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Slaking - R&S

Date Reviewed: 10.16.03

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Heidi Slaking
Modified 5/5
I have found this card to be very powerful.  Using trainers that allow mobility and healing.  Since, this card is colorless it allows flexibility in the other basic Pokemon you can use.  With a couple of strong basics to support this card this deck is quite effective.

Unlimited 1/5
I wouldn't use this card.  It uses to much energy and attacks to slow in this kind of environment.

If you could draft all three stages and get to use them I think this card would be very good in draft.

Name: Slaking

Color: Colorless

Type: Stage 2 (evolves from Slakoth)

HP: 120

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: CCC

Poké-BODY: Lazy

As long as Slaking is your Active Pokémon, your opponent’s Pokémon can’t use any Poké-Powers.

Attack#1: (CCCC) Critical Move [100]

Discard a basic Energy attached to Slaking or this attack does nothing.  Slaking can’t attack during your next turn.


Name: Vigoroth

Color: Colorless

Type: Stage 1 (evolves from Slakoth)

HP: 70

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: C

Attack#1: (CC) Fury Swipes [20x]

Flip 3 coins.  This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.

Attack#2: (CCC) Rage [20+]

Does 20 damage plus 10 more damage for each counter on Vigoroth.


Name: Vigoroth

Color: Colorless

Type: Stage 1 (evolves from Slakoth)

HP: 70

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: C

Attack#1: (C) Focus Energy

During the next turn, base damage of Vigoroth’s Slash is attack is 90 instead of 40.

Attack#2: (CCC) Slash [40]

Does 20 damage plus 10 more damage for each counter on Vigoroth.


Name: Slakoth

Color: Colorless

Type: Basic

HP: 40

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: C

Attack#1: (C) Claw [20]]

Flip a coin.  If tails, this attack does nothing.

Attack#2: (CC) Slack Off

Remove all damage counters from Slakoth.  Slakoth can’t attack during your next turn.


Name: Slakoth

Color: Colorless

Type: Basic

HP: 40

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat Cost: C

Attack#1: (C) Lazy Punch [10]

Slakoth can’t attack during your next turn.


Attributes: There is only one Slaking, so no old versions to compete or partner with.  Slaking is a Stage 2 Colorless Pokémon.  There aren’t a lot of those: Dragonite, Pidgeot, and the Crystal Pokémon from the WotC e-card sets.  This is probably good, since that gives little competition for Slaking in these respects.  Otherwise, it will just be competing against heavy hitting Stage 2’s.  Being Colorless is not too big a deal in Modified, but is bad in Unlimited since there are two cards that reduce damage done by Colorless Pokémon: Unown N and Sprout Tower (which each reduce damage done by Colorless Pokémon by 30, and can stack with each other for a total of -60).  Other than that: nothing is weak or resistant to Colorless, which is sort of the point of Colorless Pokémon.  As for its remaining attributes, it has a “perfect” 120 HP (since it’s not a Pokémon ex), a lousy weakness to Fighting.  In Unlimited, Tyrogue is everywhere and eats you alive with two successful hits.  In Modified, A Mahukita with Low Kick and a single Multi Energy can do the same thing.  Slaking has no Resistance (which seems like a poor idea with Psychic on the rise).  Rounding out the bottom, Slaking has a retreat of 3, which is poor, but not as bad as one would expect for a Pokémon like this.


Well, Slaking is a Stage 2, which means it has got to come from somewhere.  As I have mentioned, being a Stage 2 is always worse than a lower Stage, since they are harder to get into play.  This is one reason why evolutions tend to have better ability and attributes.  Anyway, back to where Slaking comes from: a Vigoroth, which in turn comes from a Slakoth.  There are two Slakoths available: one from Ruby/Sapphire and one from Sandstorm.  Both have a pathetic 40 HP, plus they both suffer from a Fighting weakness and a retreat of 1.  The Sandstorm version has the pathetic Lazy Punch, and should be avoided at all costs.  The R/S version is a tad better: if necessary it can attack for little energy or heal itself.  The Vigoroths, on the other hand, are both solid.  70 HP is acceptable for a Stage 1, as is a retreat of C.  Both have solid attacks, and it’s more or less your choice as to which one to use.


