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Arcanine - Aquapolis

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Arcanine (Aqua.)
Stage 1

Poke-Body: Extreme Speed:
You pay [*] less to retreat Arcanine for each energy attached to it.

[*][*][*] Fire Blow: 30+
You may discard any number of [R] energy cards attached to Arcanine when you use this attack. If you do, flip a number of coins equal to the number of [R] energy cards you discarded. This attack does 30 damage plus 30 more damage for each heads.

Weakness: W
Resistance: -
Retreat: 3

One of the first few cards that the MTs leaked!

It's a Rare I believe. Anyway, colorless attack is really nice. In Unlimited the Power works really well with DCE as you can just retreat for free or attack on the 2nd turn (assuming you didn't get ER-ed). DCE helps it a lot but ER will lock this card down. You won't be able to attack nor retreat. A 2/5 in Unlimited.

In Modified, no ER, but no DCE either. The maximum you can do on the 3rd turn is 120 damage, which is a lot. Or you can take the safe way of just dealing 30 damage or discard one of your [R] energy for another possible 30 damage. If you do discard one [R] energy per turn, you would average 45 damage a turn at the cost of one [R] energy. Lower than the standard Flamethrower. But you can use it as a last desperate attack which can win you the game. 3.5/5 in Modified.

In Draft, the high HP and Colorless attack and the fact that it's only a Stage 1 makes it very desirable. A really high pick. 4/5 

dontknow09 Aquapolis Arcanine

We're kinda doing this early, but i dont mind. There weren't many cards left to review. A fresh new batch should be good. This new arcanine starts off with a good 90HP. 90HP for a stage 1 is pretty good. Still carries the water weakness though and still carries the no resistenace =/. The good thing is, it has 3 retreat. Now how is that good? Well, if you look closely at the pokebody, this retreat means nothing to rk9. Whats better, if this doesnt become an errata, is that you could put a DCE to automatically reduce 2
retreat on rk9 based on how its worded. The attack is splashable. Its jus like an evolved scyther. 3 for 30. If you don't wanna splash it, rk9 can do some major damage. Its kinda flippy though.

Unlimited- With this out, scyther is pretty much dead. Steelix is pretty much dead. An all colorless attack makes rk9 DCE compatible. A colorless attack that requires more than 2 colorless energy, though, is still weak to SER. It'll do fairly. 3/5

Modified- Another strong fire to heat up the enviroment. Though, not as strong as cargo, it still can pack a punch. But i might think that why it required you to flip. Imagine if you didn't have to flip. You would be doing 90+ easily with entei. But thats not gonna happen, is it? LOL. 3/5

Draft- I'm not familiar with how the packs of aquapolis are gonna be set up, so this may not be accurate. What i can tell is that, well, its splashable. I haven't seen the growlithe yet, so this is also a so-so review. If you include this rk9 with fire, itll b a force to be reckoned with. 3.5/5(???)

Thundachu Arcanine-

All right! A new pokemon set to start the cards reviewed. This card is actually VERY good and I have a small feeling that when released, it will be underlooked, so I will try and prevent that. A great upgrade from Base set. Instead of 100 HP, 90 this time. The poke body is 1337. 1 less retreat for every energy on Arcanine. Fire Blow(I love that attack name ;x) does 30 automaticly and you can discard energy if you want and do 30 more for every heads you flip for every energy discardded. Weakness to water, as most fire
are. Retreat of 3, but the Poke Body makes that different. A great combo with this card, Dodrio from Jungle. Combine his pokemon power with Arcanine's Poke Body. Arcanine gets a -1 retreat automaticly and rest of your pokemon do as well as Dodrio is benched. Only allowed to do that in Unlimited, so makes it a little better.

Unlimited: 4/5
Modified: 3.5/5
Draft: 3/5
Monday- Arcanine Aquapolis

Pokemon gets another Arcanine. Does this one match up to the original? It depends on the format your playing it in. base Arcanine isn't useable in unlimited, but is still more so than the Aquapolis version.

