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Ho oH - Neo Revelation

Date Reviewed: 05.05.03

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Ho-oh (Rev.) (Colorless)

This card is way too slow in Constructed as it takes quite a long time to build. Dealing 90 damage is quite nice and all but it takes way too much work.

In Unlimited, ER kills it. You probably will never attack with this card against good decks. Rating: 1.5/5

In Modified, a bit too slow. It would take an average of 4 turns to power this guy up and by then, your opponent would have something big as well. Rating: 2/5

In Draft, this is really good. It can be a staller to buy you more time with it's high HP or you could also build it up and deal anywhere from 40-70 damage on average. Rating: 3.4/5 
X- Act
Colorless Neo 3 Ho-oh
It's my choice for COTD again, and, seeing that Skyridge should be out soon (or is already out), I thought we'd review some of the old Neo cards. I thought it'll be interesting to dedicate this week for Colorless Basic Pokemon that can't evolve. :D
Inevitably, I chose Ho-oh as my first card, and the reason is threefold. First of all, it makes the people at #pojo happy. :) Secondly, I've talked about it a lot in previous COTDs, so it deserves a more thorough review as a COTD itself. And thirdly, because it can be part of a pretty deadly deck in Modified.
This Ho-oh has only one attack: Rainbow Burn. For 4 Colorless, this attack does 30 damage, but you add 10 more damage for each different Basic Energy card attached to it. That means that, since there are 6 different Basic Energy cards (Water, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Fighting and Psychic), it has the potential to do 90. Note: I said _Basic_ Energy cards. So Rainbow Energy is useless with Ho-oh, since it is NOT a Basic Energy card. I hope that makes it clear why Energy Search is so cool with Ho-oh (as I said in last Friday's COTD).
Let's go to the ratings.
Unlimited: In this format, where Energy Removal is still frequent, Ho-oh is, of course, a joke. Short and sweet.
Modified: In Modified, where removing energies is a much more difficult proposition, Ho-oh can be a force. But not alone. Ho-oh is weak to Water, and unfortunately, Water is very commonly played in Modified. But all is not lost. There is a Lightning card which makes Ho-oh very playable: Expedition Ampharos. And for good reason, too. First of all, it counters the type that Ho-oh is weak to, and Ho-oh counters the type that Ampharos is weak to (Fighting). Secondly, Ampharos' Poke-Power works superbly with Ho-oh. Think about it. You attach 3 Energies to your bench (Cleffa, Tyrogue, etc.) which you actually use early game, evolving Mareep in the meantime. When Ampharos is out, just bring out your Ho-oh, move Energies to it, optionally attaching a Strength Charm, and do massive damage. If you manage to KO your opponent's main attacker this way, this will probably shock him or her, and throw him or her off-balance, especially if you bench your Ho-oh at the same turn you do this. Ownage deck, which deserves much respect.
Draft: Well, first of all, it's Rare, but it's a Colorless Basic with 90HP and a colorless attack. Even if you attach only two different basic energy cards to Ho-oh, you're still doing 50 damage per turn. A 90HP Basic Pokemon doing a consistent 50 or more damage per turn in Draft (albeit after a slow setup) is broken, especially in Neo Revelations. And if you later want to sell it, it's the most precious Non-Holo card in Neo 3. I won't give it full marks just because it's Rare (as usual).
TR Shadow Ho-oh

Hmmm, decent HP for a basic Pokemon. You don't see too many with 90. The attack's decent. At most, with only four energy, you would be doing 80 and at the very least, 40. It's attack is a bit costly and probably not worth it. It won't be able to attack on the first turn at all. But in unlimited, it is possible to use DCEs and get him powered up on turn 2. My advise is to not use it unless you don't have any better Pokemon to use.

Unlimited 3/5

Modified 2/5

Limited 3/5 (Just about any big basic's good in Limited)

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