Abilities: Slaking has a decent Poké-Body, Lazy.  While Slaking is active, none of your opponent’s Poké-Powers work.  Sadly, it’s only while active, but at least it doesn’t affect both of you (like Armaldo).  This Poké-Body may not sound like much, but here’s a quick list of cards that are part of strong decks: Furret, Gardevoir, Firestarter Blaziken, Energy-draw Delcatty, Water Call Swampert, Energy Trans Sceptile, Fan Away Shiftry, and all baby Evolution Poké-Powers.  Also, all but Furret are from the last two sets.  Decks that use these cards also tend to rely on or be built around the Powers, so it can be devastating to lose it.


As for Critical Move, it’s kinda like Hyper Beam in the GB games: a big hit at the cost of doing nothing the next turn.  CCCC would normally buy 40, and a discard buys between 10 and 20 extra damage.  Now this attack is going to be every other turn, so we should price according to the average damage done (60), which it falls a little shy of.  This would be good on a lot of Pokémon, and is solid for Slaking, but really, as a Stage 2, would it have been too much to ask for another 20 damage? ;)


Uses/Combinations: This Pokémon really needs to have a deck built around it and either it’s attack or it’s Poké-Body.  Neither is really worth it for Unlimited, but there are some uses for Modified.  For one thing, though tricky, in 2-on-2 matches, you might consider pairing it up Armaldo: you can save some space with Rare Candies, and you only need two Slakings really, as they are the “icing on the cake”.  Just send them both up, and alternate between attacking with each to average a nice 80 a turn.  Still, running dual Stage 2 lines is difficult.  Other than that, most would try to exploit its attack.  One way is are several Pokémon Switching cards and a free retreater (of which the “error” Sandstorm Marril is the only free-retreating basic I can find in Modified) so that you can Switch out Slaking, then retreat you new active which should remove the “can not attack the next turn” clause.  You could pair it up with Expedition Vileplume so that the Poison damage from its Poké-Power can tack on the extra plus 20 the attack could use. ;)  Another option (and one that can be combined with others), would be to toss in a few Memory Berries.  This would not let you attack immediately after a Critical Move, but would let you heal all damage (with Slack Off) or get some sweet hits in with Furry Swipes, Rage or Slash.  One last way to maximize Critical Move could be Boost Energy for a “fast” opening.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-I suppose a critical move based deck could work…


Modified: 3.5/5-lotta decks hurt by this-you just have to keep Slaking alive long enough to finish them off.


2-on-2: 4/5-Here it gets good, since it can have a partner to help with the attacking (or denial… he he he)


Draft: 4/5-It’s a big tough Gorilla.  The Poké-Body won’t do much but Critical move can fetch some prizes.



pERfeCt0ne Slaking

I've thought about this guy, and I don't think he'll be seen in OP.

Unlimited-  Stage 2 in unlimited?  Colorless?  Needs 4 energy?  Forget him.  Sprout Tower, Unown N, (S)ER, and Sneasel all totally destroy his hopes of doing anything at all.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  With Warp energy and possibly switch, you might be able to use his attack every turn, but you need a long time to set up all the energy =/.  Memory berry can let this beatstick use Slack Off to heal or, more importantly, Rage!  With Rage and 120HP he can tear up the field!  If only he wasn't so slow he really would be good... With Rage, not much can stop him, but you will evetually run dry on memory berries and your opponent will adapt to your Rage strategy.
rating--- 3.675

Draft-  If he hits the field, you'll probably win.  Slakoths are easy to draft, but if you do get them and a vigoroth, use them!  Slaking will never fall in this format... nothing much can stop him!
rating--- 4.5

2 vs. 2-  Being able to still use someone else to attack after slaking uses critical move is really great!  Still use memory berry, but try using a pokemon with energy support like manectric.
rating--- 3.875

