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Azumarill - Aquapolis

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This card is amazingly solid. It's probably the most playable Azumarill so far, might even be playable in Unlimited... o_O

70HP for a Stage 1 is decent. 2nd turn 40 damage that ignores Resistance is awesome! You need a DCE though. The one Retreat Cost is really nice.

In Unlimited, if you can protect its Energies (preferably by Slowking), this card is pretty good. It only ignores Resistance and not Weakness, so feel free to deal 80 damage to your opponent Enteis and other Weak-Against-Water Pokemon. Rating: 3/5

In Modified, it's slower here. However, Entei decks are very popular so it's all good. It also ignores Resistance which is a huge plus since we now have cards like the Expedition Meganium line that has resistance to Water. Weakness to Lightning is situational though. If Ampharos gets really popular, maybe playing this card might not be such a good idea. But on average, it's a really good card in this format. Rating: 3.7/5

In Draft, the Power is amazing for stalling. You probably won't use the power too much in the other Formats, but it's more useful here. The attack only requires one Colored Energy so it's quite splashable. Being a Rare though (at least I think it's a Rare), kinda hurts its rating. If it had higher HP or something... Rating: 3.2/5 

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Azumarill:

Sorry guys, I have been lazy and kickin butt on SSBM.  But never fear, I'm back now.

Interesting... I donít know what to say about the power. I donít see any uses except with Damage Swap, mabey? The attack is very nice. It is a very good cost for fourty, and it wonít apply resistance but still applys weakness. Interesting card to say the least.

Unlimited: I donít see it being played. It really isnít justified here with the lack of e-card grass types around. 2/5

MMF: Better here. The Venusaurs and Meganiums will probabily see some play. So it could be useful, mabey. But even more latter. Some of the grass types in aquapolis are going to be killers. 3.5/5

Limited: A solid, splashable attack and a power to rob your opponet of a precious prize. Not too shabby. 3/5

dontknow09 Aquapolis Azumarill

A new azumarill, on a boat, in a city. With a not so high 70HP, it's not really gonna survive. Lightning weakness makes it worse, because of the reprinting of buzz. 1 retreat is low and light. Now on to its power. Its awkward to me. Like a coin flipping tentacool. I guess you could hide if you're scared, but not dependable because of a flip. Aquasonic is a solid attack. I don't get why people rushed this so fast. Water resistance just barely came out and we have a anti-resister here. Well, anything that avoids resistance is good. 40 damage is average.

Unlimited- Being able to use dce, itll be ready to use by turn 2. Still weak to SER though. This is about the 20th review i sed a card was weak to SER! Arg... well ima get back on topic. not many people play water resisters so attack is pointless. 2.5/5

Modified- A possible cargo killer here, but it not really. Cargo is by turn 2. This is by turn 3 in modified. Unless you get lucky, then cargo will whipe it out. Still, you could use it in a water deck as a anti-resister. 2.75/5

Draft- Again, not enough experience with aquapolis packs since it never came out yet. What i do kno is that the card is going to be great. In aquapolis draft, you can expect to see many water resisters(i hope). by sticking with azumarill, you can rip through those water resisters. I give this a

Thundachu Azumarril:

The new Azumarill I really donít like. First off, itís HP is 70HP for a stage 2, is ok I guess. 1 water and 2 colorless gets you 40 damage. Not applying weakness and resistance kind of sucks. His pokemon power can be good. It is a scoop up with a coin involved. Great if your going through an energy crisis. Retreat of 1 is solid. Weakness to Lightning is great because not many people play Lightning. May be a problem though now that Electabuzz is available in MMF now.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 1.5/5
Draft: 3/5
X- Act Aquapolis Azumarill

Cute Picture. Iffy HP. Interesting Poke-Power. Nice attack.

Unlimited: You know, doing 40 damage per turn on the second turn ain't bad. Weakness to lightning definitely IS. =\ Even the Poke-Power can't save it against Electabuzz with a Pluspower or a Heads coinflip, or to Rocket's Zapdos. Otherwise, this isn't horrible.

Modified: Here it's quite interesting actually. It's a pity that Aqua
Sonic is a turn 3 attack in this format, and so can't outspeed
Magcargo. The 'Don't apply Resistance' phrase, of course, is intended for things like the Expedition Meganium and the new Bellossom. Maybe you can swarm Azumarills and use Recycle Energy to your advantage. The Aqua Sonic attack's energy requirement lets you abuse Recycle Energy to retreat it for another Azumarill, and then using Bubble Turn (on a flip) to return the Azumarill to your hand (thus healing it), rebenching the Marill, and have the Azumarill out again the next turn. Maybe LC Alakazam can also be used for 'healing' the Azumarill. You can try a Bubble Turn on one Azumarill, and if it fails, you can move the damage counters on another Azumarill and retry to use the Poke-Power
for that Azumarill. Watch out for the Electabuzz though, because a coin flip or a Strength Charm will OHKO poor Azumarill. And honestly, the HP is too low for my liking.

Draft: Again this is a Rare. Unless Aquapolis boosters will contain
more than one Rare, good luck on finding more than one. >_< It's not horribly non-splashable though, since it requires only one water
energy. I don't know how the Marill is, however, and frankly, how most of the other cards are, to warrant betting on this rating being decent.
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