon to knock out (unless you face a Sceptile that gets 2 heads, happened to me TWICE In a row in a tourney last week, no joke, my only loss!)

Just remember to tech for those nasty Wobbys running around.  Xatu does not hit hard enough to scare them, I always put a wobby or 2 of my own in any deck.

The thing to watch on Kabutops EX is the double weakness of Lightning and Grass.  Kecleon, with the right energy, can take this guy in one shot (4x damage).  Sceptile hurts him, and Raichu EX PWNS him.

Raichu Ex has trouble if you tech a SR Tops into the deck to chop through all the Pikachu/Raichu family ( a good idea)

Ratings - Unlimited why bother?  Kabutops from Discovery is stronger here, and still will see no play.  1/5

Modified - 4.5 out of 5, this will be a beast in the envio, and had they made it a fighting type, we would be talking about the rebirth of fighting right here.

Draft - 5/5 TAKE HIM.  If you don't someone else will.  Here are your options, A, take him and play him, B take him and keep him for your collection, C let him go and have to face him in round 1!

That's my take, see you all at POKEMON ROCKS AMERICA in St. Louis!  Come meet me and the rest of the St. Louis gang!

pERfeCt0ne Kabutops ex

Quite a beast if played right.

Unlimed-  Stage 2 pokemon are horrible here.  Not to mention that (S)ER will tear this poor guy apart anyway.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  He has a difficult problem with Gardevoir decks, Sceptile, and either raichu ex or ampharos ex (Dragon).  Without being able to back up his weaknesses, his HP won't hold up.  his 70 damage a turn and healing 20 a turn can really be a devestating situation.  Try using him with the SK kabutops too.
rating--- 3.5

Draft-  This is if you can get him out; He really is insanely hard to KO.  Each turn he will pull you a prize unless you run into some serious status problems or a wobuffet.  If you can get him- use him!
rating--- 4.675

2 vs. 2-  Have him and his back-up or support active.  Hes notging 'special' here, but hes still good.
rating--- 3.365

Multiplayer-  Its more likely that a pokemon of electric or grass type will be against you, but i would rather use the SK kabutops here if anything.
rating--- 3.25
This card is more or less Kabutops from Neo Discovery with a few add ons, some for the better and some I can do without. An overall good card, I think...
Unlimited- Two of the most popular Inlimited Pokes, Scyther and Electabuzz will rip you to pieces, with the duel weakness and all. 2 prize KO, need I say more. I would much rather play the Discovery 'Tops, if I were going to play one at all. The second attack is nice, but just asking to get some ER tossed your way, especially if your powering up using a DCE. Again, a Stage 2 that evolves from a trainer. I just can base my deck on a trainer with Slowking, Lass, and Chaotic Gym. Too hard to get Kabs out. I would give Discovery Kabutops a 3/5 so I will give this a 2.5/5.
Modified- Can this card combo with one of the Steelix's in E-on to make the powerhouse Kabulix deck of the new Modified? I don't think so. This card is a bit risky, and none of the Steelix's after Neo 1 have been up to par. I could see playing Kabutops Ex with a Kecleon from Sandstorm or two, with both Fire and Fighting energies. Now you have a good back-up to Kabutops that can handle both of it's weakness. I might consider playing this deck if my Blaziken doesn't work out too well. 4.25/5
Limited- Not too bad, if you can get it out. Draft a few Mysterious Fossils, some Kabutos and one or two Kabutops Ex's and you have yourself a pretty good deck. The Fossils if nothing else, act as good stallers in the early game and the Kabutos can search more Kabutos out. Get one Kabutops Ex into play and it can be tough, really tough to stop. It even heals itself after doing a 70 attack. 3.75/5 here.
Heidi Craig Kabutops EX
Modified 5/5
With high hit points, self healing and being able to use its first attack quickly makes this a powerful card. Finding other strong Pokemon of the same type to support KabutopsEX is challenging.  The new Wobbuffet with the Pokemon Power may not be attacked by EX Pokemon causes problems if this is your only big hitter. Even though KabutopsEX has two weaknesses it shouldn't pose to many problems with self healing and healing trainers available.

Unlimited 1/5

I wouldn't use this card.  It has a weakness to a popular type ran in this format.  With energy removals you would not probably ever get to use the powerful attack.  When knocked out, your opponent gets 2 prizes this card would probably be two easy prizes for you opponent with dealing little damage to their Pokemon.

If you could get the all the stages and be able to use them this card would be very good in draft.
Patriarch Back in the hay days of Ne-On Modified, Kabutops was a force to be feared. 'Though lacking the sleek image of Kingdra, or the speed of Magcargo, there was a speed factor that almost everyone loved about it. Wonder how the remake stacks up...

