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Seviper- Sandstorm

Date Reviewed: 11.13.03

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This card is situational… It’s not too good against fighting ex Pokémon because ex are often way too strong for a mere 80 HP, 20 –damage Pokémon. It is colorless, so it can go into any deck, but I’m not sure you’d really want to put it in any deck. This card is just not-that-great, bah somehow I can’t explain it. I guess it can be called mediocre. Not too much to say here. Here, lemme give you the PPR (Pokémon Point Rating):  9 ˝ 


            Unlimited: 1/5 -- ……MPM2 bait. No ex’s, Rocket Oddish if you need poison, and heck, there are so many other BBP’s that you can use.


            Modified: 2.5/5 – Better here. A lot of ex, and is a BBB (heh), but weakness to psychic… [0]_[0] Watch out for Zangoose rofl!


            2 on 2: 2/5 – A little worse here because when an ex is asleep and not attacking, the second foe can still attack.


            Draft: 3/5 – It’s a BBB……. And uses colorless too! But, it’s ex specific… and doesn’t do much damage.

            Written by:  ~Hedge

            Written November 7th, 2003

            Props and Slops:

Props: Pokémon Zeo for informative card scans, PPPR system, Pojo for posting this review.

Slops: Seviper for making us discard an energy for auto poison lol.

Bullados  Seviper

80 HP on a Basic is virtually unheard of, especially in the newer sets. This is extremely good, and should be utilized to its full extent. Psychic weakness is not something you'd want to have in this Gardevoir-dominated format. No resistance, once again. The retreat isn't that great. Switch or WP if you want to retreat, or just let it sit out there.

Attack #1: "Deadly Poison"
Not bad. 10 and auto poison for a discarded [G] energy, which is easily replaceable, is pretty good. I'd say use the Poison effect only once, then power up for the 2nd attack, which is very good on its own.

Attack #2: "Extra Poison"
20 for [CC] is about right. This attack does make Seviper a close 2nd as an ex-stopper to Wobbuffet. Poison and sleep are not to be taken lightly, especially when coupled like this. If you're not going up against an ex-type, then it's a pretty decent attack.


Scyther is really the only viable Grass Pokemon in this format, and Seviper won't replace him, mostly because of Scyther's free retreat and deadly attack for a small amount of energy. It's good, but Scyther's better. 2/5

Better than Unlimited, but still not great. Gardevoir ex, Wailord ex, and Mewtwo ex will see a lot of play, which makes this guy that much more powerful. Otherwise, he's just the best Grass TecH in the format thus far. 4/5

This guy is EXTREMELY GOOD, almost a first pick. Unless there is some other card that is completely gamebreaking (like a free-retreat Marill) then take this puppy. He can only help you. 4.75/5


Name: Seviper

Type: Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 80

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Attack#1:  (C) Deadly Poison [10]

You may discard a (G) Energy card attached to Seviper.  If you do, the Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

Attack#2: (CC) Extra Poison (20)

If the Defending Pokémon is a Pokémon-ex, the Defending Pokémon is now Asleep and Poisoned.


Attributes: Seviper from Sandstorm is the only Seviper available.  So like all “unique” cards, it won’t be directly competing with itself to be played, nor could it be slipped into a more successful Seviper’s deck.  So, what will it compete against?  Most of them are Scythers, but there are Pinsirs, Heracross and Tangelas, all of which are Basic Grass Types.  How does it compare to them?  It has a nice beefy 80 HP.  This is as much as Scyther ex!  It’s also more than most other Grass Basics I am familiar with.  It’s even 10 more than Jungle Scyther, “the” splashable Grass Pokémon.  There is no pre-evolution or Evolution cards, and sadly, it’s downhill from here.  Seviper, as is expected for a pure “Poison”-Type (its video game version’s only type), is Weak to Psychics and Ground-types… and Bug, but only for Red/Blue/Yellow?  Whatever.  Psychic Weakness, like almost all Weaknesses, is pretty bad.  Just deal with it, mainly.  The upside is that a Grass-weak deck normally packs Fire to counter Grass, so that’s a small perk.  When we come to Resistance, there is nothing.  It’s a bit more understandable here, as Poison appear to be Resistant to Grass, Fighting, and Poison… and Bug in Gold/Silver/Crystal? =/ Okay, well I guess if we go with the most recent I know (yeah, I still haven’t gotten Ruby or Sapphire… I will have them probably by Christmas >_<).  In which case, I would say that Grass Resistance would have been appropriate… and interesting. ;)  Oh well.  Last, let us look at its retreat.  Two is acceptable-its low enough you can pay it if you have to, but expensive enough for you to try and avoid it.


