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Umbreon Holo - Neo

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Thundachu Umbreon(Holo)

First off, sorry I havent been reviewing latley, I have been very busy with the holidays. Anyways, this Umbreon is a little different than the non holo one. Instead of 70HP, 80 HP. Still no weakness, and a resistance to Psychic makes Expedition Gengar no hassle. For 2 colorless energy does 20 damage for bite. Feint attack for 2 darkness and 1 colorless does 30 damage to one of your opponents pokemon, 50 if you chose active because of the darkness. Retreat of 1 is solid. Vs the other Umbreon, I would go with this one.

Standard: 3/5
Modified: 3.5/5
Draft: 4/5
TR Shadow Umbreon

Ive always loved this card. It has like the coolest artwork.

Bite is about average with no other effects. The feint attack is the good one. It kills babies in one hit with no drawback. 80hp is also very solid for a stage 1.

All of the Eevee evos are going to have one major problem. All of the Eevees are weak to fighting, which has become a pretty big type now. With fighting as the main type, the Eevees will get double gusted and KOed so easly. In Modified, we probably wont see too many Umbreons played.

Unlimited 3/5

Standard 4/5

limited 3/5

Modified 3.5/5

TMP 4/5

X- Act Holo Umbreon

Ok this must have been an Umbreon week. ;x This is definitely the more usable of the two Umbreons, both in Unlimited and in Modified.

Unlimited: Again, this makes a very annoying combo (for your opponent) with Slowking. Your opponent cannot SER you, gust you out, attach healing cards, Focus Band, etc. Feint Attack is what makes this Pokemon brilliant. It KOs benched babies in one hit without flipping (remember that you STILL flip for the Baby Rule if the Baby Pokemon is Active). Maybe Focus Band will foil you a little bit (Feint Attack does NOT evade Focus Band) but Focus Band is not excessively played in this format. A cool combo with this Pokemon is Pokemon Flute, since you keep reviving your opponent's babies and killing them. ;x Erika's Perfume can also work with Umbreon to force your opponent to bench Babies from
his or her hand, especially after you had seen his or her hand via a
Rocket's Sneak Attack (you cannot Lass and then play Erika's Perfume, for obvious reasons =\). Umbreon has seen play in this format and it was really effective. Its popularity dwindled as time went by, maybe because Murkrow (a Basic Pokemon) does almost the same thing with a cheaper attack. Umbreon is still a force to be reckoned with in this format though.

Modified: Here it's not too bad either, although unfortunately, many of the cards that combo with Umbreon are absent in this format. Slowking, Pokemon Flute and Erika's Perfume are all out of the equation. Again Noctowl is a (not as good) replacement for the Slowking. Again the Chain Reaction Eevee is absent. :( You might try to use other Pokemon with Umbreon and Noctowl that do a similar thing to Pokemon Flute or Erika's Perfume (Dark Ursaring's Provoke, Dark Houndoom's Eerie Howl, Dark Haunter's Call Back, and others). I think, however, that having 3 Stage One's in a single deck is too much. Also, having too many Pokemon with Noctowl limits your bench to place more Noctowls in it. =\ So basically, it's not too bad here, but it's not as effective as in Unlimited.

Draft: Again this is a bad card to draft for the same reasons I
mentioned for the other Umbreon. Yeah, it has a colorless attack, but you don't usually grab a rare HOLO card just to do 20, after risking your Basic Pokemon (Eevee) to be slaughtered by a Tyrogue. 1/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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