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Crystal Energy - Aquapolis

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Crystal Energy

A new variant to Rainbow Energy. It doesn't do 10 damage, but it's not as reliable as Rainbow Energy. Since it's called Crystal Energy, it makes sense that it works best with the new Crystal Type Pokemon. It also works with the Shining Pokemon that were released in Neo Revelation and Destiny. However, we all know that these cards are not exactly what you call playable in tournaments. However, if you are playing a multi-color deck, this Energy would help out. But I would usually stick with Rainbow Energy...

In Unlimited, this could go in potpourri deck. But since there are a lot of ER going on, just stick with Rainbow. Rating: 3/5

In Modified, I still prefer Rainbow Energy over this... =/ Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, this could help you a lot. If you are running 2-3 colors, you should seriously consider drafting these. Rating: 4/5
dontknow09 Crystal Energy

The second of the three new energies, here is crystal energy. It's sole purpose, to support the crystal types. The effect of crystal energy is pretty much like rainbow, but has a big limit. I would prefer rainbow over crystal.

Unlimited- Rainbow dominates. Crystal probably won't see much, but some people can insanely bring out the chaos within it. I dont know how, but they pull it off. But as for me, 2/5

Modified- You have a more likely chance to use it here, but i
dontknow...Rainbow has been reprinted yet again and i dont think crystal could compare to what rainbow can do. 2/5

Draft- I really have no clue about this. Well, if you don't draft a rainbow, here's your next best thing. But i wouldnt draft it. Usually, you would try as hard as possible to go for a monotype deck, and crystal isnt really designed for monotype decks. That's jus based around my experience. 1/5

Team- Again, energies really don't contribute to team work, other than building up to help power other pokes. If someone can email me and prove me wrong about crystal energy(in any format), then do so. Right now, im so0 confused about this energy. Its just wierd to me. 1/5

X- Act Crystal Energy

This is its text:

Crystal Energy provides 1 energy of all types (colors) of Basic Energycards attached to the Pokémon Crystal Energy is attached to. If there are no Basic Energy cards attached to the Pokémon CrystalEnergy is attached to, Crystal Energy provides 1 Colorless Energy.

Hmm. As its name suggests, the main purpose of this Energy card is for the Pokémon in Aquapolis that have the 'Crystal Type' Poké-Body: Nidoking, Lugia and Kingdra. Of course it can be attached to all other Pokémon with no side effects. The fact that Rainbow Energy is still better on Crystal Pokémon is funny though.

Unlimited: I don't see the point of this Energy in Unlimited. Rainbow
Energy is much, much better, even though it has the 1 damage counter kickback. First of all, Rainbow Energy provides Energy of every type (even Darkness and Metal), while Crystal Energy doesn't. Secondly, it starts to provide all energies immediately. Crystal Energy's possible Energy type is limited to what energies you attach to that Pokémon. =\

Modified: Practically the same things I've said for Unlimited carry
over for Modified. And if you have lack of Rainbow Energy, Aquapolis provides them again for you. ;x

Draft: In Draft it's still pointless, especially since the far superior
Rainbow Energy is also provided in Aquapolis. You can't even hope to use it to provide different colored Energies in a deck with two or more types. Suppose you have a Water and Grass Draft deck, and you have a Grass Pokémon that requires 1 Grass Energy and 1 Colorless Energy to attack. If you don't have Grass Energies in your hand, you can't hope to get away with attaching a Water Energy and a Crystal Energy on the thing, since Crystal Energy there is providing Water Energy. So don't draft Crystal Energy here EVER (maybe the only exception to this is if you Drafted the Crystal Lugia, but still...)

These ratings are maybe harsh, but they show just how much Rainbow Energy overshadows Crystal Energy in every department (save for the 1 damage counter drawback, which isn't that much of a disadvantage.)
TR Shadow Crystal Energy

This is a Rainbow energy wannabe. It's just simply not as good. It doesn't do 10 damage, but the fact that it can only be an energy you already have attached to the pokemon makes this card bad. I would suggest not using it in any deck that you can possibly use rainbow energy in. The only way you should use it is with rainbow energy. If you already have rainbow on a poke and you attach it, it provides the same as rainbow.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3/5
Modified 3/5
Limited 4/5
TMP 3/5

Insane Chao Crystal Energy:
First Glance: what is this? some new rainbow energy? but it was reprinted too! *confusion sets in*
this is my FAVORITE energy card now. heck with metal or dark. THIS is where I now draw the line at superb for an energy card, and is a totally new factor in making a multicolor deck. why? if you dont understand the little text I'll explain it:
okay it provides one energy for each basic energy TYPE attached to the pokemon. for example, if I have 1 grass and 1 psychic, then play crystal, crystal provides one grass and one psychic. If the pokemon has 2 grass and 1 psychic, it will still provide only 1 grass and one psychic. If you only have 1 type, whether it be 1 of it (ex: 1 grass) or 5 of it (ex: 5 grass) it will only provide one grass.
now I'll look at the potential for this card. its through the roof if you play strange multi-colored decks like I do. and even in a mere 2 color deck it can do damage. 2 color example: new slowbro with one water and one other energy, then add crystal makes 4 energy, but 3 cards and does 50 damage. And this card was pretty much made ot help any decks with Crystal Type Pokemon. if the pokemon has no energy on it already, it provides coloress. no big deal. that mere drawback is WELL worth the rest of the card

Unlimited: easy target to cripple the pokemon is its ERed, and since it counts as more than one energy in most instances where it is needed. and sicne unless its on a pokemon it counts as colorless, EcoGym wont do anyhting to save it. still an outstanding effect and now much ER is used is overplayed IMHO.

Modified: I could write a mid term essay on the applications of this in modified. there are so many and it raises the status of many many cards (especially shining and crystals) from "average" to "good" and alot of others that need alot of energy (can you sat one fightin, one grass and crystal on AQ fighting nidoking?) from "great" to "broken"

Draft: with all the support for Multi-color decks in this set, theres no doubt this wouldnt help alot. In a draft tourney, that extra energy (if you have 2+ basics, which is when you should use it) instead of just one per turn helps more than in normal tournies. 4.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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