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Sableye - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 11.12.03

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Heidi Craig

Modified 1.5/5
Supernatural-Allows you to use a supporter in your opponents hand.  Most all good trainers in the modified format are supports, good chance they will have one for you to use.  This may help you by using two supports a turn and getting your deck to set up faster.  Only problem is, if the supporters they have are not what you need or if they don't have any could be a wasted turn.

Dark Bind-Deals 20 damage but with the dark energy effect included really 30 damage.  You can choose to discard the dark energy and paralyze your opponent.  With so much evolution and switching trainer cards might not as effective as you want it to be.  The attack seems a little on the weak side but could come in handy for some quick damage.  Doesn't seem worth discarding the energy to get the paralyzed effect, however this could be situational to the game if you need some time to stall for the card you need.

Unlimited 1/5
Not a good card for this format.  Not many players use supports in the environment and Dark Bind doesn't deal enough damage.  Other base stages have better attacks and more hit points.

Draft 2/5
There are little trainers in draft so Supernatural wouldn't do much good.  If you could draft enough dark energy Dark Mind has potential, it hits for 30 to your opponent not to bad.  I wouldn't discard the dark energy for the effect unless it was absolutely necessary.  If you didn't draft enough dark energy I would pass on using this card.

Here’s the second of our “Almost” Big Bad Basics (AB3s).  Remember, to be an AB3 you need to be a reasonably good Basic Pokémon for Modified play, but not for Unlimited… otherwise it’d just be a Big Bad Basic.  Let’s see if Sableye makes the cut.


Name: Sableye

Type: Dark

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Supernatural

Look at your opponent’s hand.  You may use the effect of Supporter card you find there as the effect of this attack.  (The Supporter Card remains in your opponent’s hand.)

Attack#2: (DC) Dark Bind [20]

You may discard a (D) Energy card attached to Sableye.  If you do, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.


Attributes: This is the only Sableye out in English, so no competition or team-up opportunities with itself.  It is a Basic Dark-type Pokémon, which means that it faces steep competition in Unlimited, but little in Modified.  In Unlimited, the main competition for a Dark Basic would be Murkrow and Sneasel, both from Neo Genesis.  In Modified, its main competition stems from the Sandstorm Murkrow and Aquapolis Sneasel.  As we look at the aspects of the card, I will probably compare it to them.


Sableye has 60 HP, which is more or less expected for a non-evolving Basic released any time recently.  It is enough that most Stage 1 Pokémon will need at least 2 hits, usually 3, to KO it, while most Stage 1s will usually need two.  For that matter, most Stage 2 Pokémon will need that much as well, since most attacks that do that much damage will have a limiting factor that makes them unreliable: things like flips, only able to be used under certain conditions, or requiring Energy discards.  60 HP also either matches or just surpasses those we are comparing Sableye with.  Next we come to Weakness, which hurts Sableye: Fighting Weakness might be the worse weakness.  Why?  Because fighting Pokémon specialize in straight damage most of the time.  With little effort, any deck can (and really should) include a Basic Fighting Pokémon or two, as it is a pretty common weakness amongst supporting Pokémon types.  This also kicks Sableye down a notch in Unlimited, where Tyrogues are everywhere, and its competition lacks this Weakness.  Resistance is sadly non-existent.  Oh, and what should a Ghost-Type be Resistant to?  Why Fighting-types, of course.  Grrr… As a Dark/Ghost, this card should probably have had no Weakness/Resistance at all, or been weak to Dark and Resistant to Fighting or Psychic-types (preferable to its current state in my opinion).  Until recently, most Dark Pokémon have been Psychic Resistant..  That would have been a welcome bonus for Sableye.  A pity it isn’t there.  The retreat is a single energy.  This is good-you should be able to pay it with ease, unless you rely heavily on Special Energies, which may or may not be a problem depending on how you play this card.  This is inferior to the free retreats of Neo Genesis Murkrow and Sneasel in Unlimited, but on par with the newer Dark Pokémon in Modified.


