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Rocket's Sneasel - Promo

Date Reviewed: 03.19.03

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Rocket's Sneasel

What do you get if you try to combine Genesis Sneasel and Genesis Murkrow? Why, this card of course. Entrap is a super toned down Mean Look IMO. Not really worth the trouble. Continuous Scratch is decent if you have 2 Darkness Energy on it as it will average about 40 damage. If you have no Darkness Energy though, it does an average of 20 damage... Meh.

In Unlimited, I see no reason why you wouldn't play Genesis Murkrow over here. Mean Look can win you the game single-handedly anyway. Rating: 1.9/5

In Modified, I would still take Genesis Murkrow over this. Rating: 2.2/5

In Draft, not draft-able. ;x Rating: N/A

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Rocket's Sneasle:

Hmmm... Certanly not the best, but a decent card none the less.  I guess you could GOW or Double Gust first turn for a Baby or something, then Entrap and then next turn another dark for Continuos Scratch.  Thats a possible 60.  but you would average 40, for two energy.  Not bad.  Weakness to fighting hasen't show to be a problem yet, resistance to psychic has also not show to be a huge advantage, except for mabey aganst Espeon.  Still a fun card though.

Unlimited:  2.25/5
Modified:  2.75/5
Limited:  N/A
Artwork:  2.75/5

The Bottom Line:  2.5/5

Rocket's Sneasel
In Japan, promo teaser for the VS set, nice to see they're bringing some of it over here, though I wished they'd bring it all. its a dark type, and what is to be said about those that hasnt already been said? sure they now have weakness to fighting, but thats only a big deal now that hitmonchan in back in the game, avoid him and you're safe. Resistance to psychic is nice, given how several brutal psychic pokemon are still running amok in the underground. retreat is good, and yes, I believe one to be good, as everything cant have a free retreat, otherwise it'd be pointless. one is nice. 60HP is a nice average for a basic that doesnt evolve. its not that amazing whopping 70 that we all dream about playing with, but its not anything to "snease" at.
attacks are actually solid. entrap is no mean look, but it does its job. Continuous scratch is my type of attack. insanely larde amounts of flips make the average more probable and the extremes les probable but still gets the point across. think, for 2 dark thats a 3/16 chance of doing 60 damage for TWO, which is a broken amount even for 3 energy. 3/8 (which is a good amount) of doing 50, and a 3/4 chance of doing 40. even if you only do 30 for 2, its still amazing. play them and swarm your opponent before they can recover. power them up fast, tried it, it has at least moderate success.
unlimited: moderate HP for this format, not really weak to ER if you use recycle, still nice. average. 3/5
modified: niiiice here. does solid damage, good HP and little ER to worry about. usefulness. 4/5
not draftable.
X- Act
Another 'Best-Of' Promo which we never used. Best of what? lol. :/
This card makes me ask the same question I ask whenever I see a Sneasel card: "Just what is the REAL colour of Sneasel?" Some people make it light blue. Others make it dark blue. Others make it black. :/ Well, Entrap prevents the Defending Pokemon from retreating. And Continuous Scratch is similar to a Ledyba's 'Comet Punch'. It's also weak to fighting and has 60HP, and HAS a retreat cost (of one). OHH. :/
Unlimited: It's not terribly bad, but Smash Punch + Heads = KO. :/ And anyway, if you want to use a Sneasel, use the Neo Genesis one. Of course.
Modified: Again, that pesky little Tyrogue makes me go "ban that baby!" =/. But a closer look at this card makes me realise that it actually is bad even without the fighting weakness. Continuous Scratch isn't any good. With two Darkness Energies, it does 40 on average. Is that good? Of course not. Add to the mix a single retreat cost, and you have a card that's anything BUT a "Best-Of". :/
Draft: "Whoa, I found a Rocket's Sneasel in my booster pack!" *Lie detector bleeps.*
TR Shadow Rockets Sneasel

60hp and a weakness to fighting don't mix. It has the words "Tyrogue bait" written all over it. The first attack is a joke for a Dark energy. Murkrow can do the same thing, but the effect stays. I honestly can't think of a reason anyone would pick this over a murkrow. Anything Rocket's Sneasel can do, Murkrow can do better. The second attack isn't good either. 20 damage for two energy doesn't cut it.

In Limited, it would work, if you could actually use it. I have never heard of a draft where you can use promo cards =\.

Unlimited 1.5/5
Standard 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited N/A
TMP 1.5/5

~TR Shadow~

Rocket's Sneasel

oooh, sneasel! nothing like genesis sneasel though >_< 60 HP is just 10 HP short of the MAGICAL 70 HP =\ 1 retreat cost is decent, but weakness to fighting isn't. having 60 HP allows this thing to be OHKO'd by a tyrogue... watch out =\ psy resistance is decent, allowing you do reduce MP mewtwo's damage to only 10.

the attacks are quite fast. the 1st attack is decent, but nothing like mean look. i don't think you'll be using it very much. the 2nd attack is also quite decent. 2 for an average of 20 is... uhhh... "decent". =\ slap on some darkness energies and you can do a bit above... "decent" damage. i used the word decent alot on this card for a reason. it's nothing MORE than DECENT! =\

there are better basics than rocket's sneasel for this format. rogue also runs rampant in here due to the masses of wigglytuffs and clefables. not good enough. it has decent speed, but can be OHKO'd easily by wigglys and rogues of course.

can be a quick basic for modified. 2nd turn average of 40 with 2 darkness sounds pretty nice. who knows, it might be quite effective. i have never tried this card out, so... =\


dontknow09 Rocket's Sneasle

A new sneasle, but still nothing like the gen one. Still has 60HP, but gains fighting weakness, which can be OHKO by a rouge... Keeps the resistance, but gains the retreat cost... First attack, like a temporary mean look. Second attack, up to 40 for 2, 60 with 2 darkness.

Unlimited- Nothing like the gen sneasle. Nothing like it at all. Won't
revolutionize the format. 2/5

Modified- Good speed. Although it could get OHKO by a rouge. Other than that, its fast, and averagely, its strong. 2.75/5

Draft- Can't.

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