Well, it's truly a tough hitter, and even has the game's third highest HP! The hydrocutter attack is an exact copy of its Discovery counterpart's, and the Spiral Drain is a VERY nice addition. If you have need a steady/safe damage attack, or need a little healing, then Spiral Drain's your main goal.

Unlimited (3/5): I personally feel that he's an average card here. He doesn't lack in countering the meta-game (little energy to attack, shockingly high HP), but he doesn't necessarily stand out when it comes to speed. Recycle Energy is very useful should you ever want to play him in this format.

Modified (3.5/5): He's better here by a decent margin. He'll put heavy fire hitters like Blaziken, Camerupt and Ninetails to shame, and eat up those small basics. Watch out for Wobbuffet, Holographic Sceptile, and the crazy guy in the corner playing Raichu ex!

Draft (4/5): Trust me: you'll most likely not pull what you need to get him out. However, he will OBLITERATE all in his way if you draft his previous forms. Back at the Sandstorm prerelease, he was my lil buddy of mayhem, I tell ya what! ^_-


("The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut by the scythe." ~Russian Proverb)

Bullados Kabutops

Attributes:  Good HP, decent retreat.  So far, so good.  Dual weakness is definitely bad.  Look for something that can combat both of these.  Also, the ex rule is in effect, which is bad in terms of this guy's HP.  Ex rule on a S2 is just plain awful.

Attack #1:  It's Discovery Kabutops all over again!!!  The only problem is that you really can't swarm with this guy like you could with the old Kabutops.  [CCC] for 40X3 flips is not all that bad.  On average, you'll get around 80 damage, which is amazing for [CCC].

Attack #2:  5\/\/337!!!!!  This is like the Fossil Kabutops's attack, only made more powerful.  70 damage for [FFCC] is nothing to sneeze at.  However, it's the effect that I like the most.  You get a damage turnaround of 90 for [FFCC].  D?a?n?g?


Swampert / Blastoise:  Power Hydrocutter up faster than fast.  You can get 3 energies attached to him in no time.  However, watch out, because both of these cards have Kabutops's weakness (one of them).

Boost Energy:  one turn powerup!!!  Also, try a Dragonite combo with this.


Unlimited:  Evolutions don't really do well here, and this is no exception.  Also, it's extremely ER prone.  If in the right deck, it could be decent, but will never be a superpower.  1.5/5

Modified:  It needs to be in the right deck.  However, it should be pretty good, almost a superpower.  Dual weakness and ex rule shatter it, tho.  4/5

Limited:  If you can get him and his pre-evos, you will dominate the format.  However, he is extremely rare (bout 1 in 18 packs) and he has an uncommon stage 1 (about 1 in 17 packs).  If you can get him out, you win.  If you can't use him, he's always good for the binder. 4/5



Kabutops EX


   This card is a combination of neo 2 ‘Tops and Fossil ‘Tops. Neo discovery Kabutops was the sole fighter of the turbotops deck, where steelix or scizor was backup. Hydrocutter was a massive attack back then. Now, however, for an ex Pokemon, it’s almost like you want something more. Spiral drain is not it, believe me. Now I never really have fought against or with this card, so again I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it would be a problem because I’m hardcore Cradily. Also, the old kabutops could be covered with a 3-3 line of onix-steelix, but this one has lightning weakness too. Then you have to run Aquapolis donphan too or something like that, and don’t forget that Garde Ex could be a jam. Methinks this card is a mess, and as for the artwork, black holographic really is crummy.


            Unlimited- My favorite format: 0.5/5  Sorry Tops. Evolves from a trainer, two prize ko, slow, not many weak to water, Electabuzz, Scyther, etc., etc., etc………


            Modified –(EON)—2/5  Maybe some potential. Like I said, do steel for grass, but guess what; you’re other weakness is not only double damage, but resistant to your steel too. Haha. No win situation.


            2-2 – 1.5/5-- what is the benefit here? With a little luck you’ll be facing a lightning and grass Pokemon lol.


            Draft—3.5/5 – Anything that has 150 hp and does 60-70 a turn in this format is just nasty. He’s actually the easiest ex to get from my pack-opening-experience, so go for it.



psychup2034 Hello once again everybody, today's CotD is Kabutops EX, from the sandstorm set. Let's take a look at the card itself, and address its good/bad spots, like usual...

Kabutops EX [W] 150 HP

Stage 2 Pokemon

Evolves from Kabuto

[C] Hydrocutter 40x

Flip coins equal to the amount of energy attached to Kabutops ex. This attack does 40 damage times the number of heads. You can't flip more than 3 coins in this way.