Multiplayer-  He will stop the poke-powers of both opponents, but that long wait to attack again can easily make the king fall quickly =/.
rating--- 3.5
This card is tough. When played correctly, it can be real hard to stop. Even if it is played poorly, Slaking can still be a force to be reckoned with.
Unlimited- Surprisingly, or maybe it isn't so surprising, I personally think that Slaking has it's greatest potential in Unlimited. That is if you can get it out and keep the energies on it. Turn 2 100 with Breeder and 2 DCE's. This can be hard to do with Lass and all. Keeping the energy on it will be tough too with ER and SER. If you can successfully get a Slaking out with maybe and then play a Slowking or two or three, to keep the energies in tact, then you can go to work. Unlimited has all of the switching power you want with Switch, Double Gust, Warp Point, Balloon Berry and then Item Finder. Of course this works better under Wizards rules because you can retreat more than once per turn. This won't effect you too much though unless your using a Balloon Berry. I though Slaking could reach it's greatest potential in Unlimited, but it probably won't with Lass, ER and the other drawbacks. 3/5 here
Modified- Basically the same as Unlimited but reversed. The opponents of removing Slaking from the active spot are greatly reduced to basically switch, and the threat of ER and Lass are all but completely taken away. There is ER 2 and SER 2, neither of which are very good. I could see playing this with Boost Energy and a Fire. Attack, discard the fire and the Boost. Next turn use the fire from the discard with Blaziken's power and switch out for new Slaking or Blaziken himself. Just some quick thoughts for a deck idea. Power is nice to stop some of the nice Poke-Powers of the format. 3/5 here too.
Limited- Tough to get out, but if you do he's a beast. The power can hurt, it probably won't help too much either. The entire line is splashable which is nice, and Vigoroth can hold it's own (Sandstorm one is better it your drafting with Sandstorm) but the Stage 1 and Basic are both rare which takes away from how playable it is. 3.5/5 here
Patriarch Oooooh, today, we'll review that seems to be a fatter, stronger version of Muk! Wonder how he stacks up? Read down, my down...

Unlimited (2/5): Poke-Powers are far less potent here. A clunky card that will be murdered by Tyrogues, stalled by Focus Band, and mercilessly crushed by Sneasels.

Modified (3/5):

The Poke Power is a huge force to be reckoned with. Since he's fat enough to begin with (120 HP), you won't usually fear putting him out to freeze those powerful, archetypical cards: -Blaziken -Delcatty -Baby Powers

Also, it splashes well: Meaning that you may play it with any of the Sandstorm babies, or work on an ex counter strategy. The attack's name is self-explanatory: Use only in critical moments, or play Memory Berry to get back a Ruby/Sapphire Vigoroth's Rage.

Draft (3/5): If you find the Slakoths, and Vigiroths/Rare Candies, then you'll be in a decent situation. However, Weakness is one of the nastiest things in Draft: watch out for Nintendo's small Fighting Pokemon, such as Solrock or Hitmonchan ex. Also, don't forget that Critical move freezes your attacks for one turn, and that retreating him is only a last-resort.


~Bullados Slaking

Attributes:  Best HP in the game, hands down, and I don't care WHAT you say about Wailord ex, he's two 100 HP Pokemon.  Weakness shouldn't be a problem, as there isn't much fighting around anymore, save the lone Rogue or a rogue evolution deck.  Retreat is pretty bad.  Don't pay this if you don't have to.

PokeBODY:  Not all that bad, but not too great either.  It's basically a toned-down Toxic Gas.  The original Toxic Gas was pretty devastating.  This is just annoying.  The only 2 things that this really slows down are non-holo Sceptile and holo Swampert.  There really aren't that many PokePOWERs out there.

Attack #1:  Not the worst attack ever, but certainly not the best.  Sorta a cross between base Charizard and promo Scyther.  IMO, not that great.  If you build a deck around it, it could be pretty decent, but I really don't think that it can dominate.


Switch/Balloon Berry:  This is pretty much a staple in all decks now, but it must be mentioned.  You HAVE to get this guy out of the active position after he attacks, or you waste a turn.  With the extreme lack of healing in Modified, that is not a great thing.  Also, swarming Slakings is most likely the best thing you can do with it.  The only problem is that it's only 4 prizes MAX, so you have to use your Switches and Balloon Berries wisely.


Unlimited:  Don't even bother.  It's worthless.  Worse than Zard, and that doesn't work in Unlimited anyway.  1/5 (wish I could give 0s?)

