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Muk - Aquapolis

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Muk (Aquapolis)

Wow. Wow. That's all I can say about this card. Heavyweight is probably one of the worse Pokemon Power ever as you probably want to have Grass Energies on Muk. Basically, it makes the retreat cost of Muk 3 and Pichu bait. 70HP is not that high as well for a Stage 1. But Burning Sludge is... Wow...

Okay, on the 2nd turn Burning Sludge gives you a really good chance of both Poisoning and Burning your opponent as you most likely have 2 Grass Energies by then. Now, 2 Energies for a possible 40 damage and possibly 10-30 extra damage at the end of every turn. That's pretty darn good. Plus don't forget that the Defending Pokemon's Power would be shut off. It's a cheap attack and probably one of the best Status inflictor attacks ever printed. If only it does Confusion as well... ~_^

In Unlimited, it's pretty good. It can do up to 40 damage on the 2nd turn and unless your opponent can get rid of it, it will be KO-ed soon. Not too weak to ER too. Rating: 3/5

In Modified, I think it really shines here. It goes off on the 2nd turn and then you can start powering up your other Pokemon. It's Energy efficient. A lot of the Pokemon that are used in Modified usually are big Evolutions, which means that they have a hefty Retreat Cost. Plus, if your opponent relies on the Pokemon Power, Burning Sludge would shut it down. I like this card a lot and I think it's a new contender. Try it out. Rating: 4/5

In Draft, it's a Rare (I think). But it's only a Stage 1 so getting it out would not be so hard. Plus, Status Effect is really powerful here. Double Status effect is even deadlier. Rating: 3.5/5
Insane Chao Muk
at first glance, an intriguing card because of the art, but past that, its solid. not one of the extremely broken cards that fill up aquapolis, but almost there.
Pokémon power-- excuse me, Poké-BODY seems like its pointless, and it would be better without it, but they had to do SOMETHING to make this card not broken.essentially, you're going to want to play grass energy on this guy. no matter what you think of the retreat cost. use a switch or something. Why? 2 colorless for 10 is NOT worth it at ALL and even with one grass, it adds a 50% chance of poisoning AND burning. and a 75% chance with 2, and an 87.5% chance with 3. you probably wont go beyond that unless you absolutely NEED it to be poisoned and burned, possibly to win the game or something... 70HP isn't bad. nothing outstanding, I like stage 1s and so its nice. weakness to psychic is a bit more of a drawback than it used to be because colorless isn't resistant to it anymore (which I never saw the point of in the first place), but if you play him with dark it may do you some good in warding off those cute cuddly, and deadly espeons that would probably OHKO him.

Unlimited: face it, not many new pokemon can stand up to cheap oldschool scyther, or clefable or whatever. we've all seen that over and over, but this does add a nice little factor that isn't normally accounted for in most unlimited decks: Burn. though nothing to make you actually want to really play him over something more cheap. not at all weak to ER. DCE will get you going if you need 10 damage and 2 grass or a grass and a recycle will get you the effects without that much worry. 2/5

Modified: not bad at all, solid 70 HP, not weak to ER in unlimited so definitely nothing to fear from ER2. and burning/poisoning will help you deactivate some of the new cheaper pokePOWERS and pokeBODIES. 3/5

Draft: grimer isn't too hard to get and neither are some other grass goons in aqua, so get him, because every little thing counts in draft, and status effects like this could win it for you.
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Muk

I LIKE this card!  The power, well, it sucks big time, but the attack makes up for it.  70 hp isn't tto bad but is still a bit low.  A single retreat works for me.  The attack is just too good.  Having only two grass will get you the effect on the average.  Go ahead and put some more on him.  Posin and Burn are brutal effects that keep sapping at your opponets hp.  But he only does 10 damage, so the effects may not be enough to take down high hp pokes, unless they flip tails for burn with any kind of consistancy.  Still, it's possible to do ten, then posin is 20, burn tails is fourty, ten after their turn for 50 and burn tails for 70, best case senario.  See?  The possibilities are scary.  The power is bad, although his attack says "Energys" not "Energy Cards"  and Rainbow is leagal now.  Hmmmmm....

