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Scizor - Expedition

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Scizor (Aqua.)

I just found out that Zeo has a pretty good spoiler for the preview cards if you can't read the small scans like me.

Poison Resistance is an interesting power. It would have been better if it was similar to Jungle/LC Snorlax's though. Snatch is a pretty decent attack. In Unlimited, it's good against Slowking decks as you can force them to the active position. Heavy Metal is a really good attack for the cost. It's better than Neo Genesis Steelix's Tail Crush. The downside is Scizor has only 80HP.

In Unlimited, this is one of the better Scizors to play. Not too weak to ER as you can use Recycle Energies and DCEs to power up for the 2nd attack. Like I mentioned before, Snatch is a good attack against Slowking too. Rating: 3/5

In Modified, unfortunately Entei decks are really popular. Both Magcargo/Ninetales or even Entei can take out Scizor in one hit. If Fire was not so popular here, Scizor would have received a higher rating. Rating: 2.8/5

In Draft, I'm not sure whether you can even get Metal Energy in this set. If you can't, you would have to draft it with sets like Expedition or Neo Genesis for the Metal Energy. If not, you won't be able to use Snatch at all. The good thing is, Heavy Metal is splashable. However, if Scyther is a Rare, it'll be even harder to get Scizor out. Too much stuff required to make this card effective in draft. Not really worth the trouble... Rating: 2/5
TR Shadow Scizor

I love the first attack. The only problem with it is that the pokemon you bring out cant have any dammage. That kinda immediately destroys my deck idea =(. The PokeBody power works very well in TMP but otherwise, its not much use. It's possible to do a lot of dammage with the second attack, but on average, it will do around 50 or so. And its a little overpriced.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3.5/5
Modified 4/5
TMP 4.5/5
Limited 3/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Scizor:

Nice card.  The power is just straight forward and makes Eggexutor the only grass type that can touch him.  The first attack is very nice.  Twenty damage is low, but the effect makes up for it.  If your opponet has any benched pokemon with no damage, switch it out and do the twenty to it.  The second attack is just brutal.  Three metals, a chance for sixty.  Plus those metals will reduce damage done to you, and he can't be posined.  Scizor in four words:  hard to take down.

Unlimited:  I like him here.  The power won't do too much for him, but he can do alot of damage while taking alot of punishment.  That's good.  3/5

MMF:  Very nice.  Grass will make a come back, so he'll be around to plauge grass players.  A strength charm and he takes out that Cleffa or Tyroge your opponet retreated in favor of his big hitter.  Sweet.  3.75/5

Limited:  Hard to say.  Status is great in draft, so preventing posin all together is good.  But without metals, he is no too good, doing a straight thirty.  Still, you could draft a metal or two since you can get three rares per pack, so you may want him.  Depends on the situation.  2.5/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5

dontknow09 Aquapolis Scizor

I really hope this is the card for today... Its a wierd story, so don't ask... This is the worst scizor ive ever seen. Picture wise. Too cartoonish in my opinion. Anyways... 80HP for this scizor. Won't any scizor hit more than 80(other than the dark one, of course)? And what is this? No0, the bottom stats have gotten worse. Everything is the same but grass resistance is cut off!! No0!! But i guess you can say that the pokebody makes up for it. Not being able to be posison gives scizor a high advantage over alota pokes. Alot of grass pokes do posion, so this is where the no resistance is made up. After this, theres 2 attacks.I kno, its kinda wierd seeing a card like this. But the more on a card, the more reliable it is. First attack is good for pecking off babies. Especially with a plus power. Second attack is all colorless, which is good. Just like the jungle scyther, but with more potential. If you cheated, you could do 110 damage. But i kno you guys dont cheat, right?

Unlimited- You could possibly upgrade a worn down scyther. Although raw damage is more favorable than poison in unlimited, you do see the poisoners once in a while(Thats why my gligar ripped through pokemaster's haymaker ;D). SER is mentioned everytime here since people abuse it alot, but it shouldn't hurt scizor badly, jus as it shouldnt hurt scyther badly(unless you had 4 metals on). 2.5/5

Modified- Baby world sees destruction. Non-damaged babies can get picked off with the first attack + a strength charm. Fire is still strong though. And the absense of grass resistance makes it a lower choice if you want to go with steel =\ 2.75/5

Draft- With lots of stuff you can do with this scizor, draft should be no problem. And its only stage 1! Theres also a scyther in this set too, but i dont kno wut it does. Anyways, i doubt you would get a metal, but still 30 damage is pretty decent. IF you happen to get a metal with other packs, then youd hav a higher chance of winning. 3.25

Team- Well posion is one of the strongest thing in team. With the body, your opponent can't really do a thing if they play posion. Baby pick offs are still here too, since team is modified. 3.75/5

X-Act Aquapolis Scizor

Undoubtedly a good card. You see a Poke-Body and TWO attacks, and your eyes start to roll. You read the text, and your eyes detach. O_O It HAS lost resistance to Grass though.

Unlimited: I think it's playable here. You can play a deck similar to
Steelix in Unlimited. With Pluspower, the first attack KOs undamaged Babies from your opponent's Bench. I like that. :D Then the second attack does an average of 50 damage if you have 2 Metal/Rainbow Energies attached to Scizor. Quite nice. Weakness to Fire is not a problem in this format too. SER might be a problem, but that's why you should play heavy energy recovery trainers with this card. I think this could work.

Modified: It's even better in Modified. Strength Charm does the trick
to KO the opponent's Babies this time (assuming again that they're
undamaged). You may also bring out a heavy retreating undamaged card with this attack, then proceed to Heavy Metal it. Again the second attack is quite nice here. Yes, it has lost resistance to grass, but it has resistance to Poison, so Grass-type cards will still have a hard time to KO Scizor. Weakness to fire IS a problem though. Magcargo won't have much of a problem to eliminate this guy. If this card becomes popular, I expect Fire, or maybe even some previously not much played cards such as Light Golduck, to show up more in this format. And, it has every good reason to become popular.

Draft: Thankfully, both Metal Energy and Rainbow Energy are available in Aquapolis, but they're both Rare. Scizor is rare too. You won't draft too much of each from a set containing 48 Rares. It still has a nice colorless attack though, so it's still playable even if you didn't find any Metal or Rainbow Energies.
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