The new Arcanine seems like a depowered Magcargo, without the annoying Pokemon Power Magcargo has which makes it not so good in many situations with double gust. Arcanine however, is surprizingly great with double gust. In combo with Entei, you can have this thing powered turn 2, turning it into a free retreating beast. Doing an auto 30 is great against baby Pokemon while you build it.

The attack isn't as reliable. Discarding 2 energy will make it do an average 50 damage, which is terrible for 5 energy cards. In Modified, there are better options.

In Unlimited however, you have Double Colorless energy, which actually makes this semi-playable.

If all else fails, try it with Typhlosion.

Unlimited- 3
Modified- 2.5
X- Act
Arcanine - 90HP; Retreat Cost - ***
Weakness - Water; Resistance - None
Poke-Body: Extremespeed - You pay * less to retreat Arcanine for each Energy attached to it.
Attack: [CCC] Fire Blow (30+) - You may discard any number of Fire Energy cards attached to Arcanine when you use this attack. If you do, flip a number of coins equal to the number of Fire Energy cards you discarded. This attack does 30 damage plus 30 more damage for each heads.

Unlimited: The attack kinda reminds me of Dark Typhlosion without the "attached to Arcanine" phrase... and without the '+' after the attack number. ;x This won't do much here. Even though its attack need 3 Colorless energies, using DCE on this card won't be an advantage, since you need to deal damage by discarding the fire energies. You need to discard two Fire energies to deal an average of 60 damage; not worth it. Its Poke-Body is weird. When this card has 3 Energies attached, your retreat cost is 0. Then when you attack and discard Fire energies, its retreat cost is again increased. >_< What I like about this card, however, is that you deal a guaranteed 30 damage, no matter what you do. That's better than nothing. ;x However, since this card needs 3 Energies on it to be effective, it's SER weak, and so shouldn't be considered for this format, in my opinion.

Modified: It's not terribly bad for this format, but if you're
considering to play Fire in Modified, then you're much better off with Magcargo. If you compare them, Magcargo does 80 damage for SURE if you discard 2 Fire Energies from it. Arcanine does an average of 60. The winner is obvious. Other than that, most comments that I've said regarding Unlimited carry over for this format (basically everything except for the SER part). It's not that it's bad, it's just that you should use a better Fire Pokemon than Arcanine. 3/5

Draft: Ouch. So far I have seen most cards of Aquapolis only as an
unofficial translation from the Japanese E-Card 2 and E-Card 3 sets. That makes it hard to rate this card in Draft, seeing that I don't know for sure the exact cards of this set. >_< It does have a colorless attack though. However I've seen quite a few nice Water Pokemon in this set too, which won't be good news for Arcanine. Well, since Arcanine is a Rare card, you won't be able to draft many of it, especially considering that this set has a staggering 186 cards, 48 of which are RARE. You'll be lucky if you even draft ONE. >_< So as I said, this rating is tentative, but it is also reflective of the above points.

Lord Gothmog


Holy cow. It's me. SURPRISED?!?! I thought it would be improper if I missed a chance to review an Arcanine. This out of the ordinary to say the least. If you have 2 energy on him, he retreats for one. 3 energy, and he retreats for free. A free retreat Arcanine...very cool. It's attack isn't bad either. All colorless, and it can do 60 average if you discard 2 fire. Flips aren't my favorite thing, but it's optional. That's why I like this card. Options. In unlimited, the format is soooo dominated by energy removal. You'll almost never get to utilize the Pokebody, and hardly ever the second part of the attack, either. Only redeemed by Double Colorless, really. 2.1/5 In modified, I can definitely see it being used. 90 HP is good for a stage one, and it can do the retreat dance fairly easily. I wish it hit a little harder reliably, though. 3/5 In limited, pretty dang good. Having a a high-HP low retreat cost Pokemon that can do 30-for-CCC a turn guaranteed, with possibly more...It's a good thing. It's score higher, but it is a rare, so you're unlikely to get more than 1. 3.7/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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