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Forest Guardian

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Forest Guardian

Again, this card makes an old card (in this case, Master Ball) absolete. ;x

If you haven't figured it out yet, most Supporters are basically old Trainer cards, made more powerful, but given the Supporter status so that they are not too abused.

In Unlimited, not really worth it. There are a LOT more better draw power in this format... Rating: 2/5

In Modified, it's slightly better. But I rather use a Copycat or Bill's Maintanance or something... Rating: 2.5/5

In Draft, any form of draw power is worth it. Draft this only if you don't see any other cards that could be more helpful. Rating: 3.5/5
The Poke`mon Master 1110  Forest Guardian:

I really do like this card.  I can see this going in a deck with something like Expedition Machamp.  That would be pretty good.  If you have been getting bad draws then you get to shuffle up the deck AND then get ANY card of the top seven.  It can accually turn a game around.

Unlimited:  The card is good, no doubt about it, but it is also somewhat situational.  So that detracts from it.  Plus the fact that Computer Search will get you any card out of your WHOLE DECK!  3/5

MMF:  Much better here.  Shuffle up and then get anything you want from the top seven.  It could be a needed evolution, or a Gold Berry for the big evo up fornt that is about to bite the dust, a focus band to further fortify your stalling baby, and so the list goes on.  Good card.  4/5

Limited:  WONDERFUL!  This, while only one card, is card drawing, and in draft that is good.  Plus you get to choose.  It s very useful here, draft it if you see it.  4.75/5

The Bottom Line:  4/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110 
dontknow09 Forest Guardian

This is like a wierd pokegear/ masterball. Forest guradian sort of reminds of Santa for some odd reason... This is basically pure luck if you're gonna get the card you want. Sometimes youll get it, sometime you wont. Putting cards in heavy numbers will increase the chance of you getting it, but if you have lesss of a card, itll lower it. Remember, this is still a supporter, so don't go heavy with this card.

Unlimited- Obsolete. You have computer search. Although you discard 2 cards, who really cares. You get 90+ % chance that the card you're gonna be looking for is in the deck. 1/5

Modified- Now, there is no comp search. You could always take your chances, but 1) you take up your supporter for the turn, 2) theres always draw power to look for stuff, and 3) theres better search cards. I can't really imagine what you would be looking for. For pokemon, theres plenty of cards to do that. i doubt you would need to search for energy. For trainers, not many trainers you would want to look for, since most of them are draw power cards. If you want tools, take salesmen(which we will probably look at later
on). 1/5

Draft- Now, here's a place that you WILL need search power. You probably won't draft a lot of search power, so get as many as you can. Although it is still a chance thing, you had better take that risk to be sure. 3.25/5

Team- Same as modified, except team wise. Taking a risk won't help your partner. Making sure you get what you want will help though. 1/5

X- Act Forest Guardian

I like this Supporter. It's a limited Computer Search, without,
however, having to discard 2 cards. And, please, if you plan to use it, remember to shuffle your deck before seeing your first 7 cards. =\

Unlimited: Well, Computer Search is much better. You search the whole deck for any card for the minor payment of discarding 2 cards. That compares favourably to Forest Guardian in any imaginable way.

Modified: It's better here of course. You use it to get a Trainer Card
or a Special Energy card most of the time (Pokemon Trader gets your Pokemon in a much more efficient way). Getting a Trainer Card could be useful (getting a well-timed Double Gust, for example). You might want to use Forest Guardian to get a Metal Energy or a Rainbow Energy on that Scizor, although, with 4 of each, it shouldn't be THAT difficult to find either. However, how many Supporters do you plan to use? I wouldn't play more than 6 Supporters in my Modified decks. I dunno if playing more is a good idea, since it compromises your other Supporters more often than not.

Draft: A pretty cool card to draft! You get a mini Computer Search, and searching from 7 cards out of less than 30 (you draw 7 cards and place 4 prizes out of a 40 card deck) is superb. Get it now!
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