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Pokemon Park - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03/05/03

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Pokemon Park

This is one of the cards that you don't really can find the space for. Sure, removing damage counters is nice but Healing Fields is better in something like a Steelix deck.

In Unlimited, don't really see a point here. There are better Stadiums out there. Rating: 1.8/5

In Modified, it's more playable here. But not that much. Rating: 2.3/5

In Draft, this is nice. Don't play it when your opponent can benefit too much from it though. Rating: 3/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Pokemon Park:

Sorry, I really don't like this card.  Sure, it may have some uses, but those are so situational, it just isn't worth much.  I will try to make this one quick.  After all, you don't need to wast time reading about junk cards, do you?

Unlimited:  Absoulutly not.  There are so many other stadiums you could play.  If you run no ER or SER, run a No Removal Gym.  Lots of Darkness and Metal Energy?  Ecogym.  Just want a counter gym?  Try healing feilds.  Just not this.  Play POWER PLANT over this.  1/5

MMF:  I don't even know what to rate it hear.  I'll give it an extra 1/4 of a point just cuz most stuff is better in MMF than in unlimited >__<.  1.25/5

Limited:  Don't wast your pick on this thing.  There has got to be a better car you can take, right?   Unless it's the last card in the pack, slap anyone who drafts this World Class Crap.  1.25/5

The Bottom Line:  1.25/5

X- Act
Pokemon Park
I believe this is the first Stadium Card that we've reviewing from Aquapolis. You remove one damage counter from one of your Benched Pokemon if you attach at least one Energy to it this turn. Hmm.
Unlimited: Well, in many cases, you would prefer to heal your Active Pokemon, rather than one of your Benched Pokemon. So you would use Healing Fields over this. I think it's not too bad... but I really can't see a way of making this effective. I only see this as a sort of anti-Rainbow Energy kickback thing... but it only works on the Bench. Maybe an anti Dark Ampharos gym? I dunno. I can't see any uses for this gym in this format. The other gyms are better, and should be used over this one.
Modified: Well, the same thing applies here. Maybe you can play Espeon AQ with Potion Energy and this Stadium to remove two damage counters from one of your Benched Pokemon per turn. But still, the fact that it only works on the Bench makes the use of this gym really limited. I'd play another gym over this one.
Draft: Well, healing in Draft is almost unheard of, so this gym might be a blessing from God. It's Uncommon too. Again, I wish it was able to heal the Active Pokemon too... But, hey, you can't have everything. :)
Now let's go back to my thesis...
dontknow09 Pokemon Park

A new stadium in the aquapolis set. Pretty basic. Attach an energy from the hand to the bench, remove a damage counter. Its pretty cool, since you could use raindance or harvest bounty or any other energy-rule breaking cards to heal alot of poke's.

Unlimited- A card in like this would b very good in unlimited. Blastoise is probably the main reason why people would use this card. But for the most part, it would see occasional use.  3/5

Modified-  With the absense of blastoise, there's venusaur. It's really helpful when you could heal and attatch energy at the same time. But then again, your opponent could use the park too. For the most part though, it should be more of an advantage for you.  3/5

Draft- I really dont know about how it would do in draft. Most of the time, its the active thats getting damaged. Very rarely does the bench every get hit. It doen't have much use, but could come in handy.  2/5

Team- As like any other stadium, it affects all players. But if a team can successfully pull of a strategic way to abuse pokemon park, than it really wouldn't matter if the opposing team could use it.  2.5/5


Pokemon Park

pokemon park hm? i can't really find a use for this. you would never want to attach energy to a damaged pokemon. only 1 reason i can think to use this. counterstadium =\ although a better counterstadium would be cinnibar island gym (providing that you don't play water =P).

UNLIMITED - < NOT A NEGATIVE SIGN! ITS A DASH! stupid dontknow =P 1 lowest rating for this card =\ only purpose is a counterstadium, an cinnibar worksSO much better.

.1 = counterstadium because cinnibar isn't legal =\

pick something else WILL YA?! =P not worth it at all. no game changing stadiums are usually drafted anyways.

dontknow says: error on review, raindancing/harvest bounty rule recently changed(last minute) is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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