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Scyther EX - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 07.11.03

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The Poke`mon Master 1110 
Scyther EX:

Nice card stats.  HP is good, Agility is always a great attack, Slash is good for the cost, and we also get a fighting resistance.  But guess what?  He is an EX pokemon.  That makes him not so good anymore.  If he was free retreat, or had 10-20 more HP, or slash did 10 more damage.  He is really close to being good.

Unlimited:  Jungle Scyther owns all over him.  No way you need to play him.  1/5

Modifed:  Could be nice, I suppose, but you best be careful.  3/5

Limited:  Take him!  He is absolutely AWESOME here!!!  5/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

perfect one Scyther ex

I dont think that he was upgraded enough to make him cost a 2 prize difference =/.

Unlimited- You wont get 3 energy on it and if u do, he will fall to a sneasel before attacking.
rating--- 2

Modified-  Decent, but not what I would call "good".  Hes solid, but he falls to the Omnipotent fire decks.  No matter how Modified can be changed, a good Fire deck will be at EVERY event. 
rating--- 2.5

Draft-  Very good.  A top choce.  His agility will probably work at least once until he can clean house doing 50 a turn, he'll fetch you 2-4 prizes most likely... definitely a first pick.
rating--- 4
X- Act
Scyther ex
Another ex card. The original Scyther had 70HP. They didn't increase this one by much: only by 10HP. So we have another 80HP ex Pokemon.
However, despite having a low HP for an ex Pokemon, its first attack makes it decent. Agility, for a Grass Energy, does 10 damage and provides Scyther with much-needed protection, if you flip favorably. Then Slash, for two Grass and one Colorless, does 50. It's still resistant to Fighting, weak to Grass, and... ouch... has 1 retreat.
Unlimited: The original Jungle Scyther is still better than this one, in my opinion. It has free retreat, a Colorless attack, a pretty healthy 70HP, and gives your opponent one Prize instead of two. If you play Scyther in your Unlimited deck, continue to use the Jungle one.
Tentative Modified: Remember, the tentative Modified format is Legendary Collection onwards, with Best-Of and Nintendo Black-Star promos. Here it isn't bad, although it's weak to Fire. Pokemon such as Blaziken, Camerupt and Arcanine can kill this Scyther easily, so watch out. The absence of a sure Gust of Wind-like card in this format protects Scyther a little bit more too, but it does so for every Pokemon.
Draft: If you're drafting Grass, it's a pretty decent pick. Agility is a pretty nice stall attack, especially for an 80HP card, and Slash does good damage. Beware of Fire decks though. Don't bother picking it up if you're not drafting Grass, since both of its attacks are not splashable, and it's not wise to stall with a card that gives 2 Prizes to your opponent when it is KOed, especially in Draft where there are only 4 Prizes.

Scyther EX...once again, the slower, less competant older brother of a previous card. Fighting Resistance is back, which is great, but a Retreat Cost and an attack's benefit on tails-fails isn't too hot.

For Unlimited, don't bother with it. There are two awesome Scythers here, both the Scyther from Jungle and Rocket's Scyther, and they'll do the work you need. For 10 less HP, you can get a completely Colorless attack, free Retreat, and compatibility with DCE on the Jungle Scyther. Rocket's Scyther is what Scyther EX wishes it was...its' first attack essentially gives it a Baby Rule, and lasts until something finally does hit. The second attack is for (Grass)(Colorless)(Colorless), and
does 40, meaning it still works with DCE. Leave Scyther EX in the binder.

For Modified, I've still got my doubts about it. Today's Neo-On
Modified completely eliminates all need for can't evolve from it, and Big Fire can get an easy TWO Prizes over their normal 1 Prize. Need large damage from a Scyther? Go with the Promo version. In the upcoming Legendary-R/S Modified, it might have some potential. 3 Energy for 50 Damage isn't too bad, especially with Promo Scyther out of the way. Agility might stall for a couple of turns, but I wouldn't count on it for more than that.

For Limited, this card really shines. 80 HP is massive for a Basic, and 50 Damage on the third turn is awesome. Retreat isn't too bad, the largest ever seen on a Scyther, but at 1 that's still not too bad. Agility means you have a chance of dodging Fire attacks, also. Unless you're dead set against getting Grass, this is a first pick.

Unlimited - 1.2
Modified - 1.5 (Neo-On), 2.9 (Legendary-On)
Limited - 4.0

Thundachu Scyther EX

Overview: 80HP is good for basic Scyther. It is begining to seem most EX cards have 80 or more HP. For 1 grass energy does 10 and a chance at preventing damage and all other effects of next attack. Agility 0wnz. For 2 grass and 1 colorless Slash does solid 50 damage. Retreat of 1 makes the Jungle copy better. The Ex power means your opponent takes 2 prizes when knocked out. Phlosion and Magcargo pwn this thing. Resistance of fighting makes it Tyrogue-Proof.

Unlimited: Use the jungle one. Less HP, no retreat, and you can do 60 with slash by using Swords Dance. 2/5

Modified: It will be eaten by Typhlosion and Magcargo and Entei. Yet cant be touched by Tyrogue. 2.5/5

Draft: NICE in this format if it wasnt for the dang ex thing. 3.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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