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Town Volunteers - Aquapolis

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Town Volunteers

This card just owns Time Capsule in any way imaginable. You still get to play Trainers (just not Supporters of course) and your opponent doesn't get the effect.

In Unlimited, Nightly Garbage Run is still better because of its speed. TV could be better in an Entei deck though. Rating: 3.2/5

In Modified, this card is almost a must. Get back that important Stage 1 or Basic and Energies. A MUST in Entei decks. Rating: 4/5

In Draft, it's good for late games and to get back those Energies that were used earlier on. Plus, it prevents decking, which is important in a 40-card deck. Rating: 4/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Town Volunteers:

Sheesh, these trainers from Aquapolis.  Top notch material guys.  What Nightly Garbage Run does well, this card does better.  5 cards?  Wow.  Too bad it's not ANY energy, only basic.  Although Wizards and TPC arn't crazy enough to do that.  This is great to get back Evolution lines to go another round with the opponet.  Dark Dragonair gets them out of the deck once their back in your deck.  Not too bad, eh?

Unlimited:  Oooow.  Too bad it doesn't letcha get back trainers, otherwise it would be broken in this format.  Well, it'd be broken in every format then =D  Still pretty good though.  The gust an KO your Slowking?  Shuffle him, Slowpoke and 3 other cards back in the deck.  3.5/5

MMF:  Better here.  Get back those heavy hitting evolutions and Evolutionary Light to get them hitting again in a few turns.  Sweet.  4.25/5

Limited:  So you managed to get a few good Evos, huh?  Then your opponet pulls everything to knock it out.  Well, put him back in the deck for another go around =D  3.75/5

The Bottom Line:  4/5

dontknow09 Town Volunteers

Look, a new ngr. A much better one too. Wish it wasnt a supporter though =/ Also, you HAVE to choose 5(Unless its a misprint that no one has formally informed me about). Most of the time though, you would have 5 basics/babies/basic energies/evolutions in your discard pile. IMO, this is more of a late game trainer.

Unlimited- You'd probably have to use this, since theres prof oak, comp search and other discarding cards like that. You might have to recover some discarded stuff like that. 4/5

Modified- Theres not much discarding trainers like unlimited, but you do get lots of stuff discarded from ko's and things of that nature. But you probably don't need more than 1 or 2. 3.75/5

Draft- Well, if it were me, i would just choose it to keep it for later on. But as for competition in the draft enviroment, you will use it, but you wouldn't really depend on it that much. If you need to recover some evolutions that got ko'd, thatll be very useful. 3.5/5

Team- Correct me if im mistaken because this trainer buisiness is confusin enough, but i think you can play it for your team. Right now, im on a 45/45/10 side right now. Half of me thinks you can play it, the other half says you can't and the other 10 is too lazy to look it up. For now though, 4/5 if you can 2.5/5 if you cant

Thundachu Pokemon FanClub:

Wow, been a while since I reviewed eh? Sowwy ;x

This is really one of my favorite cards. Sadly, it is a suporter. If you only get 1 basic in your hand, with this, get some babies and basics out on the field! Great thing about this card, it works with BASIC and BABY pokemon. Insta-Rouge. ¬_¬.

Standard: There are really so many other choices for this card that arent suporters. Computer Search, Oak, etc. I guess you could play it though. I just say keep with Search. 3/5

Modified: No computer Search =). I like this card with Professor Elm's Training Method. Get the Basic and Evolution card in 2 turns. Behold the power of Steelix and Espeon. 4.5/5

Draft: Gonna need some draw power to get the pokemon out, why not search your deck? Being common makes it kind of easy to get. 5/5
X- Act Town Volunteers

Here's another card from the Aquapolis M.C.A.O. series. (Make Card Almost Obsolete ;x). First, we had Warp Energy that made Full Heal Energy (almost) obsolete. (Almost because it's useless unless you havea Bench.) Now we have Town Volunteers that made Time Capsule (totally) obsolete.

By the way, in my Pokémon Fan Club (not Fanclub... my bad >_<) COTD, I said that it can be used to get a Slugma and an Entei. Of course, nothing wrong with that. Except that you can't Howl with the Entei you get, because the power works only when you play Entei from your hand.Sorry for the misinformation. >_<

Ok, on to Town Volunteers. This is a Supporter that lets you shuffle 5 Pokémon and/or Basic Energy Cards. Let's get on to the ratings. :)

Unlimited: Being a Supporter does not hurt a card like Town Volunteers too much. It's usually not a do-or-die thing to shuffle things from your discard pile into your deck, to the point that if you get this card in your hand with some other Supporter, you can safely play the other Supporter, and leave Town Volunteers for later on in the game. That makes Town Volunteers a great card. 4/5

Modified: It's even better here, because Nightly Garbage Run is absent. Town Volunteers has two advantages over Time Capsule. Firstly, you shuffle cards, your opponent doesn't. Secondly, you can still play non-Supporter Trainer cards after playing Town Volunteers, unlike Time Capsule, which has the (often overlooked) text "You can't play any more Trainer cards this turn". (I say 'often overlooked', because I've played against numerous players that played Time Capsule, and then played Elm or Copycat or whatever in the same turn.) So... Time Capsule is out, Town Volunteers is in.

Draft: Hmm. Town Volunteers in Draft. That's interesting. Well, you don't usually get much card drawing in Draft... but your deck here DOES have 40 cards, not 60. Hmm. I'd grab this card if there isn't anything better to take. Otherwise I'd leave it. Anti-decking isn't that big of an issue in Draft, in my experience. Although it does help you. :)
TR Shadow Town Volunteers

It's a little better than Time Capsule in that your opponent doesn't get to take anything from their discard. It is a supporter, so you won't be able to copycat or professor oaks research after you use this. It is so worth it in draft. It helps get the cards that you only have one or two of back in your deck. It's a great combo with pokemon Trader 'cause you can put something in your deck then go find it.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 5/5
TMP 4/5

Insane Chao Town Volunteers
Another supporter, but this one is the MOST worth it.
this is a Time Capsule that works! No benefit to your opponent so its either a time capsule but better or an NGR but better, either way, you see what I mean, this card is very, very good. If you dont put at least 2 in at least 50% of your decks, you either (A) dont own enough, or (B) you are TOO confident that nothing will happen to your energies or basic pokemon. however, you MUST take 5 cards total, unless you dont have enough, then takke all that you do have. some seem to see this as a drawback, but I dont understand that.

Unlimited and Modified: Oustanding, if you have no reason to buy aquapolis but to get Town volunteers, you should still buy it! the card is that good. stall decks, low energy decks, decks that have a limted basics (ex: 4 eevees but 6 eeveelutions. fun decks, but not easy to play, this card helps them alot, alot) it certainly deserves a grand 5/5

Draft: its even better (if thats possible) here, where it can change the game, because trainers arent in abundance in draft. if I could give a "6/5" I would, but I wont confuse you. 5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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