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Solrock- Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 11.14.03

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Thundachu  Solrock

Overview: The poke-Power could come in handy for grass pokemon and ex pokemon with weakness of fire. The bad thing is you can only use it if Lunatone is in play, so if it isnt, your screwed I suppose. 70HP for a basic pokemon is fantastic. For 1 colorless energy Cosmic Draw 0wns. If your pokemon has any evolved pokemon, you get to draw 3 cards. pwnage. Will work great in Draft. And for 1 fighting 2 colorless, does 40 solid damage with Solar Blast.Retreat of 1 is nice and weakness to Grass is ok. Could be worse. Cradilly could cause a problem for it.

Unlimited: 3/5: 70HP basic with draw power of 3. Your almost guarenteed your opponent will have atleast 1 evolved pokemon out.

Modified: 3.5/5

Draft: 4.5/5: Basic with a draw power. Nice. Only problems are is the draw power because it needs an evolved, evolved pokemon are kind of hard to get in Draft, otherwise I would have rated it 5.
Hedge Solrock


Gotta make it quick on this one. I think this card is pretty just like Lunatone, with a little better power, stronger dmg attack, and more hit points. Definitely stronger.


Unlimited: 1.5/5 – Ever heard of Hitmonchan???


Modified: 4/5 – Good here I suppose. Draw power, fighting tech, fire ability to help against its weakness, and ten more HP, which is really nice.


2 on 2: 4/5 – Ditto (no pun intended lol)


Draft: 4/5 –Big basic with draw power. Plus better chance of getting Lunatone if you’re drafting only Sandstorm.

Bullados  Solrock

This, IMO, is much better than his lunar partner. 70 HP is the magic number that everyone searches for in a Basic Pokemon. Weakness is something to worry about, as the Blaziken/Exeggutor deck is becoming increasingly popular, as well as the Sceptile TecH cards. However, Solrock does have a defense against these two decks, which I'll come to later. Finally, the retreat. This is very good for this particular Pokemon, given its attack costs. Pay this if you don't have a Switch or WP, or if you just plain don't wanna use them.

Poke-POWER: "Solar Eclipse"
Much like his lunar partner, Solrock is also a shapeshifter. This is his defense against the Grass cards so heavily played in Modified. The ability to switch to the general weakness of Grass is extremely powerful, and will save this card many a knockout.

Attack #1: "Cosmic Draw"
The same attack as on Lunatone, and I say the same thing. It's good only in the late game. However, you'll want this guy benched ASAP, mostly for the scare effect that he'll produce with this attack and the power of his 2nd attack.

Attack #2: "Solar Blast"
Notice a trend here? All of the names of attacks and POWERs are exactly the same, just modified for the specific Pokemon. [FCC] should yield 30, but here, you do 40 damage. This will OHKO an Exeggutor with Lunatone on the field, and will severely damage virtually anyone else. This card is absolutely gamebreaking just because of this attack.


There are better cards that are more powerful than Lunatone here, but he can weasel his way into some rogue decks. Mostly, however, he will spend more time in the discard pile than in play. 1.75/5

Virtually the only Fighting TecH in the format, and he's darn good at that as well. High HP, big attack, and dual typing will save this card, and make him a one-hit wonder in many decks. 3.75/5

First pick, definitely. He has amazing power, and can potentially nab you 3 of your prizes. He will get you at least 2 before he's taken down, and, by that time, your opponent is already on his heals. Just send up a Marill or something like that, and you've won the game. 4.75/5


Now for something I hope you’ll really like. ;)


Name: Solrock

Type: Fighting

Stage: Basic

HP: 70

Weakness: Grass

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poke-POWER: Solar Eclipse

Once during your turn (before your attack), if Lunatone is in play, you may use this power.  Until the end of your turn, Solrock’s type is (R).  This power can’t be used if Solrock is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack#1: Cosmic Draw

If your opponent has any Evolved Pokémon in play, draw 3 cards.

Attack#2: (FCC) Solar Blast [40]

Name: Lunatone

Type: Psychic

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Poke-POWER: Lunar Eclipse

Once during your turn (before your attack), if Solrock is in play, you may use this power.  Until the end of your turn, Lunatone’s type is (D).  This power can’t be used if Lunatone is affected by a Special Condition.

Attack#1: Cosmic Draw

If your opponent has any Evolved Pokémon in play, draw 3 cards.

Attack#2: (PC) Lunar Blast [30]


Again, they are a tag team, so I listed both in case someone needed Lunatone’s stats. 


Attributes: Okay, the basics: first and only Solrock.  It’s a Fighting Basic, which seems pretty good… for Modified.  For Unlimited, its bad-Scythers (particularly Jungle) mean that anyone who needs resistance will find it.  For Modified, it’s a bit trickier to find Fighting Resistance in a good Pokémon Basic.  We come to a healthy 70 HP.  Most “reliable” attacks don’t do that much in one hit, even amongst Stage 2s.  This is great.  Next we come to Grass Weakness, which isn’t so great, but is probably less bad right now than Psychic Weakness (almost any deck can and does use Mewtwo ex and/or Sandstorm Wobbuffet).  Well, in Modified anyway: in Unlimited, the same Scyther that blocks damage just needs a Plus Power to OHKO you.  Next we come to the lack of Resistance… -_- Obviously, the worst Resistance is no Resistance.  Last we come to retreat. The only thing better than a retreat of one is a free retreat.


Abilities: We’ll come back to the Power in a minute.  Cosmic Draw can be useful in Modified: while you will almost certainly be KO’d in 2-3 turns, you can rack up quite a hand by then… if they haven’t evolved their big hitter. =/ The second attack is a nice one: (FCC) for 40 is a slight (5 damage) bonus.  This makes Solrock pretty mean Fighting TecH: it won’t get you a lot of early KOs, but can give some solid one and two-hit KOs against weakness.  Now, a lot of people will think “Hey, only some Colorless, Dark, and Electric Pokémon are commonly Fighting Weak, and none of those have strong decks”.  Well, they are wrong: there are some good decks for all those types, but they are not widely played, and are often hybridized with another type.  We also see a lot of Fighting-weak supporting Pokémon, like Delcatty and Linoone.  Then we come to the power: this is what bumps this card from good to… really good.  If you can get a Lunatone into play, you can have a Fire Pokémon too.  This means the two of them can cover 4 different Weakness.  In the right deck, it can be pretty good.  The next best “Fire” Pokémon would be Aquapolis’ Entei, which Solrock can basically mimic.  Entei can do a flat 40 for RCC… but gets an extra effect with discard: too bad he’s hard to power up so few would bother with the optional effect.


Uses/Combinations: On its own, it’s “iffy” opening draw/solid Fighting TecH.  Paired with Lunatone, you get some great Tag Team action… unless they are not weak to anything, or are weak to Colorless (coming soon), Electric, Grass, Metal, Water or nothing. ;) Fortunately, there are many basics that can fill the gaps.  We also get some good support for basics soon.  Together with the right Pokémon, we could have a Potpourri Haymaker again… or not.  Fortunately, there are other Pokémon that this can combo with.  Imagine it in an Energy Trans deck with Nurses.  Hit hard… then move the energy around and heal up.  Wash, rinse, and repeat.




Unlimited: 1/5-Use Tyrogue or Hitmonchan instead.  Scyther eats it (and would become common if Solrock did).


Modified: 3.5/5-Useful on its own or in the tag team.


Limited: 4.25/5-Draw power, solid attack, not a lot of great Grass Pokémon in its set (thought here are some), and of course, a solid 40 damage for a fighter that can go into any deck.  If you could get it with Lunatone, 4.5/5.




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