Modified:  Could possibly be decent.  It will need to be the focus of a deck, and with the extreme lack of decent trainers in Modified, it's pretty difficult to maintain.  However, if you DO manage to get it working?  3.5/5

Limited:  If you can get it out, it's amazing.  Not for the power, but for the attack.  100 damage is nothing to sneeze at, and most decks run 18-22 energies in this format.  The only problem is that it is a holo, and its stage 1 is an uncommon.  Mathematically, it's virtually impossible to get them in the same draft.  4/5

psychup2034 Slaking

Wow! This is a great card. Um, this is one of the newest archtypes in the new format, especially since Nintendo kept in all of the trainers from expedition, (which I personally don't like). Let's take a look at the card...

Slaking [C] 120 HP

Stage 2 Pokemon

Evolves from Vigroth

(POKE-Body) Lazy

As long as Slaking is your active Pokemon, you're opponent's Pokemon can't use POKE-Powers.

[C][C][C][C] Critical Move 100

Discard one basic energy card attached to Slaking or this attack does nothing. Slaking can't attack during your next turn.

Weakness: [F]

Resistance: ---

Retreat Cost: [C][C][C]

Slaking has a solid 120 HP, even though it is a Stage 2, 120 is still a nice number, considering the fact that it doesn't have the two magical letters "ex" in its name. =D 120 isn't bad, that's the max you can get without being an ex, and its still the best. 3 retreat is kinda awkward, since Slaking has 100 base speed in the game boy game, making it one of the faster pokemon. Weakness to fighting can't be good, in fact, any weakness can't be good. On top of that no resistance, making it one of the average weakness/resistance groups, and with colorless having lost its psychic resistance, Mex can dominate this guy... However, that's what you have to expect from a card that can deal 100 damage (every turn if you know how to).

So let's take a look at its POKE-Body, lazy, which disables all POKE-Powers as long as its active. That could be of use, as it cripples Blaziken (Firestarter), Swampert (Water Call), Sceptile (Energy Trans) and many others. More importantly, it destroys some archtypes. However, this power isn't without flaw. Being only useable when Slaking is active, your opponent can warp point or pokemon reversal it away for one turn just to use POKE-Powers. Sometimes, your opponent's deck may not rely in that one pokemon power to function. Such as cards like the future cargo ex which can ohko slaking, but then again, it takes 4 energy discard to do that.

Ok, so now to its attack, which if you look at the base damage for the cost, seems rather nice. 4 Energy for 100 damage means 25 damage per energy, which is above the 17.5 damage for an average attack. The side effect is that it can't use the attack next turn (without being benched), and you have that one basic energy discard. However, the bright side has many things. You can use the Trainer card Switch or Warp Point and choose another slaking for attacking. Another option is to keep him out there, and then 2 turns down the road use Memory Berry and Slack Off from Slakoth. (Note that you can't use Memory Berry to attack the turn after using Critical Move because Critical Moves says no attacks next turn, not just no using Critical Move.) This can be bad, meaning you can't attack two turns in a row. Also, if you want to use Switch or Warp Point, that's another use of a space (I tried to stay away from the word waste) =P Of course we always have to take into consideration card efficiency. It takes 3 cards to actually get Slaking out... (Slakoth, Vigroth/Rare Candy, Slaking) and it takes 4 cards to power it up usually (4 basic energy) OR if you use boost (Boost Energy, Basic Energy). That's 6-8 cards, which is 10% of your deck. You'll be using sometihng to acutally get out the evolutions in terms of draw power so that will add one more. Most of the time, you will be using a Memory Berry, or even some aditional energy or any benching trainer to take full use of slaking's power. Is it all worth taking 1 or 2 prizes? My answer is yes. You need backup with slaking, and that usually comes in the form of Scyther EX, Mewtwo EX, or Wobbuffet (or at least in my metagame). Scyther and Mewtwo are both EX pokemon, meaning they will draw double prizes for your opponent. Blaziken ohkos Scyther EX, and Wobb/Mex ohkos Mex, and those are all really popular cards. Fighting weakness isn't big, but quite a few people do run Hariyama decks, and that 80 damage to ex thing is just killer at times. Another option to run with Slaking is the Furret, which I think is a neat combo, since it pulls the Boosts right out of the deck.