[F][F][C][C] Spiral Drain 70

Remove 2 damage counters from Kabutops ex, (or one if it only has one).

Weakness: [G][E]

Resistance: ---

Retreat Cost: [C][C]

Ok, so Kabutops ex is a lame attempt to remake Discovery Kabutops, giving it two weaknesses and a great deal more HP (60). They made Hydrocutter not work only on [F] energies, (changed it to [C]), and took away the lame slash attack, and gave it some hyped up version of Fossil Kabutops's Absorb with more damage and a cheaper cost, but still removes 2 damage counters (average of Fossil). So this, you may put, is a spinoff of all the previous Kabutops that either looked cool or did more than 0 damage... (all of them)... After all the Kabutops were put into this wierd machine that Nintendo made, they were immediately transformed into something strange. The staff first thought that it was an error, how can it have over 120 HP? And how can a Kabutops have such an ugly picture... to their devastation... it wasn't a mistake after all...

Anyway, in unlimited, any card that is weak to BOTH Scyther AND Buzz can really cause problems. being a Stage 2, and the basic has 10 HP, Stage 1 has 60 HP (max), this card is just going to get beat, but the time you get all those energies on him, your opponent prolly has some SERs in hand, and then you're toast. My opinion is to not play it in Unlimited, unless you like the thought of your opponent drawing two prizes, which some people seem to prefer... =P Of course I can see its uses, if you can get DCE + [F] turn 2, you could do up to 120 damage, which kills almost everything, but that's rather unlikely.

The main format that Kabutops ex will be played in is Nintendo Format, which I don't like (meh). 120 damage on turn 2 possibly (Boost) is good in ANY format, however, you are going to be getting the 120 damage once in a lifetime, so if you do get it, then invite me to your party =D. So most of the time, you'll be getting this killer out turn 3-4, Sandstorm Kabuto has a great Exoskeleton POKE-Body, which is a spinoff of Fossil Kabuto's "Kabuto Armor" that I really like. In fact, i actually have a Fossil Kabutops deck that works really poorly, but nevertheless is a fun deck to play. Back on topic about the first attack hydrocutter. It will average flip 1 heads or 2 heads most of the time. I don't like saying that it will be 60 damage, since the attack itself can't do 60 base damage. Realistically, the 17.5 damage per energy for a Stage 2 is still met, since with one energy, the mean of the damage is 20, the medians are 0 and 40, and the mode is also 0 and 40. Its a water type and a bunch of grass pokemon are water resistant. The bright side is that it can be powered with colorless energy, meaning that you could run it in a Arcanine (sandstorm) deck, and it could work.

The second attack packs a wallop for 4 energy. 17.5 x 4 is exactly 70, for all you mathmeticians out there. It has 20 damage healing, giving you an auto potion even if the attack damage is prevented or reduced. The second attacks drills holes though Blaziken decks, and gives Swampert a run for its money. Slaking can't ohko it, Mewtwo ex is basically useless. The only thing stoping it is the Manetric (heavy in my metagame), Scyther ex, and the Sceptile which is great for countering Kabutops ex with Lizard Poison. 70 damage is good for a Stage 2, once again, the bonus healing can come in handy, and works well with the fact that this monster is an ex, possibly preventing that late game prize draw. However, those chances are slim, and most of the time, its either you plowing through with Kabutops ex, or you get plowed by some big pokemon. This card takes a fossil, kabuto, and a tops ex, and also 4 deck spaces max for energy. One of the reasons that Kabutops has been so succesful is the fact that it usually doens't require more than 8 slots to get into full power, the support trainers are optional.

Unlimited: Once again, having weakness to a lot of haymakers cna't be good, and fable kills this guy if played right. Fire isn't big in unlimited, but there aren't many things resistant to water either. 1.5/5

Nintendo Format: Ok, maybe this card can see a bit more use, well maybe a lot. Its a killer card, and if played properly can kill. It is a good counter against some popular archtypes, but then Sceptile isn't at all dead, and it will just punch holes right though your strategy. Until they make a Steelix ex to restore the Kabuexlixex thing, then this card needs to find itself some combos. It works great by itself and all, but its damage potential isn't heavy enough to be called an ex. 4/5

Sealed/Draft/Rochester: Ok, one thing is that you aren't getting this evo line out. Electric isn't big in Sandstorm, but the Cacnea and Shiftry are. Kecleon can kill it with [G][E] and two heads. The worst of all, this thing just plain out takes too muhc deck space. 1/4 of your deck could be used to put in another two evos. But if you are able to get 2 mysterious, 2 kabuto, then by all means give this tihng a shot. But that's not going to happen, so my rating is... 1/5

Thanks for reading...

--- psychup2034 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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