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Date Reviewed: 10.14.03

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Heidi Juggler
Modified format 3/5
It is a good search engine with an environment with limited search.  It does require discarding energy so I think it is most effective in decks that have Pokemon allowing you to remove energy from the discard pile.  Fisherman and Oracle trainers could be a good combo with this card.

Unlimited Format 1/5
There is much better search available to use.

Draft 5/5
Any search in draft is usually a good thing.  I would grab this card.

Name:  Juggler

Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Discard up to 2 basic Energy cards from your hand.  If you discarded 1 basic Energy cards from your hand, draw 3 cards.  If you discarded 2 basic Energy cards, draw 5 cards.

This is an example of a card that is better than “the Math” indicates.  If you use option one, you trade 2 cards and supporter usage for 3 new cards.  That’s a 1:1 ratio if you consider your Supporter use only worth drawing one card (which I don’t).  If you use option two, then you trade 3 cards and supporter use for 5 cards.  In this case, its two cards for your ability to use Supporters (still not good).  So this card is a waste, right?



Depends.  First, what is the format?  In Unlimited, yes, it is bad: you have several superior choices, particularly given that basic Energies are usually rarely played.  One or two decks can make good use out of it (Neo Genesis Feraligatr wants to put energies in the discard, after all).  In Modified, it lucks out: there is more basic energy played, and there are fewer sources of draw, search, and cycling power.  For those unfamiliar with the terms, draw is getting more cards, search if going through the deck for specific cards, and cycling (I call it “sifting”) is where you get X cards out of your deck at a time, but are not solidly adding to your hand.  What does that mean?  Think of Elm, Neo Genesis Cleffa, Copycat, and POR: basically, if you shuffle the remainder of your hand gets shuffled back into your deck before you get to draw, its cycling.  “Filtering” is also an apt term for it.  Back to Juggler: it is one of two sources of significant draw power in Trainer form (the other is Professor Birch).  So with more energy and less options, it naturally gets better.  The other thing is that it combos well with some other cards: namely, anything that can get basic Energy back into your hand or deck.  Two Jugglers and one Fisherman net 10 cards for three Supporters… not too bad, though Bill is less of a headache (it’s always a 1:2 ratio, and not a Supporter, after all).  Another option (that will make decking out harder) is to use Town Volunteers: two TV takes care of 4 Jugglers, and then some.6 Supporters for 20 cards, plus two extra energy).  It may seem inefficient for such a large number of cards, but you will have gone through about half of your deck, and remember, these are multi-turn combos: they work so long as you get the cards more or less in the right order and before you’d need the Energies again (anywhere from 0-20 turns =P ).  Then there is the king of the combos in this format: Juggler plus Mewtwo ex.  Have Mewtwo active, discard two one Psychic Energy with Juggler, then use Energy Absorption to get them on Mewtwo ex, and you can hit next turn for a flat 60 with it’s Psyburn attack.  Pretty wicked.




Unlimited: 1.75/5-Like I said, maybe one deck that can use it.


Modified/2-on-2: 4/5-Best form of “pure” draw power (not searching or cycling), and such draw power is potent, particularly if you are trying to get a combo going (like a Basic, then Stag1, and finally a Stage 2 Pokémon).  2-on-2 is a toss-up: your opponent would need two Sandstorm Wobbuffets to shut you down, and you can pair Mewtwo ex up with… but there are some possible combinations that can frustrate Mewtwo ex… and that is not the main issue so I think it’s stays the same.


Draft: 4.5/5, but it varies.  The only thing’s that might top in from recent sets are Copycat (got a bunch of cards you can’t use in hand?  Happens a lot in draft) and Professor Birch (half the time you have no hand-it’s a format of extremes ;) ).  If the set includes Neo Genesis or Base/Base 2, knock I down to 4.25/5 (draw is still incredible in drafts).


I had to hurry on this, so I apologize if I missed anything.



pERfeCt0ne Juggler

I've liked this card, but there will be a substitute; read on.

Unlimited-  Useless.  Its point is to take advantage of energy discard and Oak does that and more.
rating--- 1

Modified-  There are many combos for this card.  A couple of decks are using this and delcatty followed by Fisherman's for free draw power now that elm is gone.  Blaziken can use its effect to its advantage as well.  Next set there will be a card called 'TV Reporter', but as we all know, names change, but anyway its a supporter that lets you draw 3 cards and discard 1.  So its a Juggler basically.  If for some reason you wanted to have 5 or 6 Jugglers, you can actually put him in to act as one.  Not so great, but =/.
rating--- 3

Draft-  I doubt your gonna draft Aquapolis now huh?  If you do, and do get this, use it!  Raw draw is great in draft!
rating--- 3.5

2 vs. 2-  No realy combo here for 2 vs. 2 specifically is there?
rating--- 3

Multiplayer-  If your ally uses fire, you might want to put this in your deck to support them by using it on them.  Other than that, its the same as above practically.
rating--- 3.25
Juggler, a card that has already seen play, gets the chance to be played more heavily with the more notable absences of Elm and Cleffa from the current Modified.
Unlimited- Don't even bother with this here. Supporters are given the "Supporter" status to slow things down. Why would you ever want to slow things down in Unlimited? Juggler means well, but many of the more competitive decks run little or no basic energy so there won't be anything to discard, which means you won't be able to draw any cards. 1.5/5 here.
Modified- Superb, that is if it is in the right deck. My E-on Modified deck runs a Blaziken line, so Juggler fits right in. Having Basic Energies in the discard benefits this deck as you get an extra energy attached per turn. If nothing else, Modified could use some extra draw options. Too bad about that darned Supporter status. 4/5
Limited- Not too many cards it Aquapolis I would rather draft than Juggler. Drawing of any sort is almost always a first pick in draft, unless you were drafting with a set that had the Hay Basics of old. Basic energies are usually supplied for you at a draft, so discarding a few shouldn't really be much of a problem. 4.995/5 here.
Adback42 Juggler- (the short and simple minded definition)- Discard 1 or 2 basic energies from your hand. If you discarded 1, draw 3 cards. If you discarded 2, draw 5 cards. Its a supporter, so you cannot play another supporter this turn and leave it in play until your turn is over.

