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Ampharos - Expedition

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Ampharos (Aqua.)

100HP! I think that's the highest any Ampharoses ever got. Thundershock is a great attack. Cheap and effective and can go off on the 2nd turn with Pokemon Breeder. Reflect Energy is also decent costed and the effect is really good. Usually, once you are done building your active, you would build your bench. With this attack, most of the time you would only lose 2 Energy cards when Ampharos is KO-ed.

In Unlimited, it's really strong against ER because of the 1st attack. Paralyzing your opponent for one turn can win you the game in the right situation. 100HP is really high as well. It doesn't rely on Mareeps too much unlike the Neo Genesis version. Watch out for Gligar and the occasional Hitmonchan. However, we still have Rocket's Zapdos... Rating: 3.5/5

In Modified, if you are lucky with flipping coins, the first attack can win you the game. Base Electabuzz is also a great supporter for this card. You might have to splash some other colors as you might lose to something with Resistance to Electric... Rating: 3.5/5

In Draft, a bit hard to get out. Attacks are really good though. If you find you can draft a couple of Mareeps and the Stage 1 Evo, you might want to consider playing it. Rating: 2.5/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Ampharos:

If you ask me, there are too many Ampharos =/  Only the revelation and Dark Ampharos's are worth playing.  This one is ok.  Twenty and possible paralazation for one energy is broken, one of the best single energy attacks in the game.  But he should not be played for that.  The second attack is sub-par.  Fifty for tweo colored energy and a colorless is good, but the effect, what's the point?  It only makes him hard to keep powered up.  Of course then you can uuse the awesomely cheap costing Thundershock while you get him powered up again.  I can see it working mabey.

Unlimited:  The cheap Thundershock is noce, but he dosen't fair too well here.  Don't use him here.  2.25/5

MMF:  Maby.  I wouldn't use him.  I just don't get the second attack, but then I alwasy did like cards that were just raw power or mind-numbing status inflicters.  He falls into neither catagory.  3.25/5

Limited:  I would take him.  Thundershock is great here, and a big fifty is good while powering up someone else.  Go ahead and take him.  3.5/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

dontknow09 Aquapolis Ampharos

There sure have been plenty of Ampharos around. Since it has been introduced to the card game world, it has been in every set other than Neo Discovery. A good ol 100 HP is cool. Fighting weakness is bad nowadays. Fighting has making a great comeback. The 2 retreat isnt appealing either. The first attack, cheap, fast, and great. Not even buzz can compete with this. 1 for
20 and possible paralyze. The second attack...*thinks for a while* well i can't come up with anything good with it. I guess you can power up a poke faster since you attack for 50, next turn retreat for the poke you just powered...

Unlimited- Tyrouge pluspower is very strong here. No mareep is gonna survive. But anyways, this ampharos jus doesn't compete as well as the others. One thing it has over the others is that it has thundershock... wait, never mind, attract current is much better than that. I don't see much offensive or defensive capabilities with this card. 1.5/5

Modified- Well like i said before, fighting is still very strong. Especially that nidoking. But then again, a lot of water pokemon have given up their grass weakness and moved on with lightning. Still, amphy isn't fast enough.

Draft- I don't know how many fighting basics there are, so im not sure about this. Good points- 1 energy attack, can do 50 and power up other pokes. Bad points- rare, *holo*, stage 2, hav no idea about mareeps. 1/5

Team- Hey look, you can help your opponent by attaching energies on them! Yea, right.... Rules are rules and as much as i wish for that to happen, it just won't. Not worth the space. Unless...??? 1/1.25

dontknow about you guys, but ima buy some boxes of aquapolis, if it comes out this weekend down in me and pokemaster's area.

X- Act Aquapolis Ampharos

This card is not too good. 100HP is sure nice, and Thundershock is decent, but I'm afraid this card won't cut it.

Unlimited: It's not too SER-weak, since the first attack can be used
almost at will. The second attack is actually not too bad... if you
manage to power it up. Weakness to Fighting makes it a target to
Tyrogue. Being a Stage 2 makes it slightly hard to get it out, but
Pokemon Breeder may help. I think this isn't the best Lightning Pokemon there is, or indeed, the best Ampharos.

Modified: I think here it's not as bad as you might think. You might be able to build a semi-decent deck with this thing. The idea is to use Reflect Energy with 2 Lightning Energies and a Recycle Energy, powering up one of your guys (maybe another Ampharos) in the process. When Ampharos is going to die, retreat it, heal it with Pokemon Center or Pokemon Nurse, then attack with the guy you were powering up (if it was an Ampharos, powering up your previous Ampharos). Unfortunately this idea is foiled by Tyrogue again. Tyrogue kills the Mareeps in one hit and does 60 to Flaaffy and Ampharos. OK, Tyrogue may flip tails, but still, this idea is too slow, in my opinion. This card is not as horrible as you think though.

Draft: Being a Stage 2 is always bad in Draft, especially when the
rares are even rarer than usual (I repeat, 48 rares >_<). I wouldn't
take it unless I had taken a good amount of Mareeps and Flaaffys. Which isn't too probable anyway.
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