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Electabuzz ex - Ruby/Sapphire

Date Reviewed: 07/18/03

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Electabuzz ex

Overview: The art on this card is so cool but pictures can be deceiving. 90HP is pretty much the only good thing about this card. For 1 Lightning energy it does 10 damage and a chance too paralyze the defending pokemon. For 2 lightning and 1 colorless energy it does 40 damage automatically which is nice, and a chance at 20 more. Weakness to fighting pokemon, Tyrouge chow! Resistance to metal is nice I guess lol. Retreat of 2 is ok. I still suggest the Best Of promo (Buzz from Base set). The ex power sucks all around.

Unlimited: No. Just no. Use the base set one or don't use any at all. More HP is not worth the 2 prizes if it gets K0ed. 2/5

Modified: A little bit better here, but not much. I still suggest using the Best Of promo. 2.5/5

Draft: It is the best in this format. You cant draft a Best Of promo, but this one will work indeed. Excluding the ex power, it is nice. And if worst comes to worst, draft it and then when your done, sell it on Ebay.
TR Shadow Electabuzz EX

A resistance to metal is something you don't see very often.  It helps it out a lot against Steelix and Scizor.  Quick attack is like the Basic set Electabuzz in the fact that it's a flip for more.  This one's a bit more expensive but it does more damage and you don't have to risk doing ten damage to Electabuzz.  Ninety HP is better than the basic set one which only has seventy.  I would say that it's a lot better than the Basic set one if it wasn't an EX Pokemon.  Thundershock is a decent first turn attack, it only costs one energy and it can paralyze.  Overall, I think this card is
pretty good.

Unlimited 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5

~TR Shadow~
Perfect One Electabuzz EX

Unlimited-  He probably wont use Thunder Punch, and it wont even fetch you a prize, most likely.  He's really a big doll, waiting to die.
rating--- 1

Modified-  A little better here.  A few good water pokemon like *cough G8r cough* can fall to this guy and prevent them from recovering, but against like Scizor or Machamp SK, he wont do very much =/.
rating--- 3

Draft-  He's a nice sized powerhouse, and will easily fetch a few prizes.  but watch out for the array of Fighting pokemon in EX drafting.
rating--- 4

An Electabuzz with a Resistance to Metal? Hmm...intriguing. Pretty good attacks, extra HP, and no self-damage...this card is definitely worthwhile, at least for one or two spaces.

For Unlimited, I think the Base Electabuzz would be a better bet. Tyrogue will still kill it in two hits, and even if you go first turn, it gets powered up one turn slower than Sneasel. Bad mojo.

For Modified, this card might fare pretty well. Grass has always had a strong showing in Modified, and Mewtwo EX will run off any Psychic-weak Fighting types, meaning Fighting won't be too much of a hassle. In Nintendo MF, Tyrogue isn't legal...not too much at all to worry about. Scizor will still be a force, but 90 HP and Resistance to Steel will help with that. Also, Expedition Feraligatr falls like a ton of bricks to it...on a heads, you can deal 120 damage.

For Limited, this card is awesome. Paralysis, AND 60 damage? Definitely! Steel Pokémon probably won't be too common as enemies, though, so the Resistance isn't much help there. Also, it's not very splashable...oh well, it's still a powerhouse.

Unlimited - 1.8
Modified - 2.9
Limited - 3.5

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