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Lunatone - Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 11.05.03

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Heidi Craig
Modified Format 2/5

Pokemon Power- If you combo Lunatone with Solrock it gives you the ability to change the type from psychic to dark.  With the two combined you have the weakness advantage on your side.  Rainbow and Multi make it possible to use this combo in most decks to take advantage of the Pokemon powers and being able to use their attacks.  Put some dark energy in the deck to add some extra damage to the bottom attack and with the new energy ruling it would become colorless after your turn ended to prevent self damage.

Cosmic Draw- The attack only works if your opponent has an evolved Pokemon in play.  Since, most decks in the modified format use evolution this attack could be used to help get your deck set up quickly by adding some extra draw power.  Cosmic Draw is a colorless attack which makes it able to be put into any deck type.

Lunar Blast- For two energy it hits for 30 damage. It's good quick damage for low energy and could be useful in a jam.  If you had the Solrock combo going could add a dark energy to make it 40.  Psychic is popular in the modified format so Lunar Blast could be a very effective attack if you were able to use it on the base stages before they got out their higher stages or at least deal some good damage to them making it easier to get them knocked out quickly.

Unlimited- 1/5
I wouldn't use this card.  To weak for this format much better choices out there.

Draft- 3.5/5
You may not be able to use the search part of this card as much but the attack for two energy make it a good choice for draft. I would use this card if I drafted some other good psychic cards.
Pscyhup   Hello again peoples. I just finished watching the Rockets/Nets game and the Rockets won. =D (86-75)

Starting today into somewhere in the next, say, 3 weeks, we will be reviewing some new age BBP (Big Basic Pokemon) that Otaku suggested. They may not be big in terms of HP, but their appearance will be big. So I renamed them BBB (Big Bad Basics) to make it more catchy. =P

Today's card is one in which I have looked at and laughed out lout a lot and then stopped laughing. This card is absolutely a joke and I see nobody playing it, but I have to rate it, so I'll do it.

Lunatone [P] 60 HP
Basic Pokemon
(POKE-Power) Good Night
Once during your turn before you attack, you may change the type of Lunatone to [D].
[C] Cosmic Draw
If the defending Pokemon is an evolution card, draw 3 cards.
[P][C] Lunar Blast 30
Weakness: [P]
Resistance: ---
Retreat cost: [C]

I don't like this card. Why? One, there's no purpose in making the Pokemon a dark type. The only thing that's going to be weak to dark is dusclops (as of now). There's no way that this can be help in most cases, and weakness to psychic makes it bad. The Power can be used to avoid psychic resistance, but the only thing that's resist to psychic are dark types like Mightyena and Sableye just to name a couple. I don't see the darkness Pokemon being played, so there's not much use for the power.

The first attack is interesting. 3 cards as long as the Defending Pokemon is an evolution. Sad thing is though, that most evolutions take down Lunatone in one hit, like espeon, blaizken/swampert with strength charm. If you want something for pure cosmic draw, go with Solrock, just because of the more HP. Its a great attack with one small but costly problem. Your opponent decides what his/her active is most of the time and chances are you're not playing Pokemon Reversal just to change the active Pokemon. Therefore, you won't be using the attack most of the time, and its like a free prize (almost). One last problem is the lack of a cheap damageing attack (cheap as in one energy). If it had something that could back up when you can't use cosmic draw, then maybe it'd be a good card. However, this makes players rethink using this card.