Anyway, I don't have time to examine each card in each format, since I have school tomorrow. So I'll leave you with my ratings...

Unlimited: What did you say? Stage 2 in Unlimited that takes 4 energy? Fighting Weakness? Nah, I'll pass. 1/5

Nintendo Format: Um, its playable, trainer support from Expedition is always there. Bottoms stats don't hurt it, 100 damage is killer. 4/5

Sealed: Nope, you don't get the full Stage 2 chain a lot, and if you do, 4 energy with the evos is about 1/4 of your deck, and that's not going to help. 1/5

Booster: Same as sealed. 1/5

Rochester: Not one of my stronger spots, I'd like to think that you aren't getting Slaking out. 1/5

Overall: I'm not sure on this one. This is one of those cards great in one format but not so good in the others. I'd have to give it a lower rating for its unversaility, but of course 100 damage isn't sometihng to be looked down upon, espeically with a body that shuts off all powers. 3/5

Thanks for reading,

--- psychup2034


Slaking (R S)


I’ve got quite a lot to say about this card. First off, I have a thing about getting rid of my opponent quick; “Kill it before it multiplies!” So the temptation to use boost energy on this card is great for me, which is not the correct thing to do. You should try to get two slaking up, one active and one benched, with four basic energy each. Then, Critical move, warp energy (or switch, warp point, etc.) Critical move again and again and again.

Another neat trick is memory berry; slaking has 110 damage, pop down a memory berry, (assuming you’re using r&s Slakoth) and slack off to get rid of it all. And then you always use Scyther ex or Dusclops for that pesky fighting weakness.


            Unlimited- 1/5 – Too slow. Slakoth only has 40hp, one out of six rolls for Sneasel, one blow from MPM2, one blow from hitmon, etc., etc…

            Modified (EON)- 4/5 – Got some potential here. Blaziken could be a problem, but throw in Pelipper and you’re covered everywhere.

            2on2 – 4/5 -- Even when it can’t attack, your other active can.

            Draft- 3.5/5 – Good luck getting it up. If you do, it’s GG.

AuSeNsTrAk Way back when RS first came out, people speculated what the new format would be. In Expedition on, Feraligatr, Scizor and tons of other cards were played and did well. In RS on, people bowed to Slaking. Why? No pokemon did 120 damage, which meant with a Switch, Slaking would do 100 every turn and not die...all you had to do was go 2 for 1 on prizes and it was "good game...w/e".

The card itself is decent. With a lot of powers being played in the new Modified (Gardevoir, Cradilly, Shiftry, Delcatty, Blaziken...), his Poke-Body works well. HOWEVER, you've got to have him active....where's he's vulnerable to be taken down by some monster who wants to OHKO him...oops. Anyways, the ratings...

Unlimited: Don't. If you want lots of damage, play something better than him. Even Recycle+Boost for ONE KO doesn't make him worth it. Stay away. 1/5

Modified: He's what I term a "Compokemon"; you never want to run him alone in a deck. His attack, although very nice, is slow to power up and burns through energies. Decks with him will (duh) run 4 Warp Point and 4 Switch to get around the "No Attacking Next Turn" deal. Slaking will (Obviously) have problems with things over 100 HP (Sceptile, Gardevoir EX, Kabutops EX, Typhlosion EX, Feraligatr) and is just too slow to power up and continuously use. CAN he work? Yes. Will it be hard to make a good deck with him? Yes. Will he do well competitively? I highly doubt it. The 'Body is nice, but he's too slow, burns too many energies and trainers to use well and can't deal with a lot of the major decks now. 2.5/5

Draft: Stage 2, OOPS. High energy requirment, OOPS. Can only attack every other turn, OOPS. If you can get a decent line, he'll take a prize for you....but by the time you get him out, your opponent should have a significant advantage and/or a means to ko him. 1.5/5

The Bottom Line: A nice card, a nice poke-body, a decent attack....but there's no synergy and nothing that really lets him break apart from the pack, like Scizor in MMF or Gatr in Old Modified or Sneasel in Unlimited. ANY DECK can work, but this guy is just not worth the hassle. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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