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Rocket's Scizor - Promo

Date Reviewed: 03.17.03

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dontknow09 Rocket's Scizor

Im gonna make all my reviews quick and straightforward. Gots to spend time partying during spring break =D. Rocket's Scizor has 60HP, but is a basic. Fire weakness, but still keeps the grass resistance that the recent scizor lost. And as always 2 retreat. Focus doubles damage of agility, agility is standard 20 damage with flip effect.

Unlimited- Good. Could do a 2nd turn 40 with possible prevention of anything done to it. Though ER is still a problem, a 60HP basic is really good(it could be 70 though =/). 2.25/5

Modified- This could possibly be a really wierd haymaker-type poke. Its kinda slow, seeing as how it needs 3 energies to do an attack. And booost cant be used on it. 20 damage is still kinda too low, although its attack serves as a good defense. 2.5/5

Draft- Can't draft it.

X- Act
This seems to be "Best of" Promo #4... even though we never used it. Umm... it wasn't even a legal card in the first place. :/
Anyway... it isn't too bad. It reminds me of Skarmory. ;x The first attack, Focus, doubles the second attack's base damage if it is used next turn. For a colorless. The second attack is a usual Agility attack for a Metal and two colorless, which hits for 20 damage (or 40 if Focus was used in the previous turn.) It's got 60HP and 2 Retreat cost. Pretty much like a Skarmory, if you ask me. And yeah, it's a Basic Pokemon, by the way. :/
Unlimited: It's not TERRIBLY bad here, but it IS bad. You could use Recycle Energies to fulfil the colorless requirements. Agility does too little damage though. You shouldn't use Focus too often. I'd use Focus only during the first turn, or if I'm SERed (which would mean a certain demise for this card :/). Sure, if you flip heads often, Agility is a real pain. But if you don't, you do either 20 per turn or 40 every other turn. Which would make me wonder why your Rocket's Scizor hasn't been Knocked Out or SERed yet. :/
Modified: Here it's slightly more playable. It could be used as a decent anti-grass tech card, although there is better anti-grass tech out there. Otherwise, I don't see any suitable use for this card, honestly. It does too little damage to be even remotely viable.
Draft: Until there's a way with which you can somehow draft Promos, I can't rate this. ;x
TR Shadow
Rockets Scizor
Leer is a really common attack and it's pretty bad.  I guess it's ok if you don't have energy for the other one.  And the fact that the second attack costs a metal and is defenetly not worth a metal is pretty bad.  30 plus 10 for each heads you get id terrible.  Now if it were something like "Does 30 plus 10 for each energy attached to the defending pokemon" then it might be worth it.
Unlimited 2/5
Standard 2/5
Modified 2/5
Limited 2/5
TMP 2/5
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