The last thing is the combo mentioned above with Solrock. Its a nasty combo against the right deck, but you aren't going to be pulling off the combo most of the time and that's the problem. This can only be played in a psychic deck if you want to to do damage. Wobbuffett, Mewtwo ex, and even the expedition Mewtwo overshadow this card. It doesn't see a future in the current Modified. In unlimited, psychic isn't a strong type because of Wiggly, Fable, Chansey and the whole colorless crew. Even if there was none of that problem, Mewtwo ex, promo Mewtwo, and even cards like Gengar are better. However, play this thing over base set mewtwo. =P

Unlimited: As mentioned above, definitely bad in this format with a lot of haymakers and better draw power in the form of trainers. If you need that draw, you can try Bill or Erika, or even Lucky Stadium. Low pick, not even half decent attacks. Therefore I have to give it the lowest rating possible (well almost). 0.5/5

Modified: I mean it'll see some play. Its not going to be the new BBP or anything of that sort. Its not even going to making it into any tournament winning deck. It has a fun attack and a fun power. One retreat is always nice. Too many cards are better and with the rebirth of psychic types, you can't just let this thing in your deck to draw your opponent a prize. I wouldn't give up a prize for the potential to draw three cards, that's just not the smart thing to do. It does get a higher rating that in Unlimited, but not enough to make it into the cut. 1.5/5

Draft: Wow, 30 damage, definitely good. Cosmic draw is very nice at times, just watch for the deck out. Duskulls are popular in sandstorm, and if you are able to get a Solrock, play this card and Solrock because its going to be nasty if you can get them both out. Even if you don't its still a nice card to play with. 60 HP is very good for any basic. However, if you get something like walimer over this, I suggest you play Wailmer. 3/5

That's it folks. This is my review on Lunatone, and believe me, I don't really like this card. If you disagree with me, drop me an e-mail. Thanks for reading, and cya later.

--- psychup2034
Hedge  Lunatone


Hmmmmm……. Very odd card. I find that 60 hp, only 30 damage and weakness to psychic is simply just too weak nowadays. A Gardevoir with one psychic energy can OHKO it (assuming it has two energy attached) I could see it being used for quick ko’s on Ralts, but other than that…… Draw power?  -__-   If you still need draw power by the time your opponent gets out evos. then you have got trouble anyway.

The power…………    -________________________-   How many things are weak to dark??? Please tell me all I can think of are some ghosts, and why on earth would you play psychic if it’s not Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex?????  Let’s throw this card on the scale…


Total: 9 ˝   Woop de doo. I think Lunatone and Solrock should have had fighting resistance because they have levitate in the GBA. Not that that would have made them that much better, but it would have helped.


            Unlimited: 1/5 – I could never have the heart to give a card a zero (unless it’s Base set Ghastly rofl) but if I did, this card would get it here. Almost no evolutions, only 60 HP ( two flips out of six for Sneasel) useless power, and zero damage to Sneasel.


            Modified: 2/5 – Ralts poacher, Gardevoir bait. Nothing more or less.


            2 on 2: 2/5 – Same as modified  -_-


            Draft: 3.5/5 – Here it’s actually considered   o  k  by my standards. It’s a basic, a quick one, and it has draw power on it.

Written November 4th, 2003.

Author:  ~Hedge

Mini-Reference list: Lunatone Pokémon card by Nintendo, PPPR system …

Bullados  Lunatone

The HP isn't all that bad, but it's certainly not great. 60 with very little healing is decent, but not all that great. Weakness is a little surprising, considering that he can change types to Darkness, which is resistant to Psychic. No resistance (although it would've been funny if he'd gotten a Psy weakness AND resistance…). One retreat is pretty good, but the energy costs of the attacks kinda forces him to have that retreat. Pay it if you must, but I'd say that Switch or Warp Point would be better for getting him outta there.

Poke-POWER: "Lunar Eclipse"
THIS is a new thing to Pokemon. I don't think that I've ever seen a Pokemon Power that triggers only when a certain other Pokemon is in play before the EX series. Needless to say, it's pretty good. The ability to have two types on one Pokemon is amazing, especially considering that he has very little HP and a relatively small attack…

Attack #1: "Cosmic Draw"
Now, this is fun. One card can draw you 3 more for the price of a prize and an energy card. IMO, it could be worth it. However, this attack can only be used later in the game, when your opponent has an army of evolved Pokemon at his disposal. I'd think that it'd be a good idea to bench him first turn, to make your opponent afraid of every evolving and mostly attacking with weaker Basics that Lunatone or virtually anyone else can take out easily.

