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Bill's Maintenance - Expedition

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Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.

Bill's Maintenance is superior to Prof. Oak's Research (at least in Modified). You usually would prefer to keep your hand and simply draw more cards. In Modified, you usually have a decent amount of cards in your hand so it would be better to use Bill's Maintenance.

Try not to use too many Supporters in your deck though. A handful of Supporters is useless so don't overdo it.

In Unlimited, it's a pretty good draw power. I rather use Prof. Oak's Research here though as you need cards to discard for all of your Computer Searches and Item Finders.

In Modified, I already elaborated above. ~_^

In Draft, draw power = amazing. Almost always a first pick unless you get a killer Basic or something... Even then, I would still probably pick the draw power...  

Unlimited Rating: 2.5/5 (Use Prof. Oak's Research instead over this)
Modified Rating: 4.5/5
Draft Rating: 5/5
dontknow09 Bill's Maintenance

Here's an old expedition card. A supporter card, shuffle one card into the deck and draw 3. The only drawback is that you have to hav a card in your hand and its a supporter.

Unlimited- There's a lot of draw power in unlimited. Draw power is good anyhow. Though it won't replace oak, if you're bored, go ahead and put it in. Bill's maintenance won't hurt you that much. 3.5/5

Modified- Depends... You could always use other sources of draw power. But then again, it depends on your own tastes. It still is good though. 3.75/5

Draft- You need something to run through you deck. Anything will be good. Bill's maintenance will fill up that space. 4/5

Team- Same as modified. Won't help your team immediately, but from what you draw, you can build on. 3.75/5

X- Act
Here's the COTD.
Bill's Maintenance
It seems strange that we're breaking a little bit from reviewing Aquapolis cards, going back to an Expedition one. Anyway. This is yet another Supporter which provides you three new cards after shuffling any card from your hand. Not bad.
Unlimited: Card drawing is good of course, but there are so many card-drawing cards in the Pokemon TCG that it's hard to find a place for this card in an Unlimited deck. Professor Oak, Copycat and Juggler are all cards that are played in Unlimited, which are better than Bill's Maintenance, in my opinion. And also, the use of other Supporters in the deck such as Town Volunteers and Pokemon Fan Club will further hinder the use of this Supporter.
Modified: You can basically repeat the above argument, replacing Professor Oak with Professor Elm.
Draft: Of course this is a nice card to draft. It's not Rare, and Expedition only has two other card drawing cards worthy of mention (Professor Oak's Research and Copycat). Having a smaller deck further makes Bill's Maintenance an even more valuable card in this format. A top pick.
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