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Rocket's Mewtwo - Gym Heroes

Date Reviewed: 07.02.03

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Rocket's Mewtwo:

Nice card.  He used to be Ok, but really he wasnt the most powerful card ever.  If his first attack did SOMETHING useful, he could be awesome.  But after all, 4 for 60 may be a bit overpriced.  Also, 70 HP isn't great.  But Hypnoblast can help him survive.  Not a bad card, overall.

Unlimited:  No way.  Does Psychic even have a single good card to play here besides Slowking? :  1/5

Modified:  He is slow, has medeocre HP and a double retreat, yet he is still pretty good.  Why?  I cannot overlook 60 straight damage per turn with no drawbacks.  Also, he has got to have the COOLEST artwork of all time (Go Shin-ichi Yoshida!!!)  3/5

Limited:  Not Availabe except in Gym Challenge, which will only earn you slaps and strong language if drafted >_< :  N/A

The Bottom Line:  2/5

Thundachu Rocket's Mewtwo

Overview: Wow. 2 Rocket cards in a row. 70HP is great for a basic pokemon. Being psychic means it has a weakness to it's own self(I never did get the point of psychic being weak to psychic...). Espeon makes a problem. I love the Juxtapose attack. For 1 Psychic energy, you can trade damage counters. Really nice if your opponent has none and you have like 4 or more. If heads, it is like an instant gold berry or somthing. For 2 psychic energy does 20 damage automaticly and a chance for sleep. That can be nice I guess. The final attack IMO is bad because of the energy cost. For 3 psychic and 1 colorless does 60 solid damage. The damage amount is nice but paying 4 energy for just 60 is too much. Retreat of 2 is a little high for a basic.

Unlimited: Ok here I guess. It can get rid of Hitmonchan. 3/5

Modified: Too much energy costs needed. Stick with Jumpluff ;x 2/5

Draft: Nice here since 1/2 your deck is probably going to be energy anyways. A holo rare makes it hard to draft though, but if you do draft it, go for it. 4.5/5
perfectone Rockets Mewtwo

I never liked this guy either.  His HP is fair, Juxtapose is kinda useless since its a flip, hypno-(whatever its called) is too weak to use, and psyburn costs too much!

Unlimited- ...Zzz...It needs too much energy to be useful.
rating--- 1.5

Modified- A little better... well it can be used in combination with Skyridge Gengar if you use juggler to drop some Psychic energy and discard mewtwo somehow(maybe Haunter exped.), i just don't see this being used =/
rating--- 2.75

draft- N/A
X-Act Rocket's Mewtwo

Another interesting promo. Rocket's Mewtwo gets the credit of being the first ever card having three attacks. Sabrina's Alakazam could use any of its three attacks, and Sabrina's ESP could give you two chances of flipping heads for Juxtapose, which is very fun.

In my opinion, what makes this card really interesting is its first attack: Juxtapose. If you flip heads, you exchange the damage counters on Rocket's Mewtwo with those on the Defending Pokemon. It could be used with the Damage Swap Alakazam. It does involve a risk though; if you flip tails, you're pretty much dead next turn, unless you attach a Focus Band or Gold Berry. Of course, you wouldn't always want to use Juxtapose, especially if the Defending Pokemon has more damage counters than Rocket's Mewtwo. Hypnoblast is a little bit below average: flipping to make the Defending Pokemon Asleep is outdated now. Psyburn is okay, albeit slightly overcosted. It also has 70HP, which is solid for a Basic Pokemon, and a retreat cost of 2, which isn't very nice. But you can't have everything, can you?

Unlimited: I believe Sabrina's Alakazam with Rocket's Mewtwo and a few other Psychic Pokemon can still spring a nasty surprise in Unlimited. Some interesting Pokemon you might want to try to use with Sabrina's Alakazam, besides Rocket's Mewtwo, are Nintendo's Mewtwo ex (if it is allowed in Unlimited, both its attacks are amazing), Promo Mewtwo (again Energy Absorption on Sabrina's Alakazam is superb), Promo Mew (Devolution Beam, although not many Pokemon evolve in Unlimited), Jynx (Meditate after Juxtapose is interesting), and Misdreavus (maybe using the trainer Sleep! to help you, but remember you need to use Night Eyes in the previous turn). It is a very fun deck to play, in my opinion. Sadly, in a competitive setting, it gets beaten more often than not.

Modified: Maybe here you can try pairing Rocket's Mewtwo with the Legendary Collection Alakazam, but you don't get the double flip for Juxtapose in this format, so it's very risky. On another note, it seems like Mewtwo likes to be paired with an Alakazam.

Draft: Again, since this is a promo, I'll assume you're drafting it from Gym Challenge. Psychic isn't a very popular type to Draft, but if you've drafted some Psychic Pokemon (mainly Sabrina's), then draft Rocket's Mewtwo. If not, don't take it, since you need the Psychic Energies to use any of its three attacks anyway.
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