Attack #2: "Lunar Blast"
Pretty good attack, IMO. Not exactly something to build a deck around, but pretty good. [PC] on a Basic should net 20, but this nets you 30. Any type of damage increase is good. Also, due to the Pokemon Power, this could be up to 70 damage, with the right energy cards attached. 30 is good in the beginning of the game, but becomes less useful later in the game when Pokemon have more HP and a higher attack strength. I'd say use this attack early and often, and then, just before he's KO'd, use a Cosmic Draw and re-fit your bench, hopefully with a strong evolution.


There are better BBPs out there that have more HP, a higher attack, a better drawing attack, or a better retreat, and mostly they will have more than one of these attributes. The 60 HP is also a problem. 1.5/5

Very good, especially if you pair him with Solrock and some Rainbow or Multi Energies. Draw is very scarce here, and you can use all the help that you can get. Also, the dual typing also helps. 4/5

First pick Pokemon here. 30 damage for cheap AND a drawing attack (forget about the POWER) is extremely good for a Basic Pokemon. This guy will net you at least 2 prizes before you're forced to sacrafice him to get a new hand. 4.5/5 just because there are stronger Basics in SS.

Ralphy  Ralphy-
Lunatone, what can I say other than that he likes to Tag Team other Pokemon with Solrock.

Unlimited- I don't see why you would need this. These is already more than enough draw power in Unlimited, so the first attack isn't needed. But even if you didn't have Oaks, Elms, CPUs and the such, there is a good chance that in competitive Unlimited play, you won't even see an evolved Pokemon. Well maybe a cheepo Slowking or two. The second attack is pretty nicely costed, but who wants to play a 60 HP Psychic weak Pokemon for a 30 attack. 1.25/5 here.

Modified- Could be nice here. The draw is nice, but I like to use my draw attacks on the first turn. This could be used on your second turn, but that's only if your opponent evolves, which they won't if they don't have to. And if they do have to, that evo is going to come out and KO this thing. I would rather run a Linoone line because they are uncommon, and I control whether I get cards or not. I also would rather get two cards I need, or one from the discard, than three random cards. The ability to chance types is nice but nearly useless for Lunatone. Not much is weak to darkness as of yet, and you still keep your weakness of Psychic. Nice, but could be better. 3/5

Limited- Draw power in any form = good. 60 HP is a nice number, and short of Electric and no weakness all together, Psychic is the best to have. His power is once again not really that good or bad. The 30 damage attack isn't too bad. If you already have a Solrock, taking this should be a no brainer. 3.5/5 here.
Adback42   Lunatone-
Poke-Power: Lunar Eclipse: Once during your turn (before you attack,) if Solrock is in play, you may change Lunatone's type to [D] until the end of the turn. This power can't be used if Lunatone is affected by a Special Condition.
[1] Cosmic Draw () If your opponent has any Evolved Pokemon in play, draw 3 cards.
[1P] Lunar Blast (30)
Weakness: Psychic

The verdict- I kind of like this card. 60 to kirlia/ralts/garde family is nice, even on turn two. Cosmic draw is pretty good also, unless youre against a haymaker equivalent, since there is not many good draw cards in e-on. Since you can change its type to dark if you have solrock out you can also take out those pesky ghosts types as well as the psychic and poison types... Can combo with darkness energy when dark and can do 40 on turn 2 or potentially 80  with solrock. The combo  of solrock and lunatone can be good, but in reality and heavy competiton, I don't think it will be the best pokemons to use. Maybe in a support role is where i see these two the best.
The HP could also be an improvement on later models.

E-on- i give lunatone a 2.5, but with solrock a 3. Theres simply other options, but is still a decent tech to use. Since it can do 60 to garde it gets a 2.5 instead of a two. The HP is also a downside.

