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Crystal Kingdra - Aquapolis

Date Reviewed: 03.12.03

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Crystal Kingdra

Er, this is a really bad card. Both attacks costs too much and they have draw backs...

In Unlimited, it gets a 1.2/5

In Modified, it gets a 1.4/5

In Draft, it gets a 1.8/5

I know it's a short review, but this card is just that bad... =/
X- Act
Another of those Crystal Pokemon. :/
Unlimited: Play it only if you want to be owned by ER, SER, Rocket's Zapdos, etc.
Modified: Let's see. Aquabomb is a multicolored Take Down attack (it usually is a colorless attack). Dual Burn is ridiculously overpriced for what it does. In my opinion, this is the worst Crystal Pokemon of all 3. =\
Draft: Yeah, of course, if you draft it, you can sell it for $$$ (or whatever currency you use in your country =\)... but don't play it. Stick with the Aquapolis Seadra... it actually ownz in Draft (it reminds me of Misty's Poliwhirl :D). And the Reverse Thrust Horsea isn't bad too. Just evolve to Seadra. Don't evolve Seadra to THIS Kingdra.

Crystal Kingdra

ewww, another crystal =\ i don't have much to say, its just another crystal =\ in my opinion, this card seems alot BETTER than crystal nidoking. but why would you evolve your seadra into THIS when you can use a rev kingdra? =\

these attacks aren't as overcosted as nidoking's either. 4 for 60 is decent, and the drawback won't hurt THAT much =\

of course not, you know the drill. ER/SER =\

MMF - 1.5
OMG!!! I GAVE IT A 1.5!!! =\ this COULD work, but why waste your seadra on this? =\ dual burn could be deadly if its powered up.

uhhh, no =\ sell it!!! =D

Crystal Kingdra

Again, I'm quite fond of the Crystal Pokes. The added versitility of being one of 3 types to make them weak to you or to evade resistance (or evade sprout tower) is nice and simple. also, ther are more extras to it if you look harder. it can use 3 of the Cubes. those have been or may be independently reviewed and they're not outstanding but have several uses I can think of in 30 seconds. Think of adding in Seer and Power Plant if you use him.

now to go from top to bottom, stage 2, not necessarily bad, its kingdra. Its got 110 HP which is above average. however to counter the nice HP poor kingdra now has a weakness and 3 retreat. Thats not necessarily bas as you're going to want ot fight with this guy, not run.

Attacks could be better I suppose. Aquabomb is like Takedown for some odd energies. and Dual burn is standard damage for 4 energies. the discard is not welcome, however theres a possibility there will be no discards. Use recycles. takes a but mroe time, but hes not gonna just up and die wiht 110HP now is he?

Unlimited: insanely weak to ER, a stage 2, comes from meteocre basics. Might do some good, but not as efficient as many other options. 1/5

Modified: Has some potential, not good weakness with buzz back but you can tear apart other things like change to psychic and OHKO Expidition alakazam, or he can be used to add an element of suprise with the Cubes. it all depends on how you use him, and he can be used. Can take out cargo with ease by changing to water and doing a direct 40, doubled to 80 with weakness. Also can take out many new waters with lightning type. and can KO espeons with ease by shifting to psychic. true versitality earns it a 4.5/5

Draft: you might draft these colors, you might not, its unlikely and then you have to get seadras and horseas. Take it for the rarity. 1/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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