As a whole, I’d say Sableye is a about average attribute-wise for Modified but sub-standard for Unlimited.  The lack of Resistance is the main flaw for this Pokémon, but that can be overcome with strong enough abilities…


Abilities: Just to get it out of the way, I’ll cover Dark Bind first.  For (DC), you should do 25 damage.  Here, you just get 20.  Now, normally you would assume the “extra” would be used to cover some other effects cost, like a flip for Paralysis or something.  Instead, you can discard a Darkness Energy for Auto-Paralysis.  Not a good deal.  Normally, the rarity of Darkness Energy is offset by its damage bonuses.  Here, not only do we do 5 less damage than we should, but if we discard a Darkness Energy card to activate an overpriced effect (I’ll get to that), then real Darkness Energy would not provide its damage bonus.  Finally, I think Auto-Paralysis (if you can call it that depending upon a discard of a limited energy type) should only cost (C), like most other Special Conditions.  Most of the time a discard of an energy counts as an extra attachment of that energy, and that’s for energies that aren’t limited to 4 per deck (8 if you use Rainbow and Multi-Energy).  This is neither enough damage potential to compete with Neo Genesis Sneasel or enough “interference” to mess people up like Neo Genesis’ Murkrow’s Mean Look.  For that matter, you are almost as well off with Aquaplolis Sneasel, who’s damaging attack ( (CC) Claw [CC]) will let you laod it with Darkness for some nice damage (DD is a 50% shot at 50).  Note that attack is also over-priced though. At least the attack exists, so it does something. =P

The real bread and butter (hmmmm… butter =P~) of this card is its first attack.  For the cost of any color of energy, you can not only look at your opponent’s hand, but select a Supporter from their hand (if it exists) and use its effect!  In Unlimited, this is pretty poor, as a) Supporters aren’t used a lot, and b) most good Trainers aren’t Supporters.  In Modified, Supporters are everywhere, and most importantly, they are useful to most decks in general.  If your opponent has a Pokémon Nurse, chances are at least one of your Pokémon can make use of it-Sableye probably shouldn’t waste time attacking for damage with, so it should have only one energy, and will have a little damage on you.  You don’t actually use the Supporter up, and this can be a mixed blessing-they will still have access to it, but may have to use it prematurely to keep it out of your reach.  An extra Copycat seems almost Eeeeeeek like…


Uses/Combinations: Mainly as some early speed, since it will a) give you an idea of what is coming and b) probably take advantage of the copious amount of Supporter use in Modified.  It’s pretty simple. 




Unlimited: 1/5-No real use other than filler


Modified: 3/5-Possible low end Cleffa.  Sneak peak at what’s coming up.


Limited: 1.75/5-Main use would be scouting opponent’s hand, which might be worth it if you don’t think a lot of Fighting was drafted.



Pscyhup   Today's CotD is erm, Sableye, which reminds me of Lunatone because of HP, and resist to psychic and the fact I reviewed it two days ago.

Sableye [D] 60 HP

[D] Supernatural

Look at your opponent's hand, if he or she has any supporter cards there, you may use the effect of that supporter card as the effect of this attack. The supporter card remains in your opponent's hand.

[D][C] Dark Bind 20

You may discard a [D] attached to Sableye. If you do, the defending Pokemon is now paralyzed.

Weakness: [F]

Resistance: [P] -30

Retreat Cost: [C]

Well, its a BBP/BBB, and its no better than lunatone, perhaps worse. Supernatural is nice. You can use that Elm's Training Method or Oak's reseach that you need badly, and it lets you look at your opponent's hand, which is an edge for advanced players. However, your opponent may not have the supporter you need, or may not even have a supporter at all. That means the attack would be a waste, but not to be overlooked. Its an interesting attack that is definitely the first time any company printed something like this.