Unlimited:  Might see use because of the heavy status, but not much beond that.  3/5

MMF:  Yes.  Steelix who?  This is the grass poke to use if you fear the big iron snake.  Psychic won't be played now that Slowking is banned and Aquapolis failed to deliver any real strong psychic pokes.  3.5/5

Limited:  Sweet.  Status RULES here, so he can crush your opponets.  They won't be able to do much to combat him.  4/5

The Bottom Line:  4/5

dontknow09 Aquapolis Muk

Before my review, i would just like to say that not all cards are BROKEN.  Some people have recently have been abusing the word BROKEN when they opened a box of AQ. Read the cards, and think of the possibilities. Now this card(Muk) might look broken, but its not...

To start off, the new muk makes no changes in stats. Still the 70HP, psychic weakness, and no resistance. Wow, a one retreat. Thats good, with no grass energy. The pokebody just messes with muk =/. That attack is very good, only a slight chance of failing to get burned and posion. Not enough damage

Unlimited- Very fast indeed, but ever here of free retreat? If not, how about SER? Although its not gust bait as the other muk, 70HP is still too low. A good chance to poison and burn is still good though. 2.25/5

Modified- Very interesting. Could this possibly make a new archetype?  Possibly, but not in my hands. This stat slammer can rip through alot of  decks, but theres an occasional espeon nowadays. Good because of speed and strength. 3.75/5

Draft- Now here's a format where its on the line between broken and not broken. Stage 1 makes it easy to pull out, especially the way AQ packs are set up. You might be lucky and get holo muk, passed on with a rh muk, and a rare muk passed on again. Speed is no problem for this sludge. Fast and
strong = win. 4.25/5

Team- Yup... this sure is a powerful card in team. Lets see... If you're 1B attacking 2B, assuming conditions are right, you would do 10 for damage, 30 for poison, and 60 for burn by the time it hits 2B's turn. Not likely, but you get the idea. 4.75/5

X- Act Aquapolis Muk

Good card. I like it. :)

Unlimited: It's quite feasible in Unlimited, although Special Conditions are too easily dealt with, especially by free retreaters such as Sneasel. Not being SER-weak is a plus though. You might want to play Fossil Muk with this card, not only to turn off potential Mind Games, but also to turn off Heavyweight. It might be a good idea, but honestly, doing only 10 damage, Poison and Burn doesn't quite cut it for this format.

Modified: It's quite good here. Again you can play Legendary Collection
Muk with this card if you find the Heavyweight Poke-Body to be
annoying. Slapping two Grass Energies on Aquapolis Muk gives you a good chance of Poison and Burn. That is 4 damage counters per turn on
average... quite nice. :) What's good is that those damage counters
evade Focus Band (always a nice thing to have). Espeon might hurt it a
lot though, since not only is it Muk's weakness, but it also retreats
for free. Maybe a card that increases the retreat cost might help, like
Aquapolis Ariados, but then your retreat cost would be 4 (you can't
play Muk and Ariados and hope Ariados' Power works -_-). Also, cards
like Switch, Warp Energy (in Aquapolis), Double Gust, Full Heal and
Full Heal Energy mean that this Muk's idea to Poison and Burn other
Pokemon might not be as good as it might have thought after all, as
they may be used by your opponent to retreat. On second thoughts,
playing this Muk isn't such a good idea after all, unless I'm missing

Draft: This is a great draft card, especially if you're drafting Aquapolis without any other set. Your opponent's chance to get rid of Poison and Burn are severely limited in this format. Only Warp Energy might save them (besides retreating, of course). I'd pick this one up even though it's again a Rare, making it extremely unlikely that I'd pick another one.
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