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Pokemon Fan Club - Aquapolis

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Pokemon Fan Club

PFC is... simply one word, amazing. 1st of all, it searches for TWO cards. It thins your deck. Plus, you get that all important Cleffa or that really important Basic Pokemon that your whole deck is based upon.

In Unlimited, Sneasel and Wiggly just LOVES this card. You shouldn't play too many Supporters in Unlimited though as it will really slow you down. Think carefully which one would help you the most. Good Manners is a lot more aggresive here. So, if you don't want to waste a Supporter Slot on this card, simply use Good Manners. Rating: 3/5

In Modified, this is definitely one of the most important Supporters here. You really need to rely on your Evolution line. Don't think that this would replace Pokemon Trader though! Rating: 4/5 

In Draft, this card would definitely be a first pick! It's draw power. Gets your BBP that you luckily drafted. Prevents benching too. Rating: 4.8/5

The Poke`mon Master 1110  Pokemon Fanclub:

Sorry I didn't review last week.  I was really depressed, but I a bit better now.

Erm.. ah, well, yes, see, this card is pretty much broken.  That's right, broken.  TWO bench pokemon for you and none for you're opponet?  Pokemon march is now officially dead.  This will be one of those trainers like Gold Berry and Professor Elm, you know, the ones where even if your rare in the pack was an Arcade Game >_< if you got an Elm or G. Berry you were happy.  This is one.  It can go in almost every deck  I see so much possibility.  Hey, even an old school damage swap can use this; get out two more Chanseys for the bench.  Even the fact that it is a supporter doesn't really detract from how great it is.

Unlimited:  Suprisingly, it is best in this format.  Sneasle LOVES this card, helping him get his bench full faster.  Wigglytuff likes it too.  And if you're playing AGANST sneasle, play this so you can fill up you're bench with back-up pokes.  As the name of the format goes, this card has unlimited possibilities.  5/5

MMF:  Great.  More speed in MMF is a very good thing.  You may only have a baby or two to start out with, so search for those basics you need for your evolutions, or vice versa.  Will be played, for sure. Although the new Nidoking may threaten you.  4.5/5

Limited:  Nice.  Not the best pick, but not too shabby either.  More pokemon means you have an advantage.  4/5

The Bottom Line:  4.5/5

dontknow09 Pokemon Fan Club

A cool new supporter. Searching for 2 basics/babies is awesome. Especially when you start off with one basic/baby, youll need this card to save your life. If this wasn't a supporter, itll be totally cheap.

Unlimited- Sneasle, wiggly.... all of these kind of decks will definitly
benefit from it. Fanclub is not as bench filling as challenge, but it does not affect your opponent. Good card in unlimited. 3.75/5

Modified- There are some bencher modifers out there, like Ex Chansey. Itll come in use, but not like it in modified. The best case scenerio is to use this when you have one poke about to get FTKO by a tyrouge or something.

Draft- Heck yea you would want to pick this. You need to get as many basics out as possible so you dont get eliminated early. 4/5

Team- Being able to get out more pokes will help out your teammate. You wouldnt want your teammate to take on 2 people at once when you get knocked out early, do you? Unless your teammate is either very good, or can pull miracles by themself, i would suggest using this. 3.5/5

X- Act Pokémon Fanclub

This is a great Supporter. You get any two Basic or Baby Pokémon from your deck onto your Bench. That's superb. It makes Dual Ball... like, a joke. :O

Unlimited: This is a very useful card in many decks. If you play
Slowking, you can get 2 Slowpokes with a single card. If you play
Igglybuff (and Slowking allows you :/) you can get 2 out to counter it. You can get two more Pokémon on your bench just to power up your Sneasel or Wigglytuff. I'm sure you can think of more examples. Simply too good. Its only drawback is that it's a Supporter. :/

Modified: Here it's also quite useful. It's a great card in Entei decks
to get out a Slugma and an Entei in a single turn. It's also a very
good card for Noctowl decks. It's a great card for all swarm decks
actually. This is truly an excellent card for this format too.

Draft: Here it is also excellent. Grab this card immediately. You don't get many more cards better than this one in this set. It's Uncommon, which is also positive. Getting any two Basic Pokémon in play with a single card, in Draft, will often give you a decisive edge. 5/5
TR Shadow Pokemon Fan Club

The fact that it's a supporter hurts it, but other then that, it's a pretty good card. It's a lot better then Pokemon March because only you get to search and not your opponent. It's about as good as trader. The costs are different, though. The Trader makes you shuffle in a card in, and the Fan Club uses your supporter. Overall, I would use Trader, but Fan Club's nearly as good.

Unlimited 3/5
Standard 3.5/5
Modified 4/5
Limited 5/5 (too good in draft =D)
TMP 3.5/5
Insane Chao Pokémon Fanclub
First, I'd like to apologize to all about my mis-interpretation of Crystal Energy. It is used as described by all the other reviewers, it was confirmed at the WotC Chat last week.

Pokémon Fanclub: Its a supporter, yup, only one supporter a turn, but luckily nearly ALL of the supporters are broken, so this is worth it.

IMHO, this card is like a Pokémon March that WORKS. because your opponenet gets nothing out of it, and you get double pokemon march, plus it gets past stadium cards and powers that say "whenever a player plays a baby or basic pokemon from their hand onto their bench" because its coming from the deck, not at all going into the hand. and it shuffles the deck, which sometimes comes oddly in handy, when ex: theres radio tower in play and you know you dont need the next cards. shuffle and ~*Presto*~ different 2 cards on top, hopefully.

Unlimited, Modified, and Draft: Basic Pokémon are Basic Pokémon, and its allways a good thing to have. Getting 2 without any cost (discarding cards, your opponent getting the same effect) is nearly broken. Unless its not needed, then just don't use the card! =D
Unlimited: 4/5
Modified: 4/5
Draft: Searching Cards are rarer than in constructed so grab it if you can! 4.5/5 is here to provide guidance to all Pokemon trainers out there.  Whether it's the Gameboy Game, N64 or the Trading Card Game, provides all the wisdom you desire. 

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