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Boost Energy - Aquapolis

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Boost Energy

Triple Colorless Energy... o_O

This Energy card has some really good possibilities. I can't really think of much now though.

In Unlimited, it works best with Wigglytuff (unless there's another Evolution that can use 3 Colorless Energy effectively). If your opponent ER every single Energy cards on Wiggly, you can just drop a Boost Energy for one last final attack. There might be better Evos that can use that 3 Energies as well... Rating: 4/5

In Modified, I can't really think of anything right now. I'm assuming there's at least one or two Evolution here that can use Boost Energy... Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, I won't really pick it that high. You won't get a lot of Stage 1s and 2s out so Boost Energy might be a dead card. Rating: 2.9/5
dontknow09 Boost Energy

Well, lets look at the 3 new energies this week. To start off, here's boost energy. When i saw this card in Japanese, i was like whoa. But then i finally discovered what it did. It has good sides, it has bad sides. First of all, providing 3 energies at one time is one HUGE advantage. That saves you 3 turns. Thats all of the advantages i can think off =/. Disadvantages- only provides 3 colorless, discards at the end, and can only be attached to

Unlimited- Well, it can't be removed. lol. Thats good. But the only good use i see in unlimited is with wiggly, as a last bang before it goes down. But still good for alota colorless out there. 2/5

Modified- Some use here. The best thing i could think of is light
dragonite/boost energy. So you could have a powered up light dragon by turn 2 w/o the discarded effect. Other than that, you probably won't see it much, although energy removal is getting revived slightly. 2.25/5

Draft- Hmm.. I don't see how it will help much. Unless you could pull something that has a good 3 colorless attack thats an evolution, skip it.

1/5(Hey look, i didnt go below one! ;D)

Team- Well, unless you are your team plays light dragonite, then its kinda pointless. My philosophy is that in team, play as a team. Boost energy really only helps you, and not the team. 1/5


X- Act Boost Energy

Thankfully I found a scan of this card so that I could write this COTD. I'd better type it here before starting:

Boost Energy - Special Energy Card

Boost Energy can be attached only to an Evolved Pokemon. Discard Boost Energy at the end of the turn it was attached.
Boost Energy provides 3 Colorless Energy. The Pokemon Boost Energy is attached to can't retreat. When the Pokemon Boost Energy is attached to is no longer an Evolved Pokemon, discard Boost Energy.

Kind of an interesting card. It gives you a boost, literally, for a
turn, then it's discarded. The 'can't retreat' sentence basically means "you can't use this card to pay your retreat cost". It can only be attached to Evolved Pokemon... but there are only very few Basic Pokemon having an attack that requires 3 Colorless Energy anyway.

I've heard about the Light Dragonite/Boost Energy 'combo'. Supposedly, Light Dragonite's Miraculous Wind Pokemon Power lets you attach Boost Energy to it without discarding it that turn while still providing 3 Colorless Energy. I still don't know what the ruling for this 'combo' is, though. In the last WotC chat, the message about it was something like: "wait until Master Trainer Mike returns, then we can talk about it", but so far they said it could be done. Let's see what the future brings. Personally, I'm a little sceptical about it. Consequently, the ratings below assume that this combo does not work, or at least, that Boost Energy is discarded when Light Dragonite's Power is somehow shut
off (they actually said it ISN'T discarded :o).

Unlimited: Hmm. It helps Wigglytuff. That's the main archetype that
gets a boost. (You say Chansey? I didn't know it was an Evolved Pokemon =\) Having Boost Energy in addition to Double Colorless Energy with Wigglytuff would surely give you a better chance of doing the wave in turn two. Although, I doubt if it's really necessary to play Boost Energy. It gets discarded, which isn't what you want. And it doesn't help heavy retreaters to retreat. Bad news for Slowking. :/

Modified: Maybe this card would help Modified, in the absence of Double Colorless Energy? I doubt it. The fact alone that it gets discarded after boosting the Pokemon is already bad enough. However, it _might_ be good with Kingdra to power up Twister faster, since discarding Boost Energy after attacking doesn't affect Kingdra too much. That's the only semi-decent combo I can think of right now with Boost Energy anyway. :/
Most of the time, for the other Pokemon, discarding the Boost Energy after the attack leaves your Active Pokemon in a dangerous situation. I wouldn't like that. :(

Draft: This is an Uncommon card, which isn't bad. In this format it
might let you swing the game to your favour by suddenly powering up your Pokemon and picking up a prize, leaving your opponent surprised and possibly with a mountain to climb to recover. I see a lot of Evolution cards in Aquapolis with Energy requirements like [CCW], [CCP], etc. I'd seriously consider picking Boost Energy in this format.
Insane Chao COTD for this week! =^_^=
*goes off to put more crystal energy into decks*

Boost Energy:
First Glance: WOW!!! 3 COLORLESS?
Reading first line: oh, only evolved pokes? but that still good! ;D
Reading Second Line: Oh, its like another miracle energy, what good does that do then? maybe if you need it to do one final attack and win the game.
Reading next line: cant retreat? -_- now this is getting sad...
thats all no good, and theres still another line left, oh no! but hte last line doesnt really say much unless you plan on using it in some sort of Steel Edged Blissey with Hyper De-Ev Spray, and even then, that woulnt make sense to this.

Unlimited Modified and Draft (all in one): not weak to ER/ER2 because its going to be removed ANYWAY... >_> *evil stare at 2nd line* still, possibilities on the whole ending the game thing. gettiung that last KO in one turn before you deck. wont happen often, but whatever works... IMHO the worst of the 3 new energies.
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