The first attack is what I'm going to talk about the most, so I'll briefly bash the horridness of the second attack and then move on. Let's see, discarding a special energy card is not good, unless it does something great. On cards like EX: R/S Sharpedo, the discard was fine because sharpedo doesn't need [D] to attack. On Sableye, the story changes because both its attacks require [D], meaning a discard just for damage (20 + 10 for each [D] attached BEFORE discard) and paralysis may not be the best deal.. With Double Gust out, Warp Point and Switch are pretty much rampant around here. Paralysis isn't really with it for the cost. Sometimes this attack may come helpful in a late game crunch spot, but it won't be that often, and it won't be worth the slot. The good thing is that the discard is optional, so it might be better than it looks, but still there are better options.

The first attack may be a reason to tech this card in a deck. Supernatural helps you only, but is risky because it might do nothing at all. The only way to make sure is by playing sometihng like Fossil Omanyte or cheating XD. I don't support cheating btw =P. Good attack, I don't think its worth it, but its worth a try definitely. The only major problem is not being able to tech it in, as you need nonbasic energy. Unless running Multi/Dark/Rainbow is part of your strategy, this card is going to waste space. In decks that don't run special energy, I really think that way because you need draw power and searching power, leaving you with little space for other trainers. However the scene is dominated by supporters, and even Armaldo can't stop Sableye. =P However, the Pokemon ex will crush this guy into bits very quickly since it has no means of self defense that is worth the cost.

Unlimited: Meh, reminds me a lot about Sneasel, just Sneasel can do damage and has free retreat and has no weakness. Supporter cards are nonexistant, possilbly like one or two t3ched into a deck, so its attack won't be of much use. The second attack is overpriced and the discard is horrid. Bad bad bad card. 0.5/5

Modified: Not a bad card. Its below average, but can be nasty at times. Really nasty. it it has 10 or 20 more HP, I can see this card being played a lot more than it is currently. I'm giving this a good rating, just for being a basic, even though this card doesn't make good use of doing damage. 3/5

Draft: The only special energy card is Multi, and you can't do much with that. Keep this for your collection please. Second attack is not worthwile, while the only supporter cards are Wally's Training and Lanette's PC search. Chances are they won't have one supporter and if they do, you can't use Wally's Training anyway. 0.5/5

Thanks, and have a nice day.

--- psychup2034
Hedge  Sableye


I must first say that if any card out of the new set should have had no weakness, it would definitely be this card.


Now, this card is a combo card, in this sense meaning that by itself it is pretty crummy, but with certain other cards it’s awesome. I have a deck on apprentice that uses this, Furret, SS Marill, and Skyridge Beedrill. One time I showed my hand to my opponent, which consisted of 3 lure ball, 4 retro energy, 4 dark energy, and 2 Sky Bee, with two Kakuna on the board and a Sableye and said “GG.” Now if this card had psy resistance it would be played everywhere, but it doesn’t so let’s just get a Pokémon Point Rating on this baby.


Total:  Believe it or not, every once in a while I hit a card that I just can’t put on the scale because somehow it doesn’t work; it comes out judged unfairly and I haven’t been able to pinpoint it. This is one of those cards. It would have gotten lower than Lunatone, when this card is really much better than Lunatone. So, this card I’ll rate manually.


            Unlimited: ……1/5 – Ok,  firstly, Rogue bait, secondly, not enough damage, thirdly, no one uses supporters. And over all why not just use Sneasel geese??? 0_o


            Modified: 3.5/5 – Much better here. Very combo-licious, and also the ability to do a sure 30 or so and paralysis a turn could really come in handy. Definitely consider this card…. However it may be hard to get your hands on one for I have found that it is rather rare and I pulled none from packs.


            2 on 2: 2/5 – Bad here because if one is paralyzed the other can still attack.


            Draft: 3/5 – Come on….. you should all know the rules of draft……

                        1. Pick strong basics.

                                2. Status effects are good.

                                3. Low energy costs are also good.


Watch out for the dark needed for this card however; if you’re only drafting Sandstorm then you won’t get any.

