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Lanturn - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03.03.03

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Lanturn (Water)

80HP for a Stage 1 is quite standard. Lightning Ball is a decent and cheap attack for its cost. Conduction has a potential to deal a lot of damage, but you lose all of your Lightning Energy cards and you would have to rely on flips.

In Unlimited, a pretty good card to splash to a Lightning Deck. Not too weak to ER is also a nice touch. Rating: 2.5/5

In Modified, a good way to splash Water types in your Lightning Deck (probably Ampharos) in order to win easier against Entei Decks. Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, high HP and a low retreat cost is pretty darn good. Fire seems to be one of the most popular colors to draft and you can vary your Weakness and Resistance. A decent card in Draft. Rating: 3/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Hey guys.  Lemme say this before the Lanturn reveiw.  Lots of people are asking me why I miss alot of reveiws.  That is mainly because I go to 3 or four different leagues per weekend.  Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night and Sunday Afternoon.  So thats why I miss so many.


I like this card.  Alot.  This guy has the potental to be really powerful.  80 HP is nice, a weakness to grass, well, that's not too bad since grass is scarce now in all formats.  A single retreat makes him faily moble.  His first attack is nice, the good ole' 20 for one.  The second attack, but, excuse me, that is just a little too powerfull.  It's already thirty damage, so let's say you have three lightning on him, just enough to power him up, ok?  Discard three..  So even if you only get one heads, that's seventy damage.  2 heads, and a steelix with no metals on him or 10 or 20 damage is KO'ed.  All three heads, and you KO anything.  Too much power.  I understand that it might be a little dificult to keep going, but after that, one energy and you attack for twenty.  And odds are, after Conduction, your opponet has tyo put up a new pokemon =).  A turn three discharge can be totally devestating to your opponet.

Unlimited:  It could be really good here.  Discharge can easly ko many popular pokemon, such as Sneasle and Slowking and Murkrow.  Still, ER and SER could hurt him a little.  2.75/5

MMF:  Sweet.  If you were to run two Revelation Ampharos and two Expedition Ampharos, then you could do 3 or 4 Attract Current and then shift the energy up to the Lanturn.  Can't you see Lanturn in a Lightning Deck to counter Entei/Cargo?  If you are able to keep Lanturn healthy, you can get KOs fairly effectivly.  Has possibilities.  3.25/5

Limited:  Man.  it really is good here.  I did a draft today, and although no body drafted him, he would have been a force.  High HP, a low costing attack that does good damage, and a big banger attack to take out that one heavy hitter they managed to get going with.  I can see him used here.  (Although I won with Marowak and Golduck.  Man, Marowak OWNS!)  4/5

The Bottom Line:  3.25/5

X- Act
Aquapolis Lanturn (Water) COTD
This is one of the cards in Aquapolis that really caught my eye when Aquapolis came out. Conduction is a pretty nice attack, when comboed with another Pokemon. Lightning Ball isn't bad too. Pretty solid stuff.
Unlimited: In Unlimited it isn't horrible, but I wouldn't risk it. Conduction can be a nice [3] for 30 attack if you want. This thing is weak to grass, and unfortunately, Scyther is still played in this format. But Conduction has the ability to OHKO Scyther. Scyther doesn't OHKO this thing, unless you attach 2 Pluspowers. Energy Stadium and Aquapolis Electrode can be played to get back lost Lightning Energies (which isn't easy, considering Aquapolis Electrode needs to be Active for its Power to work). It's a fun deck. Maybe not tourney-worthy, but still fun.
Modified: Quite nice in Modified. You can play Jugger and Aquapolis Electrode with it. After you use Conduction (either with 2 Lightning or with 3... as you prefer), you get out Electrode as your Active Pokemon and use its power. Thing is, Aquapolis Electrode _has_ a retreat cost. But Recycle Energy can be used for the retreating purposes. I think all you need are 2 Electrodes, which makes you likely to attach two Energies per turn to Lanturn (one from your hand, and one from one of the Electrodes). I like it. Yes, Electrode is weak to Fighting, but Tyrogue doesn't OHKO it, and you can use a further combo card... Pokemon Center, to heal all the Electrodes and the Lanturn (especially after using Conduction). And, if you get sick of discarding too much Lightning Energies, you can try to attack with just one Lightning Energy and two Recycle Energies, which does either 30 or 70. Not bad at all. The best Lanturn ever printed, in my opinion.
Draft: A very nice card to Draft! There are two Chinchous in Aquapolis. One is Lightning with Fightning weakness, and its attacks are not too unsplashable. The other one is Water with Grass weakness (like this Lanturn) with two totally splashable attacks. And Lanturn HAS a splashable attack, which does 30 at the very minimum. You can attach Lightning Energies for Conduction to pick up your last prize. A very nice card. Again, the downfall is that it's Rare.

Aquapolis Lanturn Non Holo (Water)

80 HP is quite nice for a stage 1. 1 retreat is also good. grass weakness isn't that bad, but the new jumpluff will definitely pose a problem for this pokemon. no resistance as usual.

the first attack, lightning ball, is VERY good for its cost. reminds me of base machop ;) the 2nd attack however, isn't reliable enough. you have no control over how many energies you discard, but it can do huge amounts of damage. 3 energies for 30 is great, but adding 40 more for every heads you get? that's HUGE O_O you could stick 3 recycles on him and attach lightning whenver you need to, but that'd be kinda slow =\


this card isn't reliable enough for unlimited. it's fast, but still, too flippy.


this could work. if you have enough time to power up, you could do HUGE amounts of damage. like i said, put some recycles on him =)

DRAFT - 4.0

cheap attacks and colorless attacks dominate in draft. the only reason i didn't give it higher is because it's an evolution. as long as you get the chinchous, you're fine.

  Aquapolis Lanturn( D-41)

In case you dontknow, its the water-type lanturn from aquapolis. It has a decent 80HP. Also, this is one of the few water pokemon with grass weakness in the e-sets. No resistance is bad, but it does carry a light 1 retreat. Lightning Ball is a good attack. 1 for 20 is the best thing you can get without sideeffects(with the exception of revelation jumpluff). Conduction... it looks stong. Anything +40 damage does look good. And you have a little control over how many lightnings you discard, being an all colorless attack. Downsides, it a flip and you waste energies when you get

Unlimited- Offensively, it could do good or bad. Depends on your flips. But the risk is not worth the damage. Lightning ball could do little chips early game, but not long enough to last a whole match. 2/5

Modified- You could get away with knocking out a few MAGcargo decks, but its being played less often. Lanturn basically is in the same environment as in unlimited. It just doesnt hav a lot of potential. 2.25/5

Draft- Excellent card for draft. 1 for 20 is cheap, fast, and effective. The 80HP will last long too. Conduction is an all colorless/30 damage attack, which is also good. If you happen to get paired with lightning energies, you could make a final blow when lanturn is about to be ko'd. 4/5

Team- Pretty much the same as modified. 2.25/5

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