Abilities: Deadly Poison could have been good (yes, I say that way too much).  Just one word… well, symbol change, and it would be a solid attack.  If it would auto-poison for (C), or else did a multi-poison, it would be great.  As is, just use it for the basic 10 damage if you only have a single energy and need to attack.  The thing that got it noticed by me is Extra Poison (and the whole 80 HP Grass Basic, but I mentioned that already).  20 for (CC) is fair, but wait, there’s more. =P If the Defender is a Pokémon ex, you get to nail them with auto-Poison and auto-Sleep.  Why is that good?  Well, let’s back up: 20 for (CC) made it into the easy to splash and one of the better bits of Grass TecH.  When you factor in the effects, it gives it that little extra push to become possibly the best.  Why?  40 for (CC) from an 80 HP basic to 4 different Pokémon ex: Gardevoir, Groudon, Kabutops, and Wailord ex.  That Sleep means that theres a good chance (technically less than 50% since they could Switch or Full Heal etc.) that they can’t hit you during their turn, meaning another 40 then with another almost 50% chance of being safe from attack… and Poison damage is accumulating, meaning they need to worry even if they wake up.  Since Seviper is an easy to power, beefy Basic, it can probably at least match up 2 for one against them… meaning that in the end, you’ll both break even, except you just used up TecH for what it was for and they probably lost a main attacker.  Even against a normal Grass Weak Pokémon, that 40 for (CC) with 80 HP to back it up will cause the opponent problems.


Uses/Combinations: As detailed above, use it as Grass TecH.  Just toss one or two in, and anything Grass Weak will fear you… it can also harass normal Pokémon ex as well.  Pokémon Nurse and [SPOILER ALERT] Mr. Briney’s Advice (Supporter version of Super Scoop-Up, sans flip, that might show up in EX Dragons)[/SPOILER ALERT] should make it easy to keep alive.




Unlimited: 1/5-Nothing compared to Scyther, even with the extra 10 HP.


Modified: 3.25/5-I think it might be the best Basic to splash into a deck for Grass.


2-on-2: 3/5-Part of what made it useful against those Pokémon ex was putting them to sleep so they couldn’t attack.  Since its only the one Pokémon, it wills till take a pounding.


Limited: 3.5/5-Not game breaking, but a nice beefy basic that if you put into a Grass deck can reliably poison, or that can just be tossed into an off color deck.


Well, another AB3 down… we should be getting to some more promising candidates soon.


-Otaku ( and please, no SPAM, viruses, etc.)


Oh no! Watch out for that Zangoose behind you!!! Well he is in the background of it pic =/.

Unlimited-  Well here we have an 80HP basic that does 20 for a DCE.  Not bad, but not very good at all in competion with sneasels and such.
rating--- 1.5

Modified-  Hes not only splashable, an anti-EX pokemon, but he can even be just anti-water as well.  He's a variable card and has potential to show up here, almost as much as Zangoose.  We all know that Zangoose is used for anti-Sceptile,  but it will be used for anti-Dragons as well when EX DRAGON comes out, so Seviper needs to watch out for Zangoose =/.
rating--- 3

Draft-  A nice sized BBP (Big basic pokemon/A pokemon that can't evolve) that can be used in a deck of any type.  Needing CC for 20 and having a nice added effect for EX pokemon, can really be nice in draft.  Hes not going to tear down a big hitter, but hes a good support pokemon and a balanced attacker.
rating--- 3.5

2 vs. 2-  With him and a hitter out, your opponent may think twice about sending up their pokemon ex to take your hitter out.  Seviper is a bit underestimated, but not godly in any way.
rating--- 3.25

Multiplayer-  Same as Modified =/.
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