            Written by  ~Hedge.

            Written November 6th, 2003.

Props and Slops:     

Props: ~Piano for his opinions on this card, Pokemon Zeo for having spoilers of new sets, ~ Pojo for posting this review

Slops: Sneasel and Tyrogue for making a lot of card’s ratings lower lol.   

Bullados  Sableye

60 HP is managable, but not all that great for a Basic that doesn't evolve. Fighting weakness isn't all that great, but it's one of the better weaknesses to have, seeing as there aren't many Fighting decks out there and very little Fighting TecH. No resistance once again. The retreat is managable, but not spectacular, especially given the costs of the attacks. Pay it if you must, but Switch or WP would be better.

Attack #1: Supernatural
That's a pretty kool effect. There will usually be at least one Supporter card in your opponent's hand, and probably two. The good thing here is that most of them are useful in any situation, making this attack like a completely resuable Supporter card that only needs to stay alive.

Attack #2: Dark Bind:
Eeeeewwww… I don't particularly like this attack. Not because of the energy cost, or the lack of good damage (coming out to 30 for [DC]), but that effect is just plain bad. It is almost impossible to get back Special Energies, and the effect just isn't worth it.


There are better card drawers, recovery cards, and general supporters that are reusable due to Item Finder. There is no need for this card in this format. 1.125/5

Not much better, IMO. Supernatural is decent, but it won't get you to where you need to get to in a timely fashion, and Dark Bind is just plain bad. It could be decent, but it's more a once-and-out kind of card. 2/5

This thing is just plain bad. Pass it on for something else, hopefully a trainer or some basic that you need for the deck. Both attacks are virtually unusuable here, as there are few Supporters in SS, and even fewer cards that can replace Darkness NRG. 1/5

One strange card...
Unlimited- Well the 60 HP is short of the 70 that is to be accepted here, but not that short. Fighting weakness is bad, especially since a Tyrouge takes you out with a heads flip. The one retreat is also not too bad. Now for the negative. Supernatural is useless being that nobody plays Supporters in Unlimited. Dark Bind has the greatest potential in Unlimited, as it is easiest to recycle Dark Energies. Maybe try using recycle with it to have a 50 percent chance to put another Dark back on the top of your deck. Not really worth it, but I give it a 2/5.
Modified- Rock is a bit less of a threat, bit it is still there. I might see running this with Furret to get your darks out of your deck and do 20 with guaranteed paralysis every turn. Then when your 4 darks get used up, bring in Sandstorm Linoone to get back all your darks from the discard and reuse them. The ability to use the effect of any Supporter in your opponents hand for a single colorless energy is also nice. Being that the chances that there will be a Supporter there are good in this format, it's kind of like a more random Cleffa. I give a 3.25/5 here.
Limited- 60 HP is nice here, as are the rest of the bottom stats to a degree. The chance of getting dark energies is low and the chance of there being a Supporter in your opponents hand is also low. So it's kind of like a useless card. It might be worth a shot for the possibility of draw power. 1.75/5 here.
pERfeCt0nE  Sableye

I loved this guy in the GBA game; let's see if I love his card.

Unlimited-  Not only does it not have a Psychic resistance as a DARK pokemon should, it has a Fighting weakness which no GHOST should have.  His attack wastes time here, as paralyzing is useless when they will either have Unown D or use a switch anyway.  His HP is too low as well =/.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Hes always a thought in my mind when trying to make new decks.  He hasn't found a home in a deck of mine yet, but with the right energy support, he may fit in somewhere eventually.  For now, he is too dependant on special energy, and once he KOs something, the new pokemon that is sent up gets a free shot.
rating--- 2.375

Draft-  Not very useful.  Supernatural won't really work here and I doubt you will get Multi energy for its other attack... dont pick this guy.
rating--- 1

2 vs. 2 AND multiplayer-  Theres not much to say for his specifically here that makes him better than he is in modified.
rating--- 2.375 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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