Nintendo only- 2.79 and the combo 3.25, better in here but not that much. use it for the draw.

The next several CotDs are going to cover some of the beefier basics… of Modified.  While they aren’t going to cut it in Unlimited, many of these things are potent in Eon.  Of course, we are starting with some of the weaker ones, so they won’t probably seem so hot for a while… ;)


Name: Lunatone

Type: Psychic

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poke-POWER: Lunar Eclipse

Once during your turn (before your attack), if Solrock is in play, you may use this power.  Until the end of your turn, Lunatone’s type is (D).  This power can’t be used if Lunatone is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack#1: Cosmic Draw

If your opponent has any Evolved Pokémon in play, draw 3 cards.

Attack#2: (PC) Lunar Blast [30]

Name: Solrock

Type: Fighting

Stage: Basic

HP: 70

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poke-POWER: Solar Eclipse

Once during your turn (before your attack), if Lunatone is in play, you may use this power.  Until the end of your turn, Solrock’s type is (R).  This power can’t be used if Solrock is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack#1: Cosmic Draw

If your opponent has any Evolved Pokémon in play, draw 3 cards.

Attack#2: (FCC) Solar Blast [40]


While we are technically only reviewing Lunatone today, Solrock is some important to it I though I should include its text.


Attributes: We have no other Lunatone’s, so it won’t be competing or teaming up with itself.  It is a basic Psychic without an evolution, or “pre-evolution”, so it’s also on its own their.  There are many Psychic Basics, some with evolutions or pre-evolutions (like Jynx or Wobbuffet).  So it is in a crowded field there.  Being Psychic isn’t bad, as it means the “puny” Basic scores double damage against big hitters.  Its HP is 60.  This is acceptable for a Basic that doesn’t evolve.  It’s enough that it will probably take an evolution to OHKO it… or a Psychic Pokémon, since it is weak to its own type.  No resistance… -_- And lastly, a retreat of one, which is nice. J  Easy to pay.


Abilities: To start, we notice that there are two Attacks in addition to a Poké-Power.  This is a good sign… for this to be bad means that all three have to be horrid.  We’ll look at the attacks first.  Cosmic Draw is okay.  It needs an evo to be in play to let you draw 3 for (C).  Since supporting evolution lines are more common now, this makes it overall a good attack.  If such lines weren’t common, then usually your opponent’s big attacker would be killing you after one use.  Next is Lunar Blast, a nice 30 for (PC).  This is slightly discounted, as (PC) only pays for 25 (15+10).  So these are two okay attacks.  Now we come to what makes it useful… Lunar Eclipse.  With this, you can turn it into a Dark Pokémon.  Now you have one card that can cover 2 Weaknesses, and this means that you can use Darkness Energy for extra damage, like (PD) for 40!  The downside, you need Solrock in play.


Uses/Combinations: Use it with Solrock, and you can cover 4 types of Weakness (Dark, Fire, Fighting, and Psychic), and have some basics with draw power (selective though it might be).  Other than that, I got nothing.  Just remember that all basics that aren’t Pokémon ex will soon get a boost from a new supporter that (for non-Pokémon ex) is a flipless Super Scoop-Up.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-If you wanted to, you could use it okay for a Potpourri (all colors deck)… but that means running Solrock too.


Modified: 3/5-Still good for a Potpourri deck and can be good support with Solrock for others.  Note, without Solrock, this Pokémon drops to a 2/5, as it then is an okay Psychic attacker… but there are better such basics in Modified.  Oh, and FYI, don't make up your mind about this until we get around to Solrock... sadly, the list went Alphabetically, more or less, so it'll be a bit. >_<


Limited: 4/5-Good card.  Any draw is good, and chances are at least one of your opponent’s Pokémon will be an evo.  If you are insanely luck and can grab a Solrock, it’s even better (add .5).


-Otaku is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

If you have cool game tips, a killer deck, or breaking news ... send them to us.  We'll post it on the site ... and give you all the credit.  


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