Yea ... this is my first review...(Crowds Cheers).
I will try and give a shorter and simple definition at first, my personal opinion, then my props and slops of the card and then the final ratings for all those formats we got out.

We have juggler. This is a good card, imo. Its playable pretty much. Draw card. it gives you draw, surprised ... but still has it props and sloppys.

-Gives you some Draw, which is always great and helps you set up faster.
-If you're playing with Riptide Gatr or Blaziken Holo or Typhlosion Recharge, you get your energies in the discard pile and more cards into your hand.
-Doesn't have that stupid elm draw back.
-You have a choice between 3 or 5 cards to draw.
-Helps you out, when you need it.

-Supporter Drawback
-Needs at least an energy that isn't going to one of your pokemon to use.
-Delcatty RSH is the same thing put with one for three, and less draw backs.
-Not a main drawing card, more of the little sidekicker.
-You can't use recycle energy and get it back to your hand and abuse it, because the basic energy ruling and the recycle ruling.
- The Picture could be better also...a guy throwing around pokeballs, don't we see it enough on the show...

The Ratings and such nots...

Unlimited-Its OK, but you wouldn't see this card in everyone's deck. I could see it being used with gatr or typhlo, but do you see them in unlim, bcuz I don't...
2/5 i guess.... it could be better if it was a regular trainer and not a supporter.

Modified- Neo Gen- Sky type- Was great, this was where it shined, it helped out some of those good decks you'd love to hate like gatr and typhlo. But however it wasnt like total and complete mizage...

Modified-New Stuff, E-on- Still good, playable with Blaziken mainly but still a decent drawer.

2v2- Of course you can use it, but you still got other options, but still dont underlook the potentials...

Draft- Word of advice, take any draw you can get, especially if drafting in aq alone, its like the only draw card available in the set practically...

Yea, im signing off looking foward to many more reviews.
Patriarch First, to start off, I'd like to say hello y'all! Glad to be on the team, and glad to be reviewing the buzzes...and anti-buzzes, of the PTCG. Today, we'll be talking about Juggler, a very solid Supporter from the Aquapolis expansion.

Unfortunately, several factors hold this card back: Discarding energy, the discarded energy having to be basic, and the card itself being a supporter. But with all the lawyer-play aside, it becomes exactly what I said previously: a solid card...Just in the right deck. Combo'ed with Energy "Fishers" (Typhlosion, Blaziken, Mewtwo ex, etc), and energy manipulators (Neo Genesis Feraligatr, etc), you can go VERY far.

Unlimited (2.5/5): There are other trainers I'd much rather play in my decks than this one. Unless you have a specific combo going on, then don't play it.

Nintendo Modified (4/5): Now HERE is where it shines-in reverse foil (Awww...bad pun! X_X). Speeds your energy along quite well if you're running Blaziken, as you can chock energy to the pile, draw 3-5, and use the Beast's Firestarter Power to attach those energy! Also, it doesn't force you to shuffle your hand back into your deck, a very useful factor to consider if you don't want to sacrifice an ever-important card or two.

Draft (4.5/5): Sheesh, who DOESN'T love getting all-important draw power in those tiny 40-card decks?! Seeing as how you'd most likely draft only other e-cards along with Aquapolis, this is certainly a must-have gem.


AuSeNsTrAk Juggler is one of those cards that requires a certain deck type to really work well. In any normal deck, discarding 1 Energy for 3 or 2 for 5 isn't great at all; most decks want to keep their energy around and use it, or use special energies. Besides, you could just use Bill's Maintenance and SHUFFLE one in to draw 3 instead of discarding.

Juggler worked in the previous modified format with Feraligatr. Discarding 2 was great, because Gatr ran a lot of waters and discarding wasn't a problem. In other decks, like SMF, it was pointless. Which brings us to the reviews...

Unlimited: Useless here. There's better ways to get rid of cards (Computer Search and Item Finder) and there are better ways to draw cards (Oak/Copycat/Elm/Comp Search). Just not worth it here, at all. 1.5/5

Modified: Here is where this card is solid. Why? Mewtwo EX. Just use Juggler turn 1, dump 2 energies to draw 5 cards (Draw is good. Always.), then attach and absorb. Turn 2 60. Very nice. Also, Blaziken's power to attach Fires from your Discard pile combos nicely with this. 3.5/5 (but make sure you play it in multiples in a proper deck to utilize it)

Draft: Seriously, with any draw card, 5/5. Duh.

The Bottom Line: You've got to make a deck that works WITH the discarding, instead of DESPITE the discarding. If you just like drawing 5, there are better options. This is a card that only really works in combination with other cards, so make sure your deck maximizes its value. is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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