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Warp Energy - Aquapolis

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Warp Energy

Basically, when you attach this to your active Pokemon, you get a free Switch effect. I can't really read the English version so I'm using the Japanese Spoiler. Based on it, it seems that you HAVE to Switch if you can. Now, this makes the card less playable as sometimes you don't want to Switch (like when you don't have a Free Retreater or some other reason). Usually though, you have a Cleffa handy on the bench. =)

Full Heal Energy and Warp Energy is a bit different. At first, they look like they both can remove Status Effects but they have their pros and cons. With Full Heal Energy, you can't get rid of Murkrow's Mean Look or Switch with another Pokemon. With Warp Energy, you won't get rid of the Status effect if you have no Pokemon to Switch  with. Warp Energy seems more dependant and thus shouldn't be better than Full Heal Energy. But, like I said before, you should have a Cleffa or two handy on your bench at all times.
In Unlimited, pretty good TecH card. It's a Switch AND Energy on one card. I rather play Switch though since it's a Trainer card and you can get it back with Item Finder... But, still very playable especially in decks that could use a lot of Colorless Energy... Rating: 3.2/5

In Modified, we just got Switch back last Set. It depends on your kind of deck too. One or two of these could help out in a tight situation... Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, usually you play 2-3 Colors. You generally don't want something that provides Colorless Energy. But the Switch effect could be really good against Status Effects... Rating: 3.2/5
dontknow09 Warp Energy

The last of the 3 new special energies for this week. Been a bad week for me, getting sick, missing school, making up work for school, tests, homework... Well thats not gonna stop me from writing this review! Warp Energy is basically like a switch, except providing an energy along with it. IMO, its much better than switch, and is the best 'switcher' around. The only bad thing is that it takes up your 'one energy a turn'.

Unlimited- Although alot of people don't run 'switcher', warp energy is great. It gets around slowking, powers up, and saves a poke from havoc all in one(unless your opponent has a gust =P). A very versatile energy. Very versatile indeed. 3/5

Modified- With no slowking, no problem. You can go ahead and play switch if you want. But i still prefer warp since it does give you that extra energy and a free trip to the bench. As of now, there are plenty of heavy hitters with big retreat, so why not rescue them? 3/5

Draft- Its a known fact that you probably won't draft all 0-1 retreaters, so this will come in handy. About to be ko'd, no problem. Just attach that warp. You still take up that energy attachment, but it's like that in all formats. 3/5

Team- Though energies dont comply with my philosophy, this might or might not make an exception. You could save your team by going to the bench instead of being ko'd. Or you could just attach it. Your choice. Thats all i can think of. 2/5

As for me, im gonna get back to bed, trying to heal this flu of mines...

*Happy Chinese New Year*

Too bad im jus going to be in bed =/

X- Act Warp Energy

Here's its text: :)

Warp Energy provides 1 Colorless Energy.
When you attach Warp Energy from your hand to your Active Pokémon, switch your Active Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.

This is a very interesting Energy card and will definitely see play.
It's a great way to break a Murkrow lock. Since it isn't a Trainer
Card, Slowking or Noctowl can't refrain you from playing it. It can
also be played instead of Full Heal Energy, effectively rendering Full Heal Energy obsolete (just as Rainbow Energy makes Crystal Energy obsolete before it is even used :/). You can also play it just to provide a Colorless Energy to one of your Benched Pokémon, without switching, if you so desire. Maybe to a Baby. :)

Unlimited: Well, Murkrow is played, so this Energy card is obviously good here. The only trouble is that you can only have a maximum of 4 Warp Energies, but you can play Energy Charge (if your opponent's Slowking allows it, that is). Its drawback is that your free Energy attachment was 'wasted' on that Active Pokémon, but still, for me, it is still a good cost for escaping an ugly Mean Look (or maybe a Deep Sleeping Pokémon with Dark Gengar, although Dark Gengar isn't played much anymore). Quite useful, in my opinion.

Modified: Again it's good to escape a Murkrow lock (this time with
Noctowl) and Deep Sleeping Pokémon (:/). It also helps if you have a Steelix with a Special Condition. Not only you remove your Special Condition/s, you also give it a Colorless Energy, and furthermore, you retreat. Pretty sweet. (Well, Full Heal Energy did the same thing, but you just 'might' want to retreat it. ;x) The thing with Warp Energy is that maybe you won't find space for it in your deck without sacrificing other (maybe more useful) Energy cards.

Draft: It's not bad here too, especially if you're drafting Aquapolis
without any other set. Switch cards are unheard of in this set, so it's nice to have a useful supply of these Energies. And it's Uncommon. The drawback, again, is that you can't attach another Energy card to your new Active Pokémon. Here it's even more of a drawback, since there are very few Pokémon with no retreat that you might want to retreat to in Aquapolis (even the Babies have a retreat cost :/). So use it wisely.
TR Shadow Warp energy

There's really not much to say about this. If you're running high retreat pokemon like steelix, it helps a lot. Acting as a switch and an energy is good. It's good against special effects 'cause you can get it to the bench easily.

In unlimited, Slowking wont stop it since its not a trainer.

Unlimited 4.5/5
standard 4/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 4/5
TMP 4/5
Insane Chao Warp Energy:
This one isnt bad, it could be better, but its not bad.
One coloreless: not bad, not good, but not bad.
Its just a built in switch or a retreat that you get ot keep the energy, unfortunately you cant put it on your benched and switch THAT with the active, because thaty would be powerful. once again, average, nice effect, if you're playing a deck that needs to swtich pokemon around alot, this cards for you.

Unlimited: the effect is when you attach it, and no one in their riht mind would waste an SER on a single colorless whose effect has ended. so its safe from bring a prime ER Target. just play it if you need switches but you dont have room or any more trainers.

Modified: put it on some high retreater that got double gusted out. swtich and power em up at once.

Draft: oh, now everyhting is more useful in draft than in constructed right